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The Rest of Aedolis / Re: Dreamin' Of Rainbows[Goblin!]
« Last post by Blink on December 14, 2017, 06:48:04 PM »
It was hard not to notice Evan's face turn a light shade of crimson. Must be the heat.

Regardless Mia was fully trying to process the explanation he offered. In fact, she was slightly thrown off that he took the time to explain it, yet another thing that had set him apart from most in just the few moments she had been conversing with him. Even better that he used an analogy that she could understand. A gnat and a horsefly, both bugs but also both substantially different. Suddenly finding the phrase 'this side of annoying' much less confusing than before.

"Evan Evans?"

Again she was tilting her head in confusion while reaching out to shake his hand.

"Did you mean to say your first name twice? It's Tamia by the way, but everyone just calls me Mia." She paused to notice he was still really red. "Is Solarta too hot for you? Do you need some ice?"
Adstreia / Re: Mistake After Mistake [Mara!]
« Last post by Blink on December 14, 2017, 04:01:36 PM »
In his embrace Sparrow withdrew back into the cluster storm that was her mind. Such a heavy talk with such powerful emotion behind words and hidden thoughts intertwining themselves with more words.. more thoughts. So many thoughts spiralling out of control and crashing into one another. The Hellions, Vaas, that damn lizard. Mayday Mayday Adstreia flight bay. All of it playing over and over again in a neverending loop. Would it ever stop?

Moments that had long passed torturing her every time her eyes closed. Sparrow was a slave attempting to claw her way out from a heartache that was tearing at her core. One moment she was here, with him, with her family. The next, she was back spiraling towards the ground faster than she could control. She was losing her grip on the fine line between reality and illusion.

Creases formed as Sparrow tried to push it all back, lock it all away in the crypt she had barely managed to keep shut as it was. Vaas was here now, and right now they were talking about taking whatever they could get. He was never going to give up on finding a way for them to be together. But what if he never did? What if they were in fact destined to love each other from a distance for eternity?

'Sure thing Pilot Echo Anderson, I'll get right on that.' The solemn programmed voice that was the pilot assist program looping at the back of her mind.

"No..." a whisper as Sparrow buried her face into his shoulder, squeezing her eyes even tighter at the hope of making it go away. Now was not the time to fade, it was not the time to get sucked back into the warped version of hell her conscious had created. She had her own demons to fight here, with Vaas, and she was willing to do whatever it took to stay put.

Again she pulled back, this time reaching down to pull the black fabric from around her torso. Vaas's hands placing little issue as she snaked it up, pulling the shirt from over her head before discarding it to the floor.

Distraction time.
Open Space / Re: Point of No Return [Crew of The Loveless]
« Last post by Lion on December 14, 2017, 01:56:15 PM »
Nero very rarely planned ahead - or worried about expectations. Going with the flow tended to suit him best in his experience. There were no guarantees, no surefire expectations that he was going to wake up the next morning or live through the rest of the week. Heh - 'live' was surely a fine way of putting it. This was the most static he'd been in well - he honestly couldn't really remember. Time tended to bleed in on itself that way, like segments of watercolor had droplets of water dabbed over them.

Nero closed his eyes, trying to focus, the picture not at all becoming clearer. And all he could feel were the flashbacks of emotion, the white-hot in his veins of fear and adrenaline shooting through him like the most raw high he'd ever felt. But it wasn't quite like being lightyears away, in fact he couldn't have been more alert, and every sound became a blaring wail. Vargas firing off that gun, Otto directing orders through the comm, the feeling of being hollowed out at the thought that Kirkley was really dead.

He knew he couldn't die. Not really. And neither could Nero. He'd go on, and Kirkley would go on - even if the latter had give or take a few ten thousand years ahead of him. 40 years older than where he should have been, four decades out of a nameless hole he probably would have been buried in. At least, it would have been a decent finale. He wouldn't be sad about it, no songs need be sung, no epitaphs, no eulogies. Only good men got those. Only good men died young.

