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Author Topic: Fancy Meeting YOU Here (Cheesi)  (Read 45 times)

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Fancy Meeting YOU Here (Cheesi)
« on: November 27, 2017, 09:50:46 PM »
Rumours could be a powerful thing. They were capable of convincing an untold number of people into believing and acting upon information that may or may not actually have any foundation in reality. They could be very dangerous in that way, leading to drastic actions being taken for potentially no reason at all, so when Axia happened to come across this particular rumour, she decided to investigate it personally before deciding what to do about it. After all, there wasn't much sense in getting her hands bloody if there was no reason to get all worked up in the first place...

...but if this rumour was true, her hands were about to be very, very bloody.

The rumour in question was concerning a certain group of black market dealers that had recently surfaced in one of the... less regulated areas of the Cancer. That alone wasn't really a surprise- the ship had a bit of a reputation for being a den for all sorts of criminals, and Axia was no stranger to dealing with some of the more unsavoury types that had made the ship their home. No, the surprising part was what they were supposedly selling. Apparently they dealt in rare animal parts (which, again, wasn't all that surprising), but the thing that got to her was that they were apparently dealing in dragon parts as well.

It sounded ridiculous, of course. Dragons were pretty much exclusive to Aedolis (with a few exceptions, of course), and trying to hunt a dragon there was practically suicide (as if hunting dragons wasn't suicidal in the first place). The whole dragon-parts-thing was probably a lie constructed to draw attention or swindle some poor sucker out of their money, but if there was a chance that there were other dragons out there, suffering just so that these sick bastards could make a few credits... well, that just wasn't something that she could let slide. Besides, even if they weren't hunting dragons, they were probably doing something equally as messed up. In any case, she wouldn't know exactly what they were guilty of until she'd looked into them personally.

The dealers' hideout was pretty much exactly how Axia expected it to be- dark, skeevy, and generally an unpleasant place to be around. She couldn't see much of the inside, as much of it was obscured by the rather hastily-constructed entrance, walls constructed from what appeared to be various bits of scrap metal. A lone, cloaked figure stood at the entrance, presumably placed there to greet potential customers. In hindsight, Axia would have done well to have been more cautious- because what were the odds of just one person guarding the entrance?- but at the moment, caution wasn't exactly her foremost concern.

The figure, presumably taken aback by her rather unique appearance, simply stood in silence as Axia stormed up to them. By the time they were able to start saying anything, it was already too late- the dragon had already planted her fist firmly into their chest, winding them, and they were almost immediately knocked unconscious by a second blow, this time to the head. The finishing blow was dealt by a partially-shifted hand rather than a fully human or draconic one; not quite heavy enough to kill, but enough to incapacitate them for quite some time. Would probably leave a pretty wicked scar, too, but hey, they probably deserved that.

Stepping over the now-unconscious body, Axia took her first few steps into the hideout and immediately began scoping the place out. The first thing she noticed was that the place was surprisingly spacious inside, having enough room to store perhaps hundreds of crates, indicating that there was probably a lot more people involved in the operation than she'd initially thought. The second thing she noticed was that everything was still pretty dark, which she quickly remedied by allowing the scales on one of her arms to light up and using them as a makeshift flashlight. The light produced allowed her to see more of the crates, and... and... oh, shit.

She dove behind a nearby crate just in time to avoid the sudden spray of bullets fired from one of the dealers that had previously been lurking in the shadows. All was quiet for a moment after that, but the silence was shortly broken by some faint murmuring in the distance. She couldn't quite make out everything they were saying, but she heard enough to get the general idea- something about "trying not to mess up the scaly bits"- which made sense considering what their job was. Honestly, though, they would probably be much better off if they just tried to fill her full of bullet holes. Well, that was their loss.

That being said, it wasn't like Axia could just ignore them and go on with her search... not unless she wanted her own body to be the next thing for sale, at least. They needed to be dealt with, not only because they were getting in her way, but also because they deserved to be punished. Lighting up her scales once again, Axia allowed her arms to begin shifting towards their draconic counterparts and stuck one of them out from behind the crate, releasing a blinding flash of light that temporarily lit up the entire hideout.

That particular moment may have been focused on light, but the ensuing panic was more full of noise than anything. Randomly fired bullets, the panicked shouts of the newly-disoriented dealers, the sound of claws and scales tearing through flesh... it was absolute madness. A few of the bullets actually managed to hit their mark, but were remarkably ineffective, leaving little more than cracks in the dragoness' scales. Axia, on the other hand, fought through the noise and chaos like it was nothing. Served these assholes right to be torn apart by the very thing that they claimed to have slaughtered several times.