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Author Topic: Sergius, Bounty Hunter and Pirate Eater  (Read 58 times)

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Sergius, Bounty Hunter and Pirate Eater
« on: December 07, 2017, 11:29:19 AM »
Serge is going to be uncomfortable, do bad things and be Not a Good Guy. Only write with him if you're comfortable with a wide range of weird terrible things. He eats people and murders. He's rated [R]!


Serge, "Chompah" in the chat.

?? Mid twenties-mid thirties


He has no idea.

Alien of some kind.


Bounty Hunter???

His ship "The Tailwag" and various space stations.

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Sergius is a lanky looking man. Built like a swimmer, he's all shoulder and smooth lavender skin. Pale silky blue-silver hair, sharp teeth, strong enough to crush bone. His whole body is covered in darker purple markings, making an interesting design along his flesh. Usually, he's dressed in a tight void suit simply because he's probably never owned regular people clothing.

His most human feature is his eyes, which are large and give off an owlish look when he's paying attention to someone. When he's on a mark, he wears his traditional death mask that resembles a strange sort of smiling skull - he's serving justice to someone who deserves to be redeemed.

Sergius's culture was never big on being individuals. So, Sergius doesn't really know how to be Sergius. You conformed, became one of the many or you were picked out and used as food. As it is, he has a strong sense of 'justice' - justice as it is to his species. Murder is bad. Rape is bad. Usually, once someone does something bad - steal, not be part of the 'group', kill without care - their life is forfeit and they are only offered redemption by being consumed by those who believe and do 'good'.

Sergius is stoic and does his best to not display his own personal opinion - He probably has one, but it's ingrained in him to not. Being an odd one out got you 'redeemed'. Sergius is torn. He's aware he's not part of the collective anymore but has troubles being a version of himself that isn't conditioned to be ... Exactly what he was born to be.

Still, he's a follower and he believes that the people who do bad have a chance of redeeming themselves through being eaten ( by him! ).

Sergius can hold his breath for up to fifteen minutes, which sometimes he needs to do. Originally he's from a very watery humid planet and as such, he's adapted to such conditions. When he's away from said humidity for an extended period of time he's known to get nose bleeds and cough up blood.

 He's densely built and is stronger than he looks. He's got a strong jaw and sharp teeth. His eyesight isn't poor but he's not designed to see in very dark or very bright places.

A talented pilot, Sergius is also picking up mechanics specific to his own personal ship the Tailwag and has built himself a little den for all his humidity needs. It's the bathroom. He goes in there and turns on the shower and soaks up the hot water steam.


Sergius is a very rare outcast.

It's a very special position given only to those most trustworthy. Basically, he's supposed go through the galaxy and convert people to his people's way of thinking. A futile effort and he's long since lost the goal. Long since lost the coordinates to his home planet. An accident, he told himself. For real. Sergius was young when he was ejected from his home, been living out in the black for a good number of years. The scriptures of his people to guide him along.

Sergius could at least carry out the will of his people, even if he has no plans on going back. The temptation to grow and become more is great but... The words of his kind weigh heavy and the most he can do is right wrongs and eat bad people.

Follower's are strict. They dress the same. They speak the same. They think the same. If they do not they are to be redeemed.
Being Redeemed is being sacrificially killed and consumed by their peers - Because then they get to live on as their body could not manage.

For Sergius, he truly believes he's doing good by going after the pirates that steal, murder and rape. He brings back their heads if there is a bounty for their death. Sometimes, after redemption, he does not consume them - Which is a greater insult. To be given the chance at redemption but denied it. Usually, he cuts off their heads and spaces their corpse. He only does this if the reward also mentions death -- He will always default to killing them and offering them a chance to be redeemed.

Sergius is aware that his way of being isn't quite normal but he's so over his head in his scriptures and his prayers to be guided by his God that he ignores it. He has nothing but his religion. His religion, his steamy showers and his ship.

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