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Author Topic: Birthday Bash [Cheesi] [M] [TW]  (Read 107 times)

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Birthday Bash [Cheesi] [M] [TW]
« on: November 22, 2017, 11:06:09 PM »
Trigger Warnings for: Graphic Sex, Violence, Gore, Etc

It had taken days on a tiny puttering freighter ship to get from Cancer to Rigel IV, a fact that had made Hesperus want to tear his own horns off in frustration. It was nothing like the flight from Aedolis to Cancer station and yet it had taken so much longer and been oh so much more boring. He was not even supposed to be aboard the ship, having sneaked on as the cargo was being placed in the hold. No one knew he was there and he planned to keep it that way.

This entire adventure was all because his birthday was fast approaching and he had decided he was going to celebrate it in style. Rigel IV while a rather small spaceport was known for its plethora of fast food joints and gambling tables. Hesperus knew well enough where there was money and alcohol there were also people desperate enough for a good lay. It was a dream come  true for the teenager; greasy junk food, loose women, and booze, he could not ask for a better birthday present.

'Go me!' he thought giddily to himself as he felt the freighter shift and warble as it began to dock. The cargo around him shifted, some of it squashing him in place and making him grunt in disapproval. Someone needed to learn to pilot better. Such thoughts were not held long though as he was practically vibrating in his hiding place to get out and smell the recycled air. By his calculations he should have touched down on the morning of his birthday. Not a moment to lose! Seventeen years of life just had to be celebrated with a bang. No fathers forcing you to fall in line like a perfect soldier. No military officers dragging you home for tossing firecrackers into the rain barrels. Certainly no one to stop you from having the best time of your goddamn life!

Freedom was slow in coming but was finally realized after several hours of waiting. Hesperus burst out onto the platform only to feel his heart sink. The freighter had taken far longer than he had hoped and not only were the hanger bay clocks showing that it was no longer morning but the entire day had been wasted. His disappointed sigh lasted only a moment before he was darting off in search of food and friends. Surely "night" time meant night life, right?

He swaggered his way into a WacDolend's and up to the counter. After hours in the dark, the neon lights made his eyes burn. He could not have cared less though as he perused the menu. Hesperus was completely enamored by it all. "I'll have um four numba twos, a number twelve extra crispy, two- nah make that three milkshakes, one of each flavor and the um cherry turnover."

Dropping his eyes from the flickering board he offered the bored cashier on duty a winsome smile. "Oh and a kiss since it's my birthday? I'm seventeen today," he bragged, allowing his body to lay on the pheromones extra thick just for the pretty one behind the counter. If he couldn't score himself a quickie behind the counter then maybe he at least could get the food on discount.

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Re: Birthday Bash [Cheesi] [M] [TW]
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2017, 12:47:12 AM »
Rigel IV rarely got visitors of any importance.

A rather lowly space station as it was, it was only about ten years old, and while it was small now it was quickly growing. Every day these days tended to bring something new, and as Hesperus stepped into the newest establishment on the block, a good ol' WacDolend's, he just missed the whirring of three loud ship engines as they flew overhead, dangerously and illegally close to the building skyline, the wind generated from their speed making the civilians on the streets tumble as their clothing whipped about them fervently.

The three ships branched off, heading to different sectors as police forces started to scramble to try and organize to combat the threat, the voice of the space station's chief officer broadcasting loudly over the speaker system hooked up to every street light.


Like clockwork, the buildings began to shake, and the cashier who had been taking Hesperus's order suddenly lost the boredom in their expression, as well as all color in their face as their eyes grew as big as a pair of saucers, wide with horror as they saw the view on the street from the windows in the doors directly behind the Incubus, and then they ducked. Overall, a smart move.

Several pirates darted down the street and one spotted the fast food restaurant, and with aim that was "meh" worthy at best, shot the glass out of the entrance doors and ran in. Patrons were already getting up from their tables and screaming, a woman with a particularly loud shriek getting shot in the chest by the pirate as he grinned and looked around rather wolfishly, a pair of goggles obscuring his eyes until he looked over, spotted Hesperus, and licked his lips.

With surprisingly quick draw skills, he raised a different gun from a holster at his hips and shot, but it was no bullet. It was a net, and it was electrocuted enough that it'd paralyze Hesperus with ease if it caught him and sent him to the floor.

Out in the streets gunfire and explosions hailed, the buildings' rattling only growing stronger with the sound of massive engines rumbling overhead; citizens were looking up in terror and screaming at the warship that coasted over them, its golden metal exterior gleaming and reflecting the neon night lights, obscuring its shape against the dark of the spacial sky. Pirates ran rampant through the streets, slaughtering anyone who resisted and capturing those who looked interesting.

