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Author Topic: Rogue, Street Girl  (Read 291 times)

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Rogue, Street Girl
« on: April 30, 2015, 07:39:38 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Jane, but goes by “Rogue”
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Human
Ethnicity Aedolian
Height 5'6
Occupation street girl, fending for herself
Residence The Midhaven 

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__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description Normally dressed in rags and a torn cloak, Rogue is definitely not living a cushy life, being on the streets of the undercity and all. She owns no pair of shoes so is always barefoot with calloused heels from walking all over the hard ground. Ash blonde hair that is also tangled and unkempt as she only owns a broken toothed comb to brush her hair with, which does a meager job at that. Plus the fact that she makes do with whatever means she has of keeping clean which isn't much being where she is. Gray eyes in a dirt-streaked face, the hint of fair skin underneath that. Very bony and stick-thin as she barely gets enough to eat. Needless to say her hygiene isn't up to par.

Personality Living on the streets has made life hard for Rogue and it shows in her personality. If one wanted to cause trouble for her, they would see a feisty challenging look in her eyes. A bit on the feral side, but can you blame her? Rogue has no qualms about filching what she can to make ends meet so she can live another day. It is survival of the fittest here. Rogue chose her current name in order to sound tough, even if she's anything but. Regardless, it provides her some measure of comfort, small as it is. She won't answer to the name Jane anymore.

Magic/Abilities Her perception is greater than what it normally would be, considering how she's had to learn how to avoid certain dangers in the Midhaven so as not to become a snack for a hungry predator beast. This heightened perception takes the form of increased hearing and a sixth sense for sensing trouble of any kind. She won't hesitate to use whatever means at her disposal to hide from an approaching enemy, whether behind a broken down shack, a pile of rubble, a wall and etc.

Relationships an alley cat she lovingly calls 'Whiskers'.

History Her parents used to live in Haviah, her father had minor psychic ability which got him drafted into the Pilot program. However he failed the tests and rigorous training for it and was going to be sold to TRIM as a test subject. Of course, neither mother nor father would allow that to happen so they fled underneath the city far enough away and were eventually forgotten by the authorities. Two and a half years later, they had Rogue with the mother dying during childbirth with only her father and another homeless person to help carry out the delivery. Distraught, her father buried her mother as best he could under some rock and began the task of raising his daughter without his wife. He later died of disease when Rogue was only nine years old. Rogue has been on her own ever since, learning to fend for herself and grab whatever she can find to eat. Her only friend being Whiskers whom she can often be seen petting and talking to. She has never seen the above ground before and knows nothing of Aedolian life, having no microchip implanted for ID. She is a street urchin through and through.

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