And that was a ferry for which he had no credits to pay the fare.

But that knowledge, did nothing to stop the coldness that clenched at his gut. Because it didn't matter if he died - but he'd be damned if he was going to sit by and do nothing whilst the captain was out there. Not while he could do something. It didn't even skip a beat, that thought process, not a second of hesitation. Never had a decision been clearer than to suit up, to venture into that cold vacant black, to cradle Kirkley's fat head in the crook of his arm from giant birdfish that had suffered awful parasitic lacerations. He wasn't going to lose his package (regardless if that job had been over and done with), he was going to bring him back, he wasn't going to have another Kincaid...

The hollowed out feeling came back with a vengeance. He failed that job. The one job he'd said he'd never fail. Nero ducked his head and felt horrifically sober the last few days. Lay low, don't make ripples, he was good at that. Make sure the rest of the cargo on board - ie, the crew - was fine. Wolf had needed someone, even if he'd said nothing, even if the little electronics he'd asked about afterward were filler to make sure the little guy was right enough to be alone. Nero couldn't be sure, far be it from him to understand the nuances of giving distance.

But in that time, he hadn't even touched his newly acquired stash, the adrenaline still present, still sobering him, and the hollowed feeling making his veins itch, and he unconsciously favored a fang at the corner of his mouth. It didn't even matter that Kirkley was alive and well now. Was it something else? Nero never stared at death in the face so closely and flinched, no, the lows usually came afterward when he was stitching himself back together. 

Nero had made his way to deck when the rest of the crew had gathered, observing Bubblewand Man hug Hesperus with no shortage of affection. The hollowed out sensation made his chest burn, and he wished he'd at least brought a joint with him.  No, no. This was important. Pay attention. Nero reached up and shrugged his green jacket tighter around him, popping the collar and bringing his loose mauve hair up into a bun.

Best to have one less distraction in his face, eyes flicking to the others in the room. They were here, they were safe. So far anyway. Unexpectedly expected. He held his tongue, grin only curling much in the same fashion Otto's had when his eyes flicked to the blackhaired bugboy in the flight chair at Aesir's endless talent for observation. It was a good smile, and he deserved to smile more. The center of his left palm flared up in an itch, and he favored his fangs again, letting the prickling point force him to observe everyone else.

Wolf, however, still seemed tense, and Nero couldn't blame him. Poor guy. Vargas and Dez, seemed well enough to take it in stride. They didn't have any welling itchiness, or so he hoped. Placated calm, he told himself, and poised himself to the rear of the room, far enough away from Hesperus to keep the man from flat out collapsing in the midst of a debriefing. In the back was where he felt most comfortable anyway, a thought that only briefly abated the tingling he felt in his palm, and he kept his left hand curled, arms crossed over his chest.

Whatever it was, it was going to be interesting.
Open Space / Re: Point of No Return [Crew of The Loveless]
« Last post by Blink on December 14, 2017, 11:31:28 AM »
It was all just more evidence of how 'lucky' Dez actually was. First, she thought she had scored so big when crawling into that crate. She had thought she read the label correctly and could've sworn it was destined to be heading somewhere far far away on a ship that was in fact, not this one. Luck only continued to roll in like a set of snake eyes as the ship she had managed to wind up on was staffed with passengers who were less than pleased with her status.

'Stowaway, intruder... annoyance.'

Dez had been called worse things in life by far worse people. Regardless of how they thought, she had gotten on the ship Dez knew all of this was just another scene passing by. Time and time again she had landed in situations similar to this one (minus the being attacked by a headless chicken). Dez would appear and be shunned, therefore making her resort to whatever it took to make her life just slightly less 'unlucky'. Looking out for number one had always been what kept her alive and this situation was no exception.

