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Author Topic: Arrow Archer, Stage 2 Pilot Candidate  (Read 1216 times)

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Arrow Archer, Stage 2 Pilot Candidate
« on: May 16, 2008, 09:37:10 AM »

__________________Quick Stats
Arrow Archer
Pilot Candidate
Birth Place

__________________In-Depth Stuff

Physical Description
Arrow is light skinned with bright blue eyes and short, messy black hair. She has what many consider a cute face, but she's built a bit like a stick--thin and wiry with boyish hips and a barely there chest. Being in the Pilot Candidate program has helped her fill out a little as far as musculature goes; she has definition in her arms, legs, and abs. But it's pretty clear that she'll never have an hourglass figure and will always be on the skinny side.

Shy and nervous around people she doesn't know (and authority figures), but overall pretty darned optimistic. She tries to make the best of what she's given because while she didn't grow up with much, she had a great family. She's pretty humble, but she's also insecure. A lot of bullying growing up has made her doubt herself and doubt whether people genuinely like her--doesn't help that she can sometimes pick up peoples' thoughts, though she doesn't consciously try to. This insecurity makes her second guess herself a lot--and thus make a lot of mistakes that could have easily been avoided or create her own self fulfilling prophecy: she thinks she'll fail, and so she does.

She's very sensitive, in regards to her own emotions but also in regards to other people's feelings. She's very intuitive in that regard, and the emotions of other people can affect her to the point of influencing her moods; she's been known to lash out just because someone around her was horribly cranky, or cry because someone else was depressed. She's developed a lot of control over this over her lifetime (she had to develop her own mental blocks to function), but other peoples' emotions can still bleed over into her own, and if she lets her guard down it can sometimes be difficult to tell where her feelings end and someone else's begin.

Arrow is awkward as all hell, and easily embarrassed and flustered. Especially when it comes to people she finds attractive; she can have a terrible time trying to talk to them. Not her fault! She's a teen with raging hormones!

Empathy. Arrow is a strong empath with strong telepathy, but weak telekinesis. She can basically pull small items that are within reach closer to herself, but can't do much beyond that.

She loves and misses her family, which is alive and well. She's an only child.

Shy as she is, she didn't have too many friends, but the couple she had were close.

Previously mentored by Roman Rosales, until his injury. Currently mentorless.

Her parents work the assembly lines in a factory manufacturing various weapons. When they named her (in honor of their honorable careers!) they thought they were being witty. Arrow hopes to one day get her name legally changed once she's old enough to--if she survives the Pilot program. That's pretty much her only long-term goal in life, as she's convinced a Dragon is going to eat her. But at least it's better than assembling blaster rifles for twelve hours a day?
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