Hesperus in particular was dragged to the town square with many others--aliens of varying types and rarities, people of all shapes, sizes and colors, all in those electric nets that kept them from fighting with electric shocks, held in the gloved hands of their captors as they were thrown together in a group, the heathens jeering and laughing at them, kicking some and provoking others.

The massive warship positioned itself over them, lowering itself down to crush the buildings beneath it, its landing gear squashing homes, restaurants, boutiques without care until the giant open maw of an abyssal fish loomed over them, several sets of sealed doors opening wide in the back of its throat as a walkway extended and lowered itself to the concrete. In a similar fashion, swarms of other ships lowered themselves down and opened their doors; pirates grabbed their victims and hauled them on board, and Hesperus, along with many other incredibly rare aliens were dragged along onto the warship itself--ahead of them a man struggled and yelped against the two pirates dragging him along between them without a net.

Through tight ship corridors they were dragged, up a flight of stairs, and one by one they were placed onto the main floor of the ship. The deck stretched above them on the second floor, accessible by stairs the pirates darted up and down, to and fro. Overall a chunk of some 20-30 victims were dragged onto the warship and left to sit there in a group, Hesperus at the front with a few other particularly exotic-looking aliens rounded up next to him, every bit as miserable and scared as the rest of them.

"He'll like mine the best, I betcha I betcha." The man who shot Hesperus jeered at some of the other pirates standing guard over their flock of electrified, stolen sheep, "He'll like him so much he'll keep him just you watch."

"Jarhsi shut the fuck up he ain't gonna keep none of 'em, he never does."
"This one he will, look at him!" He poked Hesperus with the butt of his gun, conking him on the horn.
"Yeah he's pretty but that don't mean shit."
"He makes me all tingly bein' near him I think he'll like that a lot."
"... So it warn't just me then?"
"Nah mate! I think he's an incubus!"
"Pfffffft yeah ok and I'm an angel."

The lone man without a net was led up a flight of stairs to the main deck by the two pirates holding him, and a silence fell over the pirates as they all stopped where they stood, any prisoners who made noise quickly silenced with violence. Everyone stilled and listened, and a man's deep voice echoed throughout the walls of the ship.

"... How can you possibly expect us to agree to those terms!? With taxes that high our people won't be able to afford to live!"

There was a response, it was low, chillingly calm.

"... Rigel IV does not accept your offer, you fucking pirate scum."

The ships engines suddenly roared, the force from the thrusters making the walls and floors rumble with power as the warship lifted from the ground, the sounds of the landing gear echoing through the ship as it retracted into its underbelly, and the pirates were snorting, laughing, shaking their heads.

One looked at the group of captives with a toothless grin as the roar of The Loveless were overpowered by those of explosions that erupted somewhere below them, giving the ship a gentle shudder and shake. Two gunshots cracked through the air like lightning strikes, and the silence fell again. The power in the ship shifted, less going to the thrusters as they evened out, far enough away from the combusting space station now to nix any need for caution.

Heavy footsteps approached the railing of the second level from the ship's deck, and a hulking, tall figure came to stand and rest a hand on the railing, the other holding the man from earlier, limp as a sack of potatoes, by the back of his shirt.

With a tense of ridiculous amounts of muscles and a slight grunt, Kirkley hefted the body up over the railing and tossed him; the man's corpse landed with a residual, squelchy thud on the floor in front of the prisoners, some of which started shrieking in terror. He had two well-placed bullet holes right in his temple, blood leaking and pooling underneath him on the glossy, polished floor.

Kirkley rolled his shoulders, cracking the vertebrae in his neck as he looked down without a single shred of emotion on his face at the terrified victims gathered below him.

"Guess you're all homeless now. Welcome to The Loveless. I promise your stay'll be short, so don't get too comfortable." He growled, his voice chilling them all with no remorse, no sympathy, and no compassion.

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Re: Birthday Bash [Cheesi] [M] [TW]
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2017, 01:46:42 AM »
One moment he was ordering the mothership of meals and then the next the over head systems were bleating with words Hesperus could not even begin to decipher through all the crackling. His server gone, glass crashing around him, a woman screaming, it was complete sensory overload for the young man. He made to get away, to find a place to hide, but he had taken too long. Hesperus heard the whir of the net singing closer to him moments before it slammed into his back and sent fire racing through his veins.

