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Author Topic: Half Shot Shooters  (Read 241 times)

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Half Shot Shooters
« on: October 07, 2017, 11:15:05 PM »
[tags go to anyone in the Solarta Valkyries squadron that feels like popping in]

The last time Adele had felt butterflies fluttering around so frantically in their chest, was on the first day of their adventures in Candyland.

The Solartan heat was nigh unbearable, and Adele stood outside of the Pilot complex wearing a mere black wifebeater tanktop, tartan skinny jeans and spiked boots. They let out a low whistle as they examined the multi-building facilities, knowing that from here on out.. This was where they'd be working. Their tail trembled a little in a mixture of nervousness and excitement.

They were only here an entire hour early.

It was fine. Probably.

They took in a sharp breath and entered through the front doors, a kiosk scanning the chip in their wrist; the few moments it took to process Adele's heart immediately jumped into their throat. What if this had been a mixup? What if they'd actually been sent an apology letter of some kind saying they'd been mixed up for another Candidate and had to go back to Haviah? What if the chip didn't work? Maybe their invitation to join the Valkyries had all been a delusion they'd dreamed up and now they were making an idiot of themselves thinking it was really real--

The screen changed to give the okay, and the doors unlocked, and Adele let out the breath they didn't realize they had held, coughing a little as they fumbled their way inside. The building was just as big in as it was on the out, and Adele couldn't help but stand there, looking like a fool for a few moments just looking around at the walls, the ceiling, the doorways, the everything. Gawking, yknow, like a newbie would. Or a tourist. Adele felt a little bit like the latter moreso than the former.

They'd heard rumors that some of the members of the Valkyries weren't really... Fond. Of people that were different. Looked different, came from different backgrounds, what have you. And the paranoia Adele felt right now was riding at an all-time high; again, what if there had been some mistake?

They got directions from someone in PR on which meeting room to head to, and followed the instructions cluelessly as they wandered through the halls, mind racing.

Who knows, maybe the Commander didn't realize Adele was... Special. Their tail tucked itself close to one of their legs and they tried to swallow the lump in their throat. Imagine, all those years of watching the Aedolian games on the telly and rooting for the Valkyries, dreaming of being on one of those teams one day, only to land an invitation to the squad upon Candyland graduation, to just arrive there, have the squad members take one disgusted look at them and say 'Oh, your Candidate profile didn't say anything about you looking like that.' And dismissing them.

Adele had no idea what to expect.

Their hands balled up into fists at their sides as they walked through the polished corridors, trying not to get their hopes up as they expected the worst. Sure, they exuded confidence like no other when they needed to but 60% of it was just acting. Today, 100% of it would be acting.

They were terrified out of their wits.

A lifetime of being picked on for being different, for having a lunatic for a mother, told that they'd never go anywhere or achieve any of their dreams? Even though they tried to let it roll off like water off a duck's back, sometimes those words stuck with you whether you wanted them to or not.

They paused before the meeting room, finding the door closed and locked, and they didn't have the access yet to get in. Well, they were an hour early. So...

They sat down on the floor by the door like a student waiting for class to begin, pulled their knees up to their chest, tail trying to hide itself behind their seated ass, and let their head rest against the wall with a light thump. Now it was time to play the waiting game, to chase away the little demons running around in their head telling them about all the thousands of ways this could go horribly wrong, and how if they blew this they'd never forgive themselves for screwing up their one shot for something they'd wanted their whole life.

Fuckin' hell, kill me.

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Re: Half Shot Shooters
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2017, 02:05:40 AM »
Running sims was not generally easy stuff. No matter how 'routine' it was intended to be. You did them to train your instincts, your reaction times, to get the best visualization of what the real thing would be like. Hannibal had been running them since about 6 o'clock that morning, and frankly after a few hours even he started to get bored.

Bossman wouldn't be back for another few days, and the new blood would be showing their faces soon enough. He'd heard their names, but he hadn't personally gone over the data himself. He wasn't Squad Leader or even Assistant Squad Leader, so his place really was just making sure they didn't do anything to get themselves hurt or killed.

Oh man. Poor Adal, hadn't even been on the squad for long to gain any real mileage and already the kid lost a leg. He hoped the poor bugger was okay. Commander too, of course, but that went without saying. Yavul was a tough guy; and he didn't really doubt that he'd make it through. He was in good hands. If Hannibal ever planned on losing a pinky toe he'd be going to DoSaM for their expertise.

Accidents happened, so it only made it all that much more imperative to make sure everything here at home was going right as Solartan sunshine. Because rain was a joke and didn't happen here. But a guy could dream and just as he was finishing his training at the gym, Hannibal figured a few of the newbloods would be here by now. It was almost noon, and the heat would be making things extra ripe outside.

Sure he was inside and had taken a shower, but he'd be taking another one as soon as he got home. Not that it would help. Time to sniff out the freshies, make sure none of them were soft meat. That was always disappointing when they were.

Hannibal turned the corridor, checking his phone for any messages when he felt something get caught underneath his foot. Surprise never left him with any sort of real grace. So when he lurched forward, his arms went out and his gym bag flew forward and he tried to use that to cushion his fall.

He landed hard and only a little dizzy, but he didn't bruise easily. Hannibal recovered, pushing himself up to his knees, his joggers a little ripped at the knees from the impact. Glancing back at what made him fall, he stared for a long time. Just stared at that thing and slowly he climbed to his feet. Sure he'd seen lots of shit. He'd even seen a Harley and a Neeko, but that was normal. They were Valkyrie kin, even if they weren't on the squad.

"Are ya sure you belong here, spuds?" he muttered, raising a brow and frowning a little. Looking at that awful pink hair and that...wiggly, eugh, tail behind it. "How'd ya get in here? This buildin's for Valkyries only."
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Re: Half Shot Shooters
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2017, 08:24:27 AM »
See, now this right here was the exact reason some benches in the hallways might be a good idea. Adele had tried to sit down in an inconspicuous spot and make themselves small enough that they were out of the way, and considering how empty these hallways were you'd think somebody would notice the one person sitting on the floor with bright pink hair.

But apparently this guy didn't.

Adele had heard the footsteps, had tucked themselves up just a little more, but it did fuck all nothing. The footsteps turned the corner and they got a swift kick in their ass which knocked them over a bit and the guy who did it just about fell on his face.

They shook their head a little, a flash of annoyance running through them before they quickly reasoned with themselves; they really shouldn't have been on the floor anyways, and being a dick about it on your first day wasn't about to make you any friends now was it--

Adele blinked and looked over. It turns out the man they tripped wasn't just any old random dude. They recognized the face, had seen him once or twice before on the tv; Pilot Echo... Hannibal. Thayal. They were pretty sure they'd gotten that one right. And it turned out that the tv and pictures didn't do the guy justice cuz man he was fucking gorgeous. Adele froze up for a moment, a little bit awestruck that today on day one this was the first person they ran into and they tripped him like a goddamn dumbass.

"I'm sorry, I--"

"Are ya sure you belong here, spuds?"

Adele stared at the Valkyrie blankly for a moment, words once again completely wiped from their brain. They noticed the Pilot's eyes travel from their hair to their tail, which they were too late in trying to hide behind their back.

"How'd ya get in here? This buildin's for Valkyries only."

There was something accusatory in the tone of his voice that sent a shiver down Adele's spine, and not a good one either. Any other day they would've melted at his accent because holy canole that would have just made him hotter, but it was a little hard when the first thingd out of this guy's mouth upon meeting them summed up to be 'who the hell are you get the fuck out of my building.'

Adele's heart was pounding in their chest, too alarmed to feel crestfallen just yet with the realization that the rumors were apparently not random or misplaced. They were an outsider here and they were going to get treated like one, moreso than any other Pilot Cardinal. But if there was one thing Adele had learned about jerks in their lifetime, it was that your best bet was to kill them with kindness.

Adele quickly got to their feet. "I'm sorry--" Shit would it be weird if they said this guy's name without meeting them first? Probably, "--Sir. I got here a little early for the orientation and didn't really know what to do with myself. I'm Pilot Cardinal Somora, I think there are two other new people who are gonna show up today." They swallowed, it didn't help the nervousness go down any as they gave the man a quick salute. "To orientation for the Valkyries, I mean."

They said it all with a friendly smile and a cheerful personality, doing well to hide their nervousness. They were able to suppress any trembling because well congratulations Adele, you've already managed to fuck up on day one.

At least now it was hopefully out of the way, over and done with.

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Re: Half Shot Shooters
« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2017, 08:51:10 AM »
Nishi was nervous beyond words. She had had trouble falling asleep the night before even wrapped so tightly about Neeko. Her usual 04:30 run was even abandoned just so she could have a few more minutes clinging to him. While she had met some of the Valkyries while out drinking over the weekend her memories were a bit fuzzy. Social time was one thing but today was her first day of official work. All she wanted to do was stay burrowed under the covers and avoid going.

In the end though she had no choice though but to get up, get dressed, and bid her fiance a good day before she too took off for the day. She was antsy and agitated, those emotions clear as day to  anyone that looked her way thanks to her flattened ears and swishing tail. Perhaps it was because of this that she ended up getting lost again and having to double back twice just to find the blasted building.

By the time she she finally found it, she was no longer early like she had intended but cutting it close to just barely being on time. Nishi bolted up the stairs two by time as best as her little legs would allow her until she was on the right floor. Rounding a corner she caught sight of two individuals in time to hear one of them mention the Valkyrie Orientation.

"Sorry I got lost," she called out to them, jogging ahead to join them. "Pilot Cardinal Tokala, but please call me Nishi." The Kitsuni was oblivious to the tension of the situation as she smiled brightly and did her best not to fidget in place. "Are you both new as well?"

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Re: Half Shot Shooters
« Reply #4 on: October 08, 2017, 01:48:35 PM »
"Oh...Wait, what?"  Valkyrie Orientation?  Oh shit that was right!

Hannibal knew there was going to be fresh meat to be delivered that day. They were supposed to show up at some point. There was no going around that. And again Hannibal couldn't say he was fond of surprises, not when he wasn't expecting them. And not when they were presented in full force with fucking rat tails and silly pink hair!

He'd get over the hair, but the tail. Eugh! He'd have to avoid stepping on that fucking thing during drills!  Goddammit. This...was one of his brethren now. This ratkid.  Hannibal clenched his jaw muscles a little tighter and he made a soft noise of indignation. Well, if that was the case, that was the case. This guy, er, girl, er, ratkid was a Valkyrie now.

"Hannibal," he introduced himself, likewise saluting. "I mean Pilot Echo Thayal. But just Hannibal 's fine, brother. Sister? Whatever. You a Valkyrie then huh? Valkyries don't sit in hallways, man. I-..."

Oh god.  No.  Not another one!

Wait...  "Oh, hey, you're Neeko's right? One of them lil guys. Nishi, yeah, I remember you," he nodded and swallowed down his cringe. Oh yes, now it was to begin. They were both Valkyries now. They were family now. Even if they were weird looking. And...they were to be expecting one more.

And frankly, he was just expecting it to get worse. This one probably had tentacles or some shit.
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Re: Half Shot Shooters
« Reply #5 on: October 08, 2017, 04:07:36 PM »
Clearly, Pilot Echo Thayal had forgotten about what today was. Adele couldn't say they would blame him, he was probably very busy and had a lot going on in life, too much to be bothered to remember training day for a bunch of newbies.

And it certainly seemed he was in no shortage of distaste for Adele right now, which they did their best to ignore, feeling like they were about to receive a lecture when he started speaking again; they had never been more grateful for an interruption in their life when an unfamiliar female voice called out. Adele looked and saw a cute yet tiny little thing come running towards them, and she was such a welcome distraction.

Adele's eyebrows instantly shot up as they took in the sight of her; she had a dainty face and figure with pale skin and hair that would have made her blend in with snow flawlessly, and not only that--she had ears! Fluffy little ears! And a tail, too! Adele's face lit right up as they let the Pilot Echo--Hannibal, but Adele felt if they actually called him that they might get punched in the teeth--speak first.

They offered a warm smile to this other new girl, Nishi as she wanted to be called. "Hey! Nice to meet you, I'm new too--Pilot Cardinal Somora, but you can call me Adele. If I had known such a pretty person as yourself was coming to orientation today I'd have worn better clothes." They said it light-heartedly with a little grin, as from the sounds of it she might already be taken which, bummer if she was, but either way.

New teammate, new person to help distract them from grumpy greyneck over there. It was almost as if the gods had answered their prayers and sent an angel to help rather than just killing them like they'd been hoping for.

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Re: Half Shot Shooters
« Reply #6 on: October 08, 2017, 05:59:54 PM »
Naturally, Raz had been up since long before dawn, had already showered, fed Commodore Peach Cobbler, done his morning run, showered again, and eaten breakfast. When he decided to finally return to the main building, the sun was just creating the horizon, filtered red-orange through the dome and casting a hazy sort of light over the buildings.

Night was done, and morning cometh. Razican flipped his hood up over his head, covering his messy, snow-white hair and almost the entirety of his face. The Solartan sun, his nemesis in this beautiful city he'd moved to, was again thwarted by simple clothing.

Naturally, he'd been wearing (one of) his white hoodie (s), leaving it unzipped so he wouldn't sweat to death. If one was unfortunate enough to stand behind him, currently they'd be blinded by the bright silver Valkyries logo emblazoned on his back, taking up a massive portion of the material there.

White and black clothes, just like him. White skin and hair, black ink. Fuck, he needed some color, soon.

As he walked down the quickly emptying pathways, he noticed several stragglers, fleeing from a bar as he passed, footsteps pounding in his ears as they hurried home, ripples like a skipped stone across a river washing over his mind. He grinned and waved to a couple passers-by, and received a slurred - and highly amusing - 'tshank yuu feryer shervish' in response. He laughed as they continued on their way, appreciating not being one to nurse those particular hangovers.

He had about forty minutes to go before the meeting was supposed to start, and Raz already found himself before the doors. He scanned his chip, and walked in like he owned the place.

Heh. Newbie orientation day. This was gonna be fun, especially now that he wasn't the newbie. And even better, the three they were greeting were literal newbies. Raz had met two of them already - Nishi and Mia. Nishi, they're friendly Kitsuni PR Rep's fiance, seemed like an amiable enough little woman, good company at the bar, horrible alcohol tolerance. Mia, on the other hand, a pretty readhead who seemed...a little off. But easy enough to get along with, in any case. He still needed to learn when to take her seriously, though, but that would come with time.

The third, though? He'd been curious, and looked at their profile when he'd heard the Valkyries were getting new members, but he hadn't met this 'Adele' yet. But, if it was decided they were a good fit for the Vakyries, then he supposed they'd be easy enough to get along with.

It only took a few minutes for him to climb the stairs to the necessary floor, having known about the location of the meeting for some time. When he turned the corner in the hall, what did he see but two of their newbies, and Hannibal standing outside the meeting room.

A broad smile was in place as he dropped his hood, and he greeted them as he stepped forward.

"Morning, Hannah! Morning Nishi! And who is....oh! You must be Adele! Hi, I'm Raz, and- ohmyfuckinggod you have a tail! That's so cool!" He marched right up to the pink haired, rat-tailed person before him, and put a hand forward. "Pilot Echo Razican Eleria, you can call me Raz, don't fucking call me Sir, I hate that shit. What's up?"

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Re: Half Shot Shooters
« Reply #7 on: October 08, 2017, 06:08:13 PM »
"Um, yes I'm Neeko's fiancee and a Kitsuni," Nishi replied, caught a bit off-guard to be addressed regarding that connection rather than her new Valkyrie status. "Nice to meet you too," she continued, eyeing Hannibal out of the corner of her eye a bit tensely. He was a mountain of a man complete with glowing scars and a surely looking expression. None of that truly made her feel comfortable and at home around him.

Her gaze shifted to the other more exuberant figure who she smiled cheerfully to. They were different like her and even had a tail. It was the hair that quickly drew her attention though. Nishi felt incredibly attempted to jump up and give it a good ruffle. "Adele, a pleasure! So I guess we're just waiting on Mia then, or is she here already?" The tiny woman looked past the other two, first one way and then the other, hoping to catch sight of her fellow female companion.

Who she did catch sight of though was Razican. She waved cheerily to the man who had been kind enough to show her the town and help her and Mia paint it red. "Good morning, Raz!" Nishi