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Author Topic: Rhi is easy peasy.  (Read 637 times)

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Rhi is easy peasy.
« on: September 11, 2011, 08:12:06 PM »

What types of plots are you interested in playing?
Everything! Slice of life and characters just interacting and bantering is one of my faves, though. <3 But I love romance, epic adventure, action, horror, silliness, drama, etc! I'm not picky!.

I have a love of rivalries and bitter enemies! And bromances, frenemies, friendships, family, all that good stuff is fun as heck to me! Really, I love playing any sort of character relationship because I love all the different dynamics of them. And a good best friends relationship is just as juicy to me as a good romance. <3

What types of plots are you not interested in playing?
I'm not a huge fan of playing out loooong fight scenes. I generally wanna wrap those up fast!

How often can you reply to any given thread?
Usually within 24 - 48 hours. :3 But I also work and have other hobbies so sometimes it may be a little longer, depending on how busy/tired I am!

I bookmark all my threads and reply in order, so if you see me replying to a bunch of posts that aren't you, it's not that I'm ignoring our thread! It just means that I'm replying to all my bookmarked threads in order, from oldest to newest. But if you feel like I may have forgotten to bookmark our thread or are just excited for a reply, gimme a poke and I'll prioritize our thread! 8D

How often do you expect replies? What is the longest you're willing to wait for a reply to a thread?
After like a month of nothin', I'll give ya a poke to see if you're still interested. Be honest! <3 If you're not, no hard feelings!

Are you open to RPing over instant messengers? If so, what's the best way to contact you and what times are you generally available?
I am! 8D I love IM RP! My work schedule is inconsistent and changes week to week, but if I'm online, I'm usually up to IM RPing, too. I'm on PST time.

Are you open to post volleying?
Yes! If I'm online, I'm most likely up to it! 8D Just lemme know!

Anything else?
I'm chill. Bring on the funtiemz! Also, I am a player who does not give a crap about post lengths. I really don't. xD I post as much as I feel fits the moment and the pacing--so that means I write one-liners and meaty posts so expect a mixture of both.


What are you limits regarding powerplay/godmoding?
As long as you don't actually write my character's actions for me, I'm lax with this. Feel free to grab my character, shove them, pick them up, punch them, smack them, stab them...whatever! You don't need to attempt it; just go for it! If your character outclasses mine then feel free to whoop its ass. xD If my character could have dodged something or whatever, I'll just write it into my post.

My only request is...one thing at a time. ;D Give me a chance to write a reaction!

What are your limits in regards to romantic situations?
My characters come in a variety of orientations and gender identities and I love playing out romance for all sorts of pairings! m/m/ f/f, m/f, and other variations thereof, whatever! xD I'll play it. 95% of my characters are pansexual, however, and don't care about gender.

I don't usually pre-plan relationships, though, as I find it fun to discover when characters just click and develop organically.

I'm totally cool with characters being rejected IC--unrequited love is fun! I adore love triangles/hexagons/whatever, monogamous relationships, polyamorous relationships, age differences, forbidden love...really, it's all fun in my book. xD

What are your limits in regards to sex?
I'm fine with fading to black or playing it out, but I'll only play it out provided I'm comfortable with the other player and they're over 18. As for the rest? Well, my characters all have their own likes and dislikes so if they don't like something, they'll make that known. xD

What are your limits in regards to pregnancy within plots?
If my dude doesn't use protection of some sort and you want your gal knocked up? Feel free! There's no guarantee as to whether my dude will stick around to be a father, though. xP As for my women, that depends. I have no plans for any of them getting pregnant anytime soon.

What are your limits in regards to violent scenes?
I don't mind violence at all! I draw the line at torture porn. xP Aside from that, I'm chill with violence and if I don't want something in particular for one of my characters, I'll give you a head's up OOC and we can figure out a way for my character to get out of the situation.

What are your limits in regards to abuse/rape in plots?
I'm fine with it. If it's not something I want for a particular character at the moment, I'll give you a head's up and we can figure something out. :3 We can play it out provided I'm comfortable with the player and they're over 18. In other cases, fade to black.

Are you okay with characters being transformed against their will?
Ask me first before you decide to transform one of my characters! ^^

What about healing?
If my character has a scar/disability that I joined them with, I'd prefer them to keep it. :3 As for injuries received in-game? Go for it!
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