He hit the floor heavily, feeling the cold metal impact his cheek and spend more pain shooting through his nose and jaw. Hesperus thought he would be lucky if he did not have a black eye from it later. His father would have been so thrilled. As he was dragged up, still paralyzed by the pulsing electricity in his nerves, Hesperus could only think of his father's disappointed and stern face, the older man's voice cutting and dressing him down for being so monumentally stupid once again. It was the same argument they always had and yet after years of not hearing it, Hesperus found it cutting into him deeper than it ever had before.

Another shock of electricity set his teeth on edge and a deep growl reverberating up through his throat. His tail and wings whipped viciously at the netting, hopping to slash and tear it free but two more extra long zaps of his captures controller and Hesperus was left panting and wheezing in the middle of the town square. Unintentionally with each new shock to his system he increased his pheromone production until the air around him was saturated with his enticing scent. Those around him were likewise covered in it and already he could see for some of the other captors and prisoners it was taking effect.

As he caught his breath, he was able to listen with ringing ears and half-lidded eyes as one of the prisoners argued with who he could only assume was a leader of the group. Moments later he felt more than saw as the ship roared to life again and the world exploded below them. 'Well so much for getting a refund on that food. We all gonna die now!'

Thundering footsteps above, made him struggle up into a careful sitting position just in time to see the large hulking figure come into view and heave the unfortunate former prisoner onto the deck below. Hesperus could feel his heart begin to race as he looked upon his first dead body. 'Well ain't that a waste,' he could not help but think.

He was kept from further mental commentary as the man's dark voice rang out in the air, demanding attention and submission. The Incubus raised his chin defiantly, allowing his eyes to look at the man above without fear or trepidation. With the adrenaline and other hormones pumping through his system, Hesperus felt himself caught in a rather odd mix of emotions, one of which being lust. Lust, was something he could handle as he had it in spades. Feeling it presently though was the last place he expected it though not unwelcome as it gave him the confidence to stay put and silent instead of trying and failing to skitter away into a lonely corner where he could escape.

The others around him quaked and shivered, terrified of what was to come and whether they would even live to know a new dawn. Hesperus on the other hand was mentally preparing himself to win this gambit and thereby his life. Whatever it took, even if it was the lives of those beside him, he would do it just to ensure his own survival. Unlike home he had learned quickly that in space, it was always every man for himself.

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Re: Birthday Bash [Cheesi] [M] [TW]
« Reply #3 on: November 23, 2017, 09:53:12 AM »
The side effects of Hesperus's pheromones were certainly not limited to just the confused captives immediately around him; the pirates found their gazes lingering on him longer as well, and as every moment passed more eyes turned to him, honed in on his scent, either confused why they felt that way during such a debacle or not bothering to question it.

The pirates did good not to touch him though; the fear of what their Captain would do to them if they touched a prisoner against orders was far greater than their arousal at this given moment. Breaking a rule for the sake of that incubus wasn't worth their lives.

Kirkley's gaze found its way to the young demon too, and lingered for just a moment, those mismatched eyes swimming with thoughts and emotions nobody could ever quite place before he looked to a crew member several feet away to his left.

"Damage report." He said firmly, and the pirate, who'd been staring quite longingly at Hesperus, snapped nervously to attention.

"Eight dead, thirteen wounded between all drop teams, sir."
"Wonderful. We'll hold the funeral in ten hours, for now all focus should be on locking up prisoners and healing our own."

The pirate nodded and quickly scuttled off to relay the message, and many of the other crew members forced themselves to get back to work, knowing better than to linger and watch lest they witness something unpleasant, or get yelled at for slacking off.

Kirkley's grip on the railing tightened and his muscles tensed as he launched himself over it, forgoing the stairs in favor of falling the ten feet down to land on his feet in front of the body he'd dropped there prior. It was clear as he stood up to his full height that it hadn't just been the perspective that made him such an impressive figure--he really was massive.

The pirates guarding their flock stood to attention, Jarhsi in particular as they turned their eyes to their Captain who stepped forward to inspect the goods. He circled around the group, intentionally ignoring Hesperus as he forced some prisoners to look at him, his eyes seeing all though what it was he was looking for was hard to tell. Finally, he reached Hesperus, and he tilted his head, eyes narrowed as he stared the young man down for a second. Jarhsi looked as if he was about to explode with his nervous excitement.

"Cuff and chain this one, keep those wings and tail under lock and key understand?" He rumbled, voice coming from deep within his chest.