As everyone filed in Dez took mental note of each face. The man who had given her the puzzle in the very beginning. He seemed nice then, must've eaten something green based on the sourpuss look on his face now. Sourpuss.... yes. The other small one, the one who danced with her in the hangar and copped a feel to grab her Com, Chickenman. There was, of course, the one who made funny noises at her. His eyes were odd and based on the number of lovely candies she found in his ship Dez just assumed that one just had no brain left... she liked him, Candyman.

With hands in pockets, Dez squinted at the one with horns. He deserved a very special name, one worthy of someone who locks people in tiny compartments with nothing but a half-eaten bag of cheese poofs to survive on for eternity. Horny Spider, Seemed fitting in more ways than one. Next would have to be the young one. Dez squinted again as she wracked her brain for a name befitting such an odd duck, Skip

Her blackjack nemesis also deserved a special name, one that probably came the easiest of them all, BlackJack. This brought Dez full circle to the one she could tell hated her the most. His name would have to be the most special of them all. One befitting of someone who clearly hated everything about her. He seemed to have a knack for instructing the others to lock her up or detain her in some way. Clearly he was Warden Kittypants.

With names sorted out Dez was able to finally pay attention to what they were all going on about. Something about Mr. Hoophead and his jacket? Wait... Vacation? Dez emerged from the land of giants and waved her hand to get attention.

"I pose the same questions as Candyman and Chickenman. Also at what point am I being thrown out the air vents, Warden Kittypants? "

Her tone was calm and almost monotone as if being thrown off a ship into oblivion was a walk in the park.
Open Space / Re: Point of No Return [Crew of The Loveless]
« Last post by Marakai2.0 on December 14, 2017, 10:08:22 AM »
It really was a wonder, the things life seemed capable of throwing in one's direction. The last several days had been full of ups and downs, and a couple of twists and turns, and it was to the point that Vargas had little hope of predicting what was around the next corner of this topsy-turvey little adventure he'd joined in on.

It had started with that job with Kirkley, maybe a couple of weeks or so ago, one that had seemed random and out of the blue - the many drinks Vargas had consumed since then made the memory very blurry and unfocused, but the gunner did remember one thing: that paycheck had quite a bit of zeroes on it.

And he'd risked all those zeroes almost in a single sitting, one that had turned massively in his favor into the greatest kind of payout he could have hoped for - a simple poker game with a group of individuals who were, surprisingly, more drunk than him at the time had won him the entire pot, almost doubling his money and winning him the most unexpected of prizes.

He'd won a goddamn gunship. Couldn't fly the damn thing, yet, but that was soon to change, it seemed.

And since then, again out of the blue, he'd been invited to join this motley crew - permanently. He'd jumped at the chance, packed his things, and dove right in.

And then things got weird. They'd gained a stowaway, who had apparently smuggled herself onboard when Hesperus and himself were picked up, and she'd decided to make herself known at what couldn't have possibly have been a worse time. As pretty as she was, she was an odd one. Interesting, and very pleasant to look at, but odd.

But that was then. And here they were now.

Vargas stared up at this 'Shen' who, unless the gunner had been well and truly pickled and couldn't even remember  (which was impossible, he hasn't had a drink since early the last morning, dammit), had shortly before been a large bird creature hellbent on their destruction amongst the asteroids. He understood why and how the personality change had come about, sort of - some giant black leechgrubworm things he'd happily blasted into oblivion - but still.

This guy was a man. Um. Kinda. The bubblewand in place of Shen's head still threw him off, especially once he'd noticed it never seemed to face a different direction no matter what angle Vargas looked at it from. But the fact that really confused him was the fact that, only minutes before, he had clearly been a bird. Thing.

Fuck me. I need a drink. That was the prime thought amongst all others as he brought birdnotbird Shen a cup of coffee, since Kirkley had said it had been quite some time since he'd had it. Even more so once Shen simply tucked the cup within his coat and seemed to....stretch...sli ghtly, before he produced the cup again, sans coffee.

Aesir took the words right out of his mouth, on that one.

