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Author Topic: Shiloh Lockwood, Pilot Cardinal  (Read 1620 times)

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Shiloh Lockwood, Pilot Cardinal
« on: September 07, 2008, 02:56:11 AM »



Shiloh Lockwood
Shy, Shilly, etc.
Pilot Cardinal
Birth Place
Aurora, Aedolis


Physical Description
Shiloh is pretty average in height with a lean, wiry build and fair skin. He wears his brown hair messy and shaggy and he usually dyes it whenever the inclination strikes. Used to have longer hair but recently cut it. Currently, he's dyed his longer bangs red while keeping the rest its natural color.

His eyes are a golden brown in color, and he's pierced his left eyebrow and bottom lip. There is also a red tattoo near each eye, the right side designed to look like an animal clawed him while the left is simply a triangular red mark. He got those when he was young (12) and stupid (that hasn't changed) because he thought they made him look badass.

When not in uniform, Shiloh usually sticks to skinny jeans and a t-shirt, though he often likes sporting the cargo-pants and boots look.

If asked, Shiloh would claim he was a misanthrope--though it's not fully true. It's true that he's a paranoid individual and dislikes people in general (and even finds reasons to dislike people he might otherwise get along with), but it's mostly because he finds it difficult to trust others and is afraid of getting too close. Thus, he keeps other people at a distance because he doesn't trust them and thus doesn't let them in, and his signature way of shoving people out is by being an asshole. He's rude, crude, bitter, and snarky--and he knows he is, too. He has no delusions regarding his own behavior.

He even has a history of being a bully, though the worst of it was during his candidate years where he took on a "get them before they get you" attitude--preemptive self-defense. He's since calmed down and has mostly just defaulted to verbal assaults over physical ones. Still, he is aggressive and prone to violence in the right circumstances with the right triggers. (Read: situations that he doesn't know how to fix with words.)

Shiloh, to be blunt, is not very smart. He passed the classroom portion of the Pilot Candidate Program by the skin of his teeth, but it was hard work that got him through it, because what he lacks in intelligence he tries to make up with sheer determination. He's gullible, not at all book smart, many jokes and social nuances are completely lost on him, and spell check is his friend (though sometimes not even that can save him). Simply put: he's a fighter, not a thinker. Surrounded by intelligent people, Shiloh is painfully aware of his own inadequacies and it's a huge source of insecurity for him--which he displays through defensiveness and hostility.

He doesn't take teasing well; most of the time, he doesn't understand it, and even good-natured teasing can be perceived as a jab at his intelligence. For all that Shiloh is a hostile asshole on the outside, he's very sensitive at the heart of it all; he takes things personally and is painfully insecure. He can't always differentiate the teasing comments from the serious ones, and either way, they hit a little too close to home.

In fact, he tends to lash out at other people about issues he's insecure about himself. For example, he's horribly homophobic even though he's bi, because he denies that in himself and is thus insecure about it. Shiloh cares about what other people think about him, even if he hides that under a devil-may-care facade.

All this isn't to say he doesn't have friends. He has a couple, and to those people who manage to worm their way in, he's loyal and even sweet. In his own way. He would do anything for them and would willingly die for them--because, frankly, he values them over himself. Truly, it's not that difficult to befriend Shiloh because for all that he pushes people away and claims he hates people, he is desperately lonely. Treat him well, don't baby or patronize or talk down to him, talk to him like an adult, and he'll be a loyal friend that will go down fighting for you. It can take time to gain his trust, because he is paranoid (and sometimes perceives random acts of kindness as having a hidden motive, for example), but with persistence and time it's possible to break down those barriers.

This also isn't to say he can't work in a team, because he can. He's been through the Pilot training and he doesn't have to like his team-mates to work with them to get the job done. Similarly, for all that Shiloh is hostile, he's highly respectful of authority and chain-of-command. Part of it is thanks to his paranoia--hell no he's not gonna piss off someone ranked higher than him! The people he lashes out at tend to be those who are lower on the social ladder than him--and thus less capable of fighting back.

Pyrokinesis and cryokinesis, average telepathy. He's a taaank of a fighter.

Shiloh belongs to an older female dragon named Amaranth.

Best friends with Finaa and Rhys.

Hates pretty much everyone else.

Shiloh grew up in the Lower Caste in a particularly rough neighborhood. He never knew his father and his mother, though she loved him, spent most of her time in front of a TV, strung up on drugs, or entertaining the men that were always coming in and out of their home. She was there for him when she could be, but she was a product of the Lower Caste system and a classic addict. The drugs were number one in her life.

With no real outlet, Shiloh fell in with a rag-tag street gang at a young age, most of them young kids like himself. He took care of his mother as best as he could and spent the rest of his time living a life of petty crime and delinquency.

When he was fourteen, he was dragged into the Pilot Candidate program. He had always been on the watch list, as his uncle on his father's side was a Pilot, but Shiloh never cared to find out who that was. As they'd never been part of his life, they weren't family, so he just wasn't interested in knowing.

The program was hard on Shiloh, not because he didn't have the drive, but because he didn't have the education. He was illiterate, and so the classroom portions were where he struggled, and it was that area that slowed him down. He excelled at the physical portions and, for all his aggression and hostility toward other candidates, he was excellent at following orders. Frankly, he was too frightened of the Pilots, the system, and TRIM to have an insubordinate bone in his body. They said jump, he asked how high.

Candidacy Chart
  • Stage 1: Age 14
  • Stage 2: Age 14 - 17
  • Stage 3: Age 17 - 19
  • Stage 4: Age 19 - 20
  • Stage 5: Age 21 - 22

I likes him. It's just late and I'm too tired to write his profile yet. P: So here's a picture.

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