The other pirates immediately set to work wrangling the other prisoners and pulling them back, giving Kirkley and Hesperus some space as Jarhsi set about to giving the incubus another good zap to keep him still while he reached through the netting and cuffed his wrists behind his back, ankles together, and then the net came off so he could more easily access the man's wings and tail to lasso them together with a thick metal chain.

The moment the net was off Hesperus would find himself with the end of the barrel of a gun pressed against his lips, the distinguished noise of the click-click of the hammer being cocked back unmistakable as Kirkley stared him down, leaning in closer with a sort of wildfire in his eyes that would've terrified any other prisoner sitting there with their marbles intact.

He said nothing, he didn't need to. He held the gun to the teen's mouth as a simple threat while his underling tied the incubus up good; one wrong move and the bullet would be in his skull and that'd be that, no questions asked.

Jarhsi got a little too excited as he pulled the chains tight and without removing his gaze from Hesperus's, Kirkley growled--and it wasn't at all human.

"Break the goods and I'll break you."

Jarhsi literally meeped in submission and quickly stepped away to stand with the other pirates, awaiting the Captain's orders as he inspected the last, most intriguing treasure they'd pilfered so far.

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Re: Birthday Bash [Cheesi] [M] [TW]
« Reply #4 on: November 23, 2017, 02:50:48 PM »
Hesperus licked his lips slightly, his forked tongue flicking out to taste the air as the hulking captain dropped like a demigod sent from above.  Now that was an impressive sight to behold. The young demon determined that if he ever got out of this mess he would have to remember that for a future grand entrance of his own. He was sure he could survive the drop and make it even better with his wings flared out on either side of him upon landing.

While the men talked, Hesperus had caught the look the captain had given him and began to lay a plan into motion. Foolish enough to end up in this predicament he might have been, he was not stupid enough to be content in accepting this lot in life though. He was going to get out of here and that mountain of a man, captain was going to be the one to help him do it too.

Golden eyes shuttered to lazy slits that continued to focus on the captain and him alone. Inside the net, Hesperus swayed every so slightly from side to side, his tail making the gentlest of winding ripples on the floor behind him. It was just enough to be mesmerizing to those watching him but not enough to get him in trouble and shocked by the vile net again. As he moved, the demon intentionally pumped more and more of his scent into the air though this time a prey had been chosen and his chemical signature keyed to the captain alone.

He pouted when the man demanded he be bound up and had remembered his wings and tail. Plan B of using force and violence just went far out the airlock in the blink of an eye. Hesperus was not left long to think on further plans though as a new shock fired through his system and he was doubling over in pain. He was yanked back up into a sitting position though in time for cold steel to be pressed warningly against his lips. Oh yes, the demon knew exactly what this meant. Pity though he had something else in mind than dying today.

Those golden orbs of his fluttered up to meet the large man's eyes. They were dilated with pain and lust both, a fact he wanted the other man to see as Hesperus began to turn the tables in his own way. Pouting lips parted to allow his long forked tongue to unfurl. The tip slowly, teasingly curled and corkscrewed around the barrel of the gun. When it could go no further, Hesperus placed his lips around the nose of the gun and strained forward against his bonds so that he could suck on the cold metal. His head moved back and forth slowly, mimicking a recognizably intimate act as his eyes spoke volumes of all the things he wanted to do to, and with, the beast of a man before him.

His nostrils flared, taking in the alluring scents of arousal around him and feeling it begin to strengthen and soothe him. Even bound and held at gun point, the demon felt completely in control and within his element. Boldly he flicked his tongue out a bit more to graze the back of the hand holding the gun and taste the warm skin there. A faint growl rumbled in his chest as he shivered in pleasure. If the captain was not going to take him up on his obvious and salacious offer then at least the Incubus could die feeling good.

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Re: Birthday Bash [Cheesi] [M] [TW]
« Reply #5 on: November 23, 2017, 04:55:37 PM »
Kirkley had noticed in his circling of the flock of victims that something in the air was changing; he'd picked up on his crew members reacting to it as well, some of them shifting uncomfortably where they stood, pants getting too tight. The captives were confused, unsure of what was happening. He smelled both sweet and salty, reminding Kirkley of salted caramel, mint and, ironically, hyssop. The invisible shivers he was sending down Kirkley's spine coupled with the heat quickly pooling in his belly, making his body tingle made it quite difficult to keep a straight face.

Demons were something he'd tangoed with all times too many, and as interesting creatures as they were, he also knew how particularly dangerous they could be, a certain few coming into mind as he watched the movements of this young one before him. The parting of those sweet lips was as mesmerizing as the scent of him that came on so strong it was intoxicating. Kirkley knew fully well what he was doing, or attempting to do, and Kirkley felt entirely complacent in letting him try.