Otto posed another good question, which Vargas decided to follow with another. "Besides what to expect, where is it that we're going? I mean...transport? How does that work?" Vargas generally wasn't the one to ask questions - he was literally there to just man the guns, as it seemed there were more than enough men present to pilot the ship - but the entire thought of finding a place worth called a 'vacation spot' in an asteroid belt was only...slightly confusing.
Open Space / Re: Point of No Return [Crew of The Loveless]
« Last post by Moonie on December 14, 2017, 05:19:48 AM »
From the time they had entered the asteroid belt things had felt off. It was like this tiny, minuscule nagging feeling like something tickling at the back of Wolf’s mind. The AI continued to hum along, seemingly running smoothly now. Of course when the entire incident had been ongoing it was like someone had thrown a stone at a pond, it had shattered the calm surface with ripples that echoed all the way across his psyche.

What had happened that day…night? It was still gnawing away at him. There was an itch under his skin that wouldn’t go away. Worst of all, Wolf had no idea if it was a real sensation caused by the nanites or if perhaps it was all just within his head; how did you even tell?

Everything had gone wrong. There was a stowaway, and he had been the one to suggest securing her because a crate in the airlock wasn’t safe. He had felt real, genuine concern about the safety of this person he did not know. That wasn’t surprising. Killing and death were very unpleasant and just thinking about either made him unreasonably uncomfortable.

None of that had been his fault.

Wolf had put her in that cell and had even given her one of his little puzzles to play with so she wouldn’t be completely without some form of entertainment. After that he had rushed to help Aesir, and had felt woefully inadequate in performing the task. He had barely helped at all. After all that, that woman had escaped her cell. Otto had made those angry bug noises at him. It was just another failure at a critical moment in time during their quite stressful mission. He should have done better, and it shook him that the AI had failed him so blatantly that night.

So much so that he’d spent the entire next day wallowing in bed, not only from exhaustion, but simple overwhelming emotion. Well, he had tried to wallow. Nero had made that hard with his insistence on keeping him company. Wolf still didn’t know if he would have preferred being left alone or if the warmth of Nero pressed against his back until he relented and spent hours just talking.

There wasn’t even anything important to say. He talked about food – one of the things he had found himself most enamored with since meeting Kirkley- and then about his little projects. Insignificant trinkets he worked on to preoccupy his AI when not taking care of the ship. Neither was an interesting topic, or Wolf didn’t think they should have been, but Nero had seemed more than happy to waste his time engaging in it. He actually seemed enthusiastic and attentive to the conversation. It was really not at all what he’d expected, but somehow it also seemed good.

Nero had been a soothing presence, for as long as he’d stayed.

If he thought about it, out of the crew, Wolf had probably spent the most one-on-one time with Nero, between that strange day and going shopping with him. Usually he only saw everyone together, when they were gathered – like now.

Wolf had seen the chatter over his comm, but had failed to say anything. He didn’t know what to even say, because he was worried that anything at all could be the wrong thing. Nobody had started interrogating him about what he’d done. Not a single demand to explain how he had helped the giant bird-monster that was also somehow the captain’s son.

He preferred it stayed that way as long as possible. Wolf wasn’t sure he could even truly, adequately explain everything. It had been a gamble. He hadn’t been sure it would even work. It stunned him that it worked. What else could he do that he didn’t know yet?

It was all too stressful. Hiding in his room did not seem to be an option, however, so he filed into the room with everyone else. Wolf found a place against the wall, ducking his head and being as inconspicuous as possible, and hating himself for it. These people had been kind to him when no one before them had, and here he wished only to hide from them.

Wolf’s head jerked up as that voice invaded his mind, though. Oh, he did not like that, not one little bit and suddenly didn’t feel as bad for wishing he was alone in his room with his anxious thoughts.

Anxious thoughts he desperately hoped Shen could not read.

Lowering his head again, he pointedly looked at no one. Wolf didn’t want anyone to look at him. He didn’t want to be seen. It felt too much like they could peer in and rip the truth from him at a glance. Why hadn’t the AI stopped this yet?

