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Author Topic: Joelle "Tink" Tinker; Candidate  (Read 117 times)

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Joelle "Tink" Tinker; Candidate
« on: October 12, 2017, 06:48:56 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Joelle "Tink" Tinker
Alias TinkerBabe
Age 17
DOB July 20th
Gender Female
Species Human
Ethnicity Aedolian
Height 5'7"
Occupation Candidate
Residence ATC

Playlist: Warning May Contain Explicit or Mature Lyrics and Themes

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description

Long dark brown hair, messily braided frames a pale heart-shaped face with stormy blue eyes. Joelle is pale from spending a great deal of time indoors though her hands are rough and scarred from years of working on anything and everything mechanical her father would throw her way.
Her bottom lip is usually red and capped from chewing on it while in deep concentration. She has a curvy figure and a solid athletic swimmer's build no thanks to her junk-food binges and poor sleeping pattern.

Joelle Tinker
By: sakimichan


Joelle is a fun-loving, hard-playing, fiercely competitive kind of lady. She loves puzzles and games and is never one to stand down from a bet. She's a woman with a good heart though (and a stomach full of junk food). Joelle loves her family and would do anything for them. What friends she has currently are the people she's met through coms or online gaming. For all her gaming bravado and laid back appearance, she is a bit shy around new people.


Telepathy: Joelle is a rather strong telepath. She can send her thoughts quite the distance and hear others in return. What she struggles with though is shielding her own from others. Either from a lack of interest in doing so or capability, Joelle is fairly easy to read and hear. Granted what thoughts are on the surface are usually too jumbled to really want to read anyway.

Hydrokinesis: She is also a hydrokinetic. Although she is not able to produce water out of nothing, Joelle is able to manipulate the water molecules in the air and her surroundings into obeying her manipulations. It is a very dangerous practice though and one which she has not really had much interest in pushing. She also is capable of taking the water in her own body to use for her own ends. Overuse or lack of care though could kill her if she took it too far. She mostly uses her gifts for party tricks these days.

Shran Tinker: Her father, an eccentric and dramatic yet jovial man. He's currently a Pilot Nobel tech specialist and an electrokinetic. He did work in the field during the war to help keep things running and lost his left eye, jaw, shoulder and some internal organs because of it. All have been replaced by machinery though some suggest its all gone to his brain now and made him a bit batty. Joelle has a good relationship with her father.

Jorelle Tinker: Joelle's mother now deceased. She was a Pilot Echo before she passed though Joelle remembers a bit about her she doesn't know her mother's history.

Elliot "Gadget" Tinker: Her younger sister (12). Gadget is already showing signs of being a strong technopath. She adores her big sister and wants nothing more than to be a Pilot tech specialist just like Daddy.

Gregor Volk: Shran's best friend and brother in bond. Back in the day they served together in the war. Shran worked as one of the technicians in charge of keeping all of the brand new MECHs's wirings up and running for the newly formed Titans. Elliot has grown up calling him her uncle and loves him as dearly as any other family member.


Joelle would say she had a pretty good upbringing. The daughter of two Pilots, there really wasn't much that she could have wanted for. She was loved and happy. She was named for her mother Jorelle, though Shran also heavily campaigned the name so he could call his baby girl, Joe. He had always wanted a son but he was no less proud to have a daughter.

When she was five, her baby sister, Elliot, or Gadget as Joelle named her, was born. It was a time of joy and a time of sorrow though. Jorelle died during childbirth leaving her husband and two young daughters behind. Shran was heartbroken but, threw himself into parenting and raising his baby girls.

He taught them both everything he knew about tinkering and building. While Joelle has a fair hand at it and can fix anything you put in front of her, Elliot is the mastermind that can make any piece of technology sing for her. Because of her love of puzzles though and the fact she was "Tinker's" daughter, Joelle has earned herself the nickname Tink which she much prefers to her actual name. She will easily respond to Joe or Tink but never Joelle.

On her 13th birthday, after a lovely and quiet dinner, Shran took Joelle to get tested for any gifts. It came as a massive shock though when she tested positive not only as a relatively strong telepath but as a hydrokinetic as well. Up until that moment she had shown neither interest nor ability to do either and yet lo and behold Shran's little Tink was going to be a Pilot after all.

He brought her to the ATC himself with great pride and love. She completed Stage 1 without issue though Stage 2 was proving to be difficult. While Joelle was able to scrape by in her classes, she was forced to take remedial courses as her teachers believe she can do so much better. In truth, Joelle wasn't applying herself beyond the bare minimum in her studies. She's far more interested in competing and gaming in her very spare free time to studying and passing tests.

With the help of several other candidates she was able to make it through though and is now a proud Stage 3 Candidate.

Stage 1: 13-13.5
Stage 2: 13.5-17
Stage 3: 17-
Stage 4:
Stage 5:

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