"W-We're still receiving counts from the other ships sir, but so far we've got, uh... Um. S-Seventy-eight so far. Sir." One of the pirates spoke up, their attention entirely on the scene on display for everyone to see as they tried desperately to remember their duty and stay out of the Captain's business, as hard as it was when he became so intent on doing them in... Public.

Kirkley slowly tilted his head to the side, eyes never leaving the young man on his knees before him, the gun kept low while his pants grew increasingly tighter. His voice started out a rumbling growl before he spoke, low and frighteningly calm.

"Who are we waiting on?"
"T-The Interceptor, Shadow Mage, Cattail and Heaven's Tear, sir."

Kirkley rumbled again, a deep hum in his chest as he glanced down when he felt the flicker of warmth and wet against the back of his hand.

"Mmm tell them to hurry the fuck up then because I haven't got all day," He said as he gently drew the gun away from Hesperus's mouth, smirking.

"If you're so eager to show your skills then go right on ahead."

The words came out in a thunderous low growl that resonated through his chest, something dangerous flashing in those eyes as he undid the clasp on his belt, followed by the fly of his pants, down came the zipper, and it really shouldn't have been a surprise at all that the Captain of this ship was going commando. His cock bounced, certainly intimidatingly proportioned even with his size and build, as it was freed from the tight material of his jeans. A few piercings along the underside of its shaft gleamed in the dim lighting, a ridge of soft pearled bumps under the skin running along the middle of the underside and topside of his length.

The gun returned, this time pressed to Hesperus's temple, freezing cold and resolute, the thumb of his free hand hooking into one of his belt loops to rest on his hip.

"Go on then."

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Re: Birthday Bash [Cheesi] [M] [TW]
« Reply #6 on: November 23, 2017, 07:58:43 PM »
The Incubus released the gun with a loud, wet pop before licking and smacking his lips. He blinked lazily up at the man with a knowing, answering smirk that showed off a hint of fang crawling across his face. Hesperus viewed the man with an expression of pleased confidence. All was going according to plan. Really it was no surprise to him, the demon had yet to meet someone that could resist him when he truly put his mind to it.

Dark pupils nearly drowned out the entirety of those glowing golden orbs as the young man awaited the big reveal. He was far from disappointed therefore when the beautiful piece of art was dragged into view. The demon swayed slightly again, mesmerized himself by pure lust for the man before him. Inhaling deeply, Hesperus found himself getting drunk off the scents and energies hanging heavily in the air like fog after a rainfall. His exhale came out as a loud and eager moan as he strained to lean forward.

The gun to his head was not even registered let alone necessary to keep Hesperus in line. He was fully powered by lust and hunger now. The primal nature of his Incubus heritage was at the forefront now. There would be no stopping him until he had had his fill and he planned to have plenty of that now that he had seen what the prize was.

Out darted his tongue again, this time to taste and tease. The long, flexible appendage stroked from the base of the underside all the way to the tip before giving it a slight swirl and continuing up across the top. Each piercing and texture change only served to excite the demon more as his own arousal began to strain painfully against the constricting leather of his pants.

Hesperus did not continue his teasing for long though. He was not about to push his luck however, he was just as eager for more as the other man probably was. Hungrily and with a deep moan, the young demon threw himself into the task set before him. His mouth opened wide, revealing pointed teeth that as Hesperus slid over the captain's length, he allowed to drag over the delicate and engorged tissue. It was difficult to get into an accommodating position for what he wanted to do, but Hesperus made the best of it as he tilted his head and stretched his neck to take the man in his entirety.

The demon had not felt so completely and delightfully full as he did the moment his nose bumped against the warm and salty-scented skin of the behemoth's groin. He moaned loudly again, swallowing and sucking hard as he once more drew back. His tongue fluttered along the underside until only the tip was in his mouth again and once there it swirled and teased. He savored the taste of the other man, nearly going mad with lust as he bobbed his head noisily.

Hesperus loved every bit of it. He could feel the eyes on him, the lust, the desire, it was all his for the taking. He may have been the one on his knees and bound but in his mind he was the one with all the power. His entire body thrummed with desire and want as he watched the face above him for every nuance of pleasure. There was no shame in what he was doing, sex was natural especially to one of his kind. The fact that he got to use it in order to soon win his freedom only made it that much more exciting. He had no doubt that he would have the large man eating out of the palm of his hand in no time. Hesperus just had to gobble the man up a few times first.