Why didn’t it make the feelings go away?

Wolf wanted so badly for it to do just that. Maybe he worried that sometimes the AI was really the one in control and his body was still a puppet dancing upon invisible strings, but right now even that seemed better. At least then he felt shielded and safe in a familiar, if twisted, submission.

One more day, Shen said. Then they would leave, going to this supposed vacation spot.

The only question Wolf really wanted to ask is if he could be dismissed now that “the plan” going forward was shared with them. He managed to glance up, teal eyes roaming over Aesir at the question he posed. It was a fair one. Perhaps some of the others found it amusing, but it seemed a logical inquiry to him. Otto submitted an equally good question.

They had endured enough surprises for one trip.
Open Space / Re: Point of No Return [Crew of The Loveless]
« Last post by nephero on December 13, 2017, 11:10:06 PM »
   Otto did not get along with liminality. He was far more comfortable with exact numbers, yes and no, clear and concise boundaries and expectations. A job, and how to do it, or nothing at all. As long as he had these basic ideas (a plan, a general goal, hell even just the most rudimentary commands of “do X until told otherwise”), something to go off of, he was fine. Insert variables, obtain solution. Sometimes it was more complex than that, but at least he had a leg to stand on.

   He didn’t… like… surprises. Well, maybe that wasn’t entirely true. Secrets? But no, that wasn’t true either— or if it was, that made him a damn hypocrite, keeping all his own secrets to himself but expecting everyone else to divulge theirs. But no, that wasn’t true either. He didn’t mind that everyone had their own lives and their own reasons and their own private selves outside of what they told him— Wolf, for instance, and whatever miracle he’d used to help heal up the giant goldfish

   Which was also apparently wildly inaccurate for how Vargas had commented him needing an encyclopedia of animals, something that he might have been able to to gloss over with an embarrassed laugh any other day, but today just set all his nerves on edge

   But this whole thing, meeting up with Shen, the parasites, Kirkley disappearing for so many terrible, horrible minutes, and then popping back in like it had been nothing— it had made Otto anxious. So anxious. His stomach rolled and his chest felt tight and nothing seemed to be quite right. Normally he’d have felt one of these little attacks and gone straight to his collection of narcotics but…

   He had a job to do. In the absence of the Captain, the Loveless needed to keep running. That was his job. His variable. Something that he could do while the rest of everything floated in the worst kind of limbo. Even staying with Kirkley the following day hadn’t done much— it had been a temporary relief, at best, and when he returned to his duties, was left alone again with his thoughts, well…

   Well, what?

   Well, what, indeed. It wasn’t like any of this crap was his business. He didn’t suddenly have a right to know absolutely everything that Kirkley had planned. Expecting anything of the sort was just… brazen. Presumptuous. Shitty. It was so shitty, and the shittier he felt the shittier his boarders felt, mutual anxiety roiling over and over again to where he felt like he wanted to throw up. Not uncommon, but usually at least he had the benefit of being wasted at the time.

   Being wasted sounded so good. His stash had been compromised, consumed, little though it was, but there were compartments that even a little sneak thief couldn’t get into without knowing where they were. He was only mildly ashamed to say that as soon as he woke up, he’d slipped out of Kirkley’s room in the still quiet of whatever hour it had meant to be and shuffled into Ironsides and pried the metal plating away from the wall just beneath the kitchen area cabinets. The bottle had glowed blue, still beautifully .75 of the way full, the label smudged and wrinkled but still legible. Injida. The last vestiges of his home made into potent inebriation. And fuck, hadn’t he earned that? Just a little bit, just a little time of not remembering how bad he felt, of not remembering how tired he was and of not remembering just how little he actually was allowed to know.

   Don’t ask. Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing. Everything’s fine.

   Kirkley reminded him so much of Roy sometimes. Otto hated that.

