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Wanderers and Independents / Tarnax, Hellfire Bitch Like No Other
« Last post by Cheesigator on March 19, 2018, 11:34:15 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Tarnax, or Tar for short
Age ??
Gender Female
Sexuality Bisexual
Species Succubus
Ethnicity N/A
Height 5'11"
Occupation Trickster, raider, traitor, pirate, whatever the hell she wants
Residence Everywhere and nowhere
Voice Demi Moore
Themesong Show It 2 Me by Night Club

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Tarnax is a tall demon with all the perfect proportions. She can cinch her waist to a mere 18 inches if she wants, and her rack is..... Well. Basically her body kinda looks like Nicki Minaj. That's really all you need to know.

Her hair is a deep plum purple, almost black, and reaches the backs of her calves. It's layered in length, so it's easy to fluff and looks great pooled out on your mattress. Which is entirely the point. Her eyes are a deep black with yellow and orange irises, and her mouth is decorated with sharp canines meant to pierce skin and tear. Her long, piano fingers are tipped in long claws, and her back adorned in a set of bat-like webbed wings that span a good 12 feet fully opened.

100% grade A high class bitch. Tarnax thinks she's the best in the world and nobody can tell her otherwise. She doesn't care what you think about her, what you say about her behind her back--all she cares about is how much of a backbone you got when she dares to test your mettle and make you put your money where your mouth is. She loves getting into fights as much as she loves terrorizing the innocent bystander--cruel jokes and pranks are her hobby, bloodshed her fetish. She's a hotheaded wildcard with blood constantly set to boil in her veins; at times she can be almost hyperactive, and her language borderlines on vulgar. She owns it, proudly, and has set her sights on conquering the world with her bad attitude and lack of fucks to give about it.

-Gains power through seeeexxxxx and could totally kill somebody by fucking them to death. And definitely has done that before.
-Immortality (though she can be slain)
-Immunity to diseases
-Fire and plasma manipulation
-Proficient in hand to hand combat and wielding of a scythe

Andromeda, Hesperus-- Some of Tarnax's many many children.
Lovers abound-- Although calling them lovers might be giving her too much credit.

Nobody knows who Tarnax really is, or where she really came from. If you ask her, she'll deliberately avoid the question, or just laugh at you. Usually the latter. Letting people in is something she likely hasn't done in centuries, and it's also safe to assume that this crazy ho is like... At least a few thousand years old. At least.

In her time spent wandering this universe she's done many things; spitting in the face of every person who dares deny her what she wants, be they mortal or god, and somehow always managing to find her way out of the messes she gets herself into. Trouble seems to be her middle name, right next to "Promiscuous AF." She's fantastic about hooking up with someone and then dropping a child on their doorstep some 8-9 months later with no warning or explanation. Hey, sometimes condoms break. It is what it is. Unsurprisingly, she has the maternal instinct of a rock, and usually has absolutely no part in her childrens' upbringing whatsoever.

Lord knows how many she's had by now.

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Advanced Training Complex / Hooked on a Feeling (Goblin)
« Last post by Cinnabar on March 19, 2018, 09:38:57 PM »
For the most part, it seemed to Vanessa that the past few months had just... happened to her. Like she was simply an observer, watching herself perform the same daily routine over and over again. It had been quite the emotional roller coaster, with too many ups and downs to count, and at some point she'd more or less started to go on autopilot. At least it was better than letting her emotions rule her and tear her apart from the inside, which would have been a real possibility if it weren't for Alec's guidance. Gods knew where she would be if she didn't have the support of her friends and mentors to keep her sane.

Of course, it wasn't like she could completely block out all of her feelings, even if she wanted to. That would require total control over her psionics, which clearly wasn't something she was able to accomplish just yet. As such, there were a few things that managed to sneak their way through the cracks in the wall she'd built for herself. Every time someone left the ATC, it stirred up some rather... bittersweet feelings inside her, ones that she wasn't sure she should be having. Of course she was glad to see her friends succeed and move on to do great things, but it also felt like each one of them that left was taking a piece of her with them.

At least she could find peace in the fact that she would be able to see all of them again once she graduated. Except for... no. No, no, no. She wasn't going to think about that anymore. It wasn't... good to think about that.

