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Author Topic: Sticky Little Fingers  (Read 444 times)

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Online Draconian

Re: Sticky Little Fingers
« Reply #60 on: December 07, 2017, 02:18:36 AM »
It was odd, the kiss on the forehead.

Another nail in the coffin of 'child'. Children got kissed on the forehead. Still, it sent butterflies to his gut and he felt a shiver at his spine. Aesir blinked slowly, looking down at their hands as he was tugged along and blew out a careful breath. Fluttery things. The short trip had Aesir watching Kirkley carefully. Taking in his large frame. How gently his hand was held. How warm it was.

It was awful. Just looking at the guy made his mouth go dry and here he was treating him like something precious and wanted. It was hard to keep himself calm.  Somewhere unfamiliar still. Somewhere strange. With someone strange that he already felt so connected to. Aesir was alarmed to a few degrees how much he already felt. Too busy dwelling on such things he yelped.

"Wha--!" Aesir kicked out a leg in surprise, eyes wide before he flushed brightly. Picked up so easily like he weighed nothing. With a 'hup' he was plopped down onto the counter and just stared for a moment in surprise, eyes wide. His hands went to the edge and he ducked his head after a moment in an effort to will away his blush.  "I..." Aesir opened his mouth, taking a moment to lick his lips and then purse them frowning.

"I can make an omelette," He said sheepishly, shivering and mouth dropping and quickly snapping shut. Sure it was a brief brush against his thigh but... Aesir flicked his eyes to Kirkley and shivering again. "and... Simple stuff. I'm a fast learner," Or at least he thought he was. Now he was kind of confused. Aesir also wanted to go back to his bunk. Embarrassing what a little accidental thigh action did to him. He leaned over, still seated on the counter. "Never made pancakes before," he chewed on his lip and watched, disliking and enjoying how much being around Kirkley made his insides flutter.