   The injida’s personal brand of relief, however, would be terribly short-lived, because not too long after Otto had reached a disheartening .5 of the way full, his comm buzzed with a priority message. Right. Game face. Time to move. Stuff to do. And so it was only with some mild swaying that he had taken his place in the cockpit, keeping his eyes on all the monitors and the blinking notifications, thankful not for the first time for his ability to simply hook in and let his brain do the talking. Fine motor skills were just not a part of today’s plan. Luckily, it seemed, neither were ship-eating monsters.

   He remained where he was plugged in as the rest of the crew filed in, long legs drawn up into the chair just for the sake of comfort as Otto settled into a more relaxed position. Fake it ‘til you make it, or whatever the adage was. He stared, perhaps a bit longer than was polite, at Shen, at this entirely different and equally bizarre form he’d taken, and most of all into the rolling violet flames that fluctuated within the hoop that took the place of any traditional sort of cranium. The flames were fascinating, vibrant and oversaturated with color that Otto felt almost like it should have been impossible for him to see. Even more so, however, was the low, heady droning Shen’s presence brought about from his boarders— whatever this goldfish-apparently-not-a-goldfish was, Otto felt like he could stare forever, and also that he really, really shouldn’t.

   All of that was broken, however, by the sudden incredulous question from the youngest member of their crew, and Otto felt entirely off-balance for half of a moment despite being seated in his chair. Aesir. Leave it to him to ask something completely unexpected; Otto couldn’t help an amused sort of smile that that, more than a little fond of such absolutely carefree inquisitiveness. Not for the first time, Otto wished he could be like the younger human— and not worry himself sick over what everyone else thought twenty four hours out of the day.

   It definitely was the break in tension Otto had needed, his shoulders easing up from how tight they had been, the host taking a deep breath and letting it out in a staccato breath.

   “So, this vacation spot. What should we be expecting?” he asked, observing just how affectionate Hesperus was being with the strange creature and more than a little heart-warmed for it. Hesperus had been so stressed since coming on board (or so Otto thought, it was sometimes hard to tell, but there had just been this unmistakable something attached the whole affair), it was nice to see him genuinely happy for once.
Advanced Training Complex / Re: Run Into the Ground [Goblin!]
« Last post by GoblinFae on December 13, 2017, 10:30:11 PM »
She smiled warmly to him, the light reaching her eyes even as she committed his face to memory one more time. Only once she was sure she knew every ridge and and horn did she slip tightly through the cracked door and shut it firmly behind her. Joelle did not need him catching even a glimpse of the drastically changed room. That would only result in more questions followed by answers she knew to be true but neither of them wanted to hear.

Joelle mulled over his earlier thoughts even if she did not respond to them. He was wrong because she certainly was the distraction. Before they had met that day in the gym when her thoughts had run wild without her, he had not even known she had existed. She was nobody. Now she was his somebody and that made her crush on him all the more dangerous. How could she be so selfish as to demand he feel for her as well when she herself all but knew that she was destined to fade from their memories, to disappear without a word more never to be heard from again?

Because she was a glutton for punishment. She would work herself to death if it meant just a few more moments to spend with the people she was coming to make friends with. Garza was therefore wrong. The work was not the distraction, it was the cure. If she just studied a bit harder, if she just worked a bit longer then maybe just maybe she could scrape by enough to make it to the next stage.

With her wet hair thrown up into a messy ponytail and her softest sweatpants and black Hellion t-shirt in place, Joelle had no choice but to exchange her bag for her study materials and drag herself back out to fake at fine for the one man she was helplessly coming to fall in love with. She offered him a tired yet bright smile as she bounced out of her room again and slipped her hand back into his, marveling as always in how perfectly they fit together like strange puzzle pieces.

"Ready for another study storm?"
Open Space / Re: Point of No Return [Crew of The Loveless]
« Last post by GoblinFae on December 13, 2017, 09:49:46 PM »
Hesperus had just managed to rip off the entirety of his suit and helmet when he was suddenly and quite pleasantly sucked into Shen's all-encompassing embrace. His com had been crushed between them and yet he couldn't care less as he clung back just as fiercely. The Incubus absolutely adored Kirkley's son and had for all the years the pair had known each other. While it had been half a century since father and son had last met it was even longer for Hesperus. Not every time he ran into Kirkley did he get to see Shen though he treasured each and every meeting. His little tail fluttered wildly in the back of his pants in excitement long after he was released and allowed back on his own two feet.

The demon was glad for a few moments to compose himself as he helped their little stowaway make some food before rejoining the group. Seeing Shen happy and back to his normal self only served to make Hesperus realize how horrible the entire encounter of finding him had been. Waking up to a blinding headache, Kirkley gone, and the Loveless in danger had been far from ideal. He had not taken the time to truly process just how close he had come to losing not one but two friends. Those were thoughts he quickly reburied deep inside again as he rejoined the crew and listened with rolling eyes to Kirkley's explanation. It was one of the old sky dog's favorite tricks, after all.

Vacation spot? As if that didn't sound ominous at all. The look that passed across the captain's face only served to make Hesperus feel more cautious. He had his suspicions as to who little Aesir was, though those had always been stories told to him in the still, quiet moments when Kirkley would go from murderous pirate to something different, something the demon had never truly understood at the time. Hesperus had never been sure what was truth and what was fantasy but seeing those same shades of evergreen and amethyst he had known so intimately in a different face was starting to make a believer out of him.

The demon brushed his own musings away though as Shen's thoughts washed over him in an all too familiar sensation akin to a bubbling spring breaking the surface at last. He chuckled softly at just how adorable the creature was. He had not been lying either, Shen truly was improving with his Common. When Hesperus had first met him, Shen had only been able to communicate in a few broken words. Things were often spoken through the translation of Kirkley or a series of complicated gestures. Things would be much easier this time around, space leeches aside of course.

True laughter escaped him as of all the things to ask Shen, Aesir chose to ask about his unique brand of digestion. Hesperus impulsively pulled Shen flush against him, his arms settling about the other male's waist as he dipped his head enough to avoid the hoop and instead nuzzle against Shen's shoulder. It did not matter to him that the others could see and would probably judge them for the blatant display of affection. The demon had been plenty discreet and to himself since joining the crew for fear of disturbing their precious balance. But, this was Shen and he cared deeply for this "child" that was already so much older than himself. The thought of losing him had frightened the Incubus though he had had to hold it together for the sake of others who would not understand. Now though all he wanted to do was hug the avian-like creature close and never let go.
The Rest of Aedolis / Re: Dreamin' Of Rainbows[Goblin!]
« Last post by GoblinFae on December 13, 2017, 08:50:47 PM »
He had been oblivious to her musings but his brows shot clear into his hairline the moment she spoke his name. Evan felt his cheeks flush slightly that this pretty woman would know his name and yet he had no idea who she was. It was not like he was some darling cassanova that was sweeping women off their feet left and right. Gears he couldn't even remember the last time he had been with anyone. It was probably after...no he wouldn't think about that. He had a sweet little thing wanting to talk with him He could be accommodating of that and leave cobwebs for other days.

"Well," he mused, his brow crinkling at her questions as he genuinely considered how to answer it. The thought that she was odd and different not once crossing his mind. "I suppose the amounts of annoying differ and are thereby not equal. Because one side would be irritating versus say downright nasty, you know? Like the difference between a gnat and a horsefly. There's levels of it and all."

He cleared his throat nervously and took another sip of his drink, hoping the fire in his cheeks would cool or at least could be blamed by alcohol rather than his own personal discomfort. "Afraid you've caught me at a bit of a loss though, Ladybug. You know my name though I don't recall yours. Perhaps we could um start again?"

Wiping his hand on his trousers he then held it out to her to shake. "Evan Evans at your service."
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