The past little while hadn't all been doom and gloom, however. There always seemed to be new faces showing up at the ATC, and that meant more people to befriend. More people that she could offer her help to, and if necessary, more shoulders to cry on. She desperately wanted to reach out and start putting her empathy to use once again, but right now, she needed kind of push.

Well, it turned out that this push would come fairly soon, although it would come from a rather unlikely source.

A particularly strong surge of emotion made its way into Vanessa's mind, pushing aside whatever thoughts had been running through it at that moment and disrupting her daily routine of walking from class to class without paying much attention to whatever was happening around her. It was a familiar feeling to her, and one that some might argue should be left alone. But what if someone really did need help, and she was supposed to be the one to offer it?

Well, she did have a bit of free time before her next class started. It couldn't hurt to check it out, at least.

The source of the wave of emotion appeared to be a man who was... well, he was a little scary-looking. It wasn't the lizard-like features that made her nervous, but rather the fact that he was practically twice her size and looked like he could probably lift her easily with one hand. Vanessa's instincts urged her to not get involved and just keep on walking, but her heart pleaded for her to stay. Appearances could be deceiving, and what good were her abilities if she wasn't going to use them to their fullest? So, taking a few deep breaths to keep herself calm and clear her mind, the small girl approached the giant of a man.

"Um... excuse me, sir. I don't mean to intrude, but you looked a little down and I wanted to make sure that you're alright. Is there anything I can do to help? Something you're looking for, maybe?"

Of course, she already had a pretty good idea about what was bothering him, but bringing it up right away would probably just make him more uncomfortable... and it would be kinda creepy.
The Rest of Aedolis / Re: The Devil's Den [Lion] [M]
« Last post by Lion on March 19, 2018, 08:49:18 PM »
Cabal's presence had no command, not to ordinary people in his daily life. He was no General to whom had a hundred thousand souls at his disposal to command and do his bidding. That didn't stop him, however, when he had a hungry body in front of him, that he could see was practically quivering although she would never admit it. His own eyes and body were burning, sensing that need, feeling points on her where she could use release, where tension easily deserved to melt away and turn the both of them into a puddle of slime.

The second he'd kissed her, made that contact, he felt those chakras, and he wanted to touch them all over, and yank the tension away that coiled over it. In the right order of course, he didn't want Andromeda drooling at the mouth. Yet, anyway.

Cabal grinned, or he would have until she slid a thigh between his legs and used her counter balance to launch his ass into the bed and he flailed barely in time to keep himself situated on the bed.  He caught his breath quickly, eyes narrowing and looking up at her still with that predatory gaze, and feeling blood rushing south. His breath hitched, his eyes meeting hers and groaning lightly as she kissed and suck at his throat.

His hands found her top and pushed it off or her, hands feverish and filled with intent, practically ripping the fabric when it refused to come off easy.  He growled and felt more jolts run south, and the moment her hand slipped into his pants, she'd feel him rigid already the fabric of his underwear getting caught on the ridges and bumps. Wasting little time, he pushed himself back against her, let her hand continue stroking him as he pushed his pants down from his hips, lifting them long enough to push them off and wriggle out of them, kicking them off from around his ankles.  And his underwear soon followed.

"I'm glad you like it. Because you gotta unwrap that gift before you can really appreciate it."  He grinned and looked down at where her hand was still squeezing around him, stroking him, his girth already wide in her grip.  He forced himself to sit up, pushing up against Andromeda's chest and his arms snaking around her lower back, separated only by her pants and her hand.

He released a soft sigh and let his lips play against hers, before tilting his head and kissing her deeply, coaxing her lips open and letting his tongue slip inside to run along hers. He nibbled and tugged at her bottom lip, parting the kiss only to breathe and moan, his hands finding their way down and pushing at her pants and panties, shoving them off her, still keeping her mouth preoccupied.

"I'll make you in my own good time," he growled against her lips, biting down on them and drawing a scraping of blood, letting him taste it.  His right hand came up to her torso, reaching over those hardened muscles and let his palm splay out at the center of her belly.  There he felt the tension over that chakra and released it, opening his own and pouring energy into her.

Both of them would feel a flood of warmth jolting down from their bellies right south, sparklers of electricity one after the other after the other. Zinging through both of their bodies, and Cabal laid back and rolled them both over, laying on top of her and grasping her wrists, pinning them above her head.
Adstreia / Re: Mudslide, Part Deux [M] [Neph!]
« Last post by Lion on March 19, 2018, 08:02:24 PM »
The pizza, like everything else in that trashed Pilot Royal's apartment, was going to be replaced eventually. True. Grisham had completely wrecked his brand new couch and his actual bed just to win at a stupid game of mud flinging. Which even then he was still pretty damn sure was a draw anyhow. Even if he knew he won. The old Yote would just have to deal with that. In a very unconscious way of course.  Nope, he wasn't keeping score. Not him. None at all.

Grisham's eyes blotted out the images of the little memories he'd thought he had long forgotten. Because they were never really forgotten, not for him. Little flickers of life, where he used to lay down with Lisa against his chest, where he narrowly dodged a plate being thrown at his head and the pieces all smashed to the floor. Even now he could still see them, but then they would flicker away and he suddenly didn't care.

Lisa wasn't the one that had laid against his chest, listened to his heartbeat. The mess this place had become could be cleansed, could be repaired and mended. Even his arm that had been blown to literal ketchup was replaced with something just as good as the original. Funny enough, he never cried about his arm, never mourned it's loss.

He saved his mourning for times not like this. And even then, it'd gotten him nothing.

Grisham took one last resolute bite from his pizza, head tilting to Yavul, listening quietly, before a small affectionate grin spread across his face. "Yeah, if you ain't right, amigato." He chuckled, feeling his stomach coil at the little touches, hints of contact that Yavul had made, where their legs touched, and his heart sped up, sending a small jolt south.

He set his pizza down, deciding he wasn't hungry anymore, his arm easily sliding over Yavul's and grasping their hands together. Weird how natural their palms fit in one another.  "Y'know after a storm hits, clean up usually follows. Lookin' like you could use a great deal of scrubbing there, Coyote Man," he nodded decisively and pulled Yavul up to his feet, his arm snaking it's around his waist, squeezing both hands at his hips.

Grisham took a step in close, leaning in and ghosting his lips over his, not quite kissing him, although already he could feel the electricity emanating from Yavul Hykinthos' and his eyes - as stormy gray blue as ever - meeting Yavul's baby blues.  "C'mon, lets go get cleaned up."  He licked his lips and gently released Yavul from his grip, save for the one he had on his hand, pulling the other man along with him to the shower.

Methodical and gradual, Grisham pulled back the glass door, and started the water, jumping a little when it was cold, and soon the heat regulated itself to warm, the shower head fanning down a wide ring from above. He said nothing, instead coaxing Yavul into the shower with him, and sliding the door closed with a resolute click.

"Hey there, wild yote," he grinned slightly, leaning in and hooking an arm around his waist again. "You got a lil bit of mud there."  Grisham smirked, and pressed a soft kiss to Yavul's cheek, just at the corner of his mouth, his breath splaying out against the Coyote's cheek and jawline, dragging his mouth over his. "And there." Before finally claiming his lips for his own.
Margad / Re: Waffling over Coffee [Goblin]
« Last post by GoblinFae on March 19, 2018, 07:50:44 PM »
Halvard shrugged in response. "Coffee is coffee I suppose. Definitely cheaper though like you said. I've ever really thought much about it beyond that. Nice to have a place serving it still in the evening though. I suppose that's my main reason for always coming back."

The large man sighed and shrugged again. Conversation really wasn't his forte. He was saved from saying more though as his phone bleeped at him, flashing green repeatedly until he swiped across the screen.

"Well Maddock it was nice chatting with you. I'm afraid I need to be going though. Early morning for work and it's late for me. Thanks for the company though." Halvard smiled weakly as he rose to his feet and offered a wave. "Maybe we can run into each other again sometime."

He mentally kicked himself for sounding and acting so awkwardly even as he strode away. Halvard paid his bill quickly and was about to take off when impulse gave him pause. Grabbing up a napkin he quickly scrawled out a number before catching a passing waitor's attention and begging him to pass it off to Maddock. He really had enjoyed the other man's company and if he hadn't scared him away then maybe the could do it again some time when he wasn't so tired and low-spirited. Probably nothing would come of it but at least he knew he tried. That was something, right? Halvard didn't wait to find out, instead leaving to hurry his way home. He had been truthful about that too. He really did need to catch some Z's before dragging himself back out of bed in the early hours the next day.
Advanced Training Complex / Re: Knock Knock [Moonie]
« Last post by GoblinFae on March 19, 2018, 07:29:01 PM »
It all happened too fast for her to react. Heather was hiccuping and gasping for breath when the door suddenly opened and strong arms were caging her in. For several moments she howled and struggled against them but Matthew was twice as stubborn as she was and refused to let go of her. The scuffle didn't last long as she collapsed against him and continued to cry.

"Why can't you just leave me alone?" she stuttered against him between gasping breaths. "I didn't ask for this! It was sex! It was one time! You weren't supposed to care! Just leave me alone. I didn't want you here! I'm nobody; I'm nothing! Go play with your little friends Mister Big Shot and fuck off!"

Despite her words though, heather crumbled. There was only so much venom she could muster even as tears and mucus ran down her face and she felt like she was drowning in her own tears. "Just go away, Matthew. Just go."
The Libra / Re: Diagnosis [Neph]
« Last post by GoblinFae on March 19, 2018, 07:04:29 PM »
Dashiell's lone brow rose almost entirely into his hairline in surprise at the cold orders put to him. He had expected angry words and slamming doors but not for a second an invitation to come in. Nicodemo's tone brooked no argument though and while he may have hesitated for a single heartbeat, Dash was quick to bow into the entrance.

He said nothing as the other man slowly shuffled into the kitchen, leaning heavily on his cane and quite obviously in a great deal of pain. Instead Dashiell kept his head facing forward and allowed the man to take all the time he needed to drag himself into the kitchen and get seated. The last thing Dash wanted to do was offer insult or assistance to wound the man's pride or reign his ire down upon himself. He was positively certain that the crippled figure before him would would not welcome the help of a man who had nearly beaten the very life out of him.

Once he was settled though, Dashiell placed the box that had been clutched in his hand on the table before Nico. "These are for you. I promise I didn't poison them or spit in them," he commented in a weak attempt at humor though he didn't bring his gaze up from the box to see the icy stare he was sure those golden eyes would be offering him. "They're from SweetMouse's bakery."

The letter of apology was unintentionally left atop the box as the former Jockey stepped back to take in the room. It was a sight better than his own kitchen. Reese had been the one to demand that he keep the place just so and with their death he had just allowed things to pile up more and more. Here at least those piles were organized more or less.

He sighed, biting the tip of his tongue between his back molars before releasing it and finally looking at Nico. Defensively his arms crossed over his broad chest as his hip leaned back against one of the counters. "I don't know how to make tea," Dashiell admitted quietly. "Coffee is easy, pop in a capsule and press a button." His lips were pursed tightly as he waited for the ridicule that was sure to follow. Reese hadn't called him Dumbshit Dashpar for nothing after all. "Sorry to be an even further disappointment. Re-" his breath hitched as he realized whose name he was about to utter before he switched gears, "Ryul would be the second to declare that I'm a kitchen hazard." He didn't need to be bringing Reese into this too, at least not befor he apologized for that too.
Aedolis Characters / Jenny Rugu, Idol
« Last post by Cheesigator on March 19, 2018, 06:18:20 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Jenny Rugu
Age Assume much older than she looks.
Gender Female
Sexuality Heterosexual
Species Slime demon
Ethnicity N/A
Height 5'5"
Occupation Idol!
Residence Samariel, Aedolis
Voice Ariana Grande

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Jenny is made of goo, literally. She can change the consistency and texture of it; at times she can feel more like a jellyfish, jello, or a slug even. She's gotten quite adept at mimicking the texture and density of skin/flesh, as well as changing her colors. Traditionally she appears as a girl with rather pale skin, large eyes, plush lips and the face of a real sweetheart. She likes to let her hair remain "natural" (a flowing, amorphous blob of jade green) when possible, but can change it to mimic real hair texture and color--usually a light ginger, cause she likes how it looks. She usually only goes to the effort of looking entirely "normal" when she's in public on her own (read: has escaped her handlers.) Her pupils/irises are a bit frog/goat-like in appearance, with a horizontal pupil and striking metallic gold hues. These are the one thing she tends to change the least, though she is capable of it.

Being made of slime, she can also change her shape to just about anything, even if it goes against most living beings' physiology. She favors a shape with a large bust, slender waist and wide hips with thick, curvaceous thighs. She tends to have a pair of horns adorning her head as well, though they change shape and size depending on whatever she feels like that day. She doesn't own many actual clothes, preferring to mimic the look and feel of them instead.

On stage, Jenny is adorable, perhaps a bit naive, unknowingly flirtatious, and playful. She charms her fans in cute outfits with thigh highs, short skirts that allow for brazen panty shots. Her dances are cute and lighthearted, though quite often her lyrics tend to have double meaning as sexual innuendos.

In real life, Jenny is perfectly aware of the effect she can have on people, and is not adverse to using her charms as means of manipulation to get what she wants. She likes toying with people (boys in particular) and then leaving them hanging, almost as much as she loves getting into all sorts of trouble and sticking her nose in others' business where it doesn't belong. She's extremely daring, confident, and mischievous--a real trickster when she can get away with it.

-Complete shape shifting, including alteration of voice
-Can breathe underwater, swims like nobody's business
-Talented performer


Jenny immigrated to Aedolis from way out in space, and her actual origins are unknown, mostly because she sees no reason to talk about it. Presumably, she had as normal a life as a demon can have, which could've been literally anything. But she was drawn to Aedolis due to her intrigue of the sheep-like contentment of the people living in it. She found herself a talent agency, and worked her way up from maid cafes to pop star idol status over the course of a few years.

She settled into Samariel for the climate, needing constant moisture so she doesn't lose mass. Interestingly enough, while she's appeared in numerous media types of propaganda for them, she finds most Pilots to be pathetic, pointless little things that think way too highly of themselves; her opinion of them is not a positive one. For obvious reasons, she keeps these thoughts entirely to herself.

__________________THREAD TRACKER
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The Rest of Aedolis / Re: Sleep is for the weak. And the sleepy. [M]
« Last post by Lion on March 19, 2018, 05:59:21 PM »
The rest of the night was as eventful as Hugh hoped it would be. Harley had worn him out into the wee hours of the morning and staying over proved less awkward than if he offered to make the little guy breakfast. He'd showered, dressed and took off before Harley woke up, though he'd kissed the small Kulshedra on the cheek and did make him breakfast, from whatever leftovers were of the pizza. Didn't look like the guy ate much considering there wasn't anything in the fridge except ice cubes.

But it was time to head to work. There were still Pilots in Solarta and there were still dragons. And as long as there were still dragons, they would need fixing. Serenity seemed well enough, and after linking up with her, went off to do just that. She seemed all right.

Sometimes folks just needed a moment of peace.

He went about with his tools, light up a torch and going to work on a particularly lazy dragon. He didn't pay attention to her name. Just that she liked the sun. And didn't ever let her Pilot go anywhere.
Adstreia / Re: String Cheese is the Bee's Knees [Lion] [M]
« Last post by Lion on March 19, 2018, 05:51:11 PM »
Cooking and sharing dinner with a gorgeous woman. Few things made life worth living in Quillian's humble opinion. His own apartment still had dust collecting on things, small circles when he finally did come home where it had settled, and thus removed from it's place. Quillian was a clean fellow, but never being home made it difficult to have companionship that didn't revolve around machines doing most of the care for the critters he'd always wanted to keep.

Sometimes it was just better to be alone. Or so it was just easier to reason that way. Even if it wasn't really true. Ignoring it meant he didn't have to worry about it.

Ignoring it meant it didn't exist, right? Right.

Quillian set the groceries down and started to unpack them, placing them on the counter neatly as his eyes flicked to other parts of the apartment, taking in the scare decorations but he could say that it was definitely comfy. It was a woman's place. Distinctly Kielen and he smiled just slightly - mostly to himself - that he had been invited into the private space of such a lovely creature.

Maybe it wasn't much to her, but the gesture was no less appreciated all the same.

"Yeah, some wine would be nice," he said, his ears literally perking up at the offer a drink. He wasn't nervous, not by a longshot, but he definitely was curious, wary a bit, and observing Kielen when he got the chance, opening up the box of pasta delicately, eyes flicking to her whole body, drinking her in, and feeling his ears heat up.

He sniffed. Smoke couldn't have been coming out of them could they? No of course not, that was ridiculous. "I'll uhh get the oven preheated."  He winked in her direction and went about doing just that, only then just remembering his jacket and shrugging out of it.
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