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Author Topic: The Loveless - Smuggling Ship [WIP]  (Read 99 times)

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The Loveless - Smuggling Ship [WIP]
« on: November 26, 2017, 11:42:56 PM »
The Loveless
Ship Description
The Loveless is a unique, one-of-a-kind vessel that's been around now for centuries, although it disappears from history every now and again when its Captain decides to go into hiding at random.

Fashioned in the image of a deep sea (and long extinct) fish, Loveless is a large ship meant for multiple purposes; first and foremost, it is the home of its Captain, and secondly, it was a pirate ship and warship, though now it serves as an intergalactic smuggling vessel. It holds a crew of 55 comfortably, features a cargo bay and docking hangar that can hold up to two smaller ships, a kitchen, individual crew quarters, shower/locker room, brig, medical bay, weapons storage, and captain's quarters, all placed throughout three levels. It isn't particularly speedy or agile, but The Loveless can take a real beating and serves best as a tank.

Mounted with several ion cannons and fortified for the best defense with intense shields and thick exterior, she can also make jumps into hyperspace much more quickly and efficiently than your average other ship, one of the few vessels still in existence as old as she is that can do it so well and so precisely.

Present Day Crew

First Mate/Head Technician:
Otto Ripley

Vargas Foille

Nero Foretti

Wolfgang Burke


Dez Farley


"Morale Officer"/Decoy:
Hesperus Pholcus

Ship History
The Loveless and her partner The Hydra were commissioned at the same time by Kirkley and Ain some thousand or so years ago. Originally, the two were meant for the purpose of escaping the turmoil brewing on earth between the humans and dragons, and eventually they became the two warships of a fleet under Ain's command for the purpose of establishing a loyal network of illegal connections to serve her later on in life. Piracy, the black market trade, human trafficking, and drug cartels were all a part of the lives of those who lived on each ship and those that flew under them. After a good 200 year run, Ain and Kirkley retired the life of piracy in favor of her taking a step back and controlling things from the shadows with the empire she had constructed for herself with Kirkley's help. The terrors that were at the time galactically infamous ceased as both ships "disappeared", locked away until Ain called on Kirkley again.

At present he works for her as her head smuggler, taking all manner of mission, both illegal and non, often heading the most dangerous and important runs by his lonesome. Only recently has he recruited a crew again to return to a full-time life aboard his ship, partially for the adventure, and partially to protect the ones he loves and cares about.

Ships On-Board
Pilot/Captain: Otto Ripley
[Artwork by nephero]

The Skorpion
Pilot/Captain: Vargas Foille

The Innuendo
Pilot/Captain: Hesperus Pholcus

Crate [formerly]
Pilot/Captain: Dez Farley
Lost out of the cargo bay during a mission, RIP

Ship Threads [In chronological order]
Birthday Bash [M]
Summary: 700 years ago, Kirkley met Hesperus, and nothing's been the same ever since.

Putting Out Fire With Gasoline
Summary: Kirkley meets Nero, the mercenary almost-vampire, hired by Ain to liberate him from Libran prison!

Thank You For Calling Tech Support [M]
Summary: Kirkley has a bit of trouble ends up being saved by the friendly space bug, Otto.

Recycling Fixes Everything
Summary: Kirkley runs into Wolf, a strange guy on The Cancer with an intriguing skillset and personality.

Fancy Meeting YOU Here
Summary: For the first time in thousands of years, Kirkley reunites with Axia the dragoness.

Sticky Little Fingers
Summary: In the three thousand years he's been searching, Kirkley finally finds him... Bifrost. Or is it?

The Transport [Epic Chat RP]
Summary: After suggestion by Otto, Kirkley picked up Hesperus and Vargas (and unknowingly, Dez) on the Cancer and set course to bring Aesir to The Meeting Place to get fresh air. The first step in getting there? Meeting their transport: Shen, the giant space bird with powers of spatial manipulation, who also happens to be Kirkley's son. Except, something's not quite right...

Point of No Return
Summary: The crew of the Loveless meet Shen properly, and embark on their adventure to The Meeting Place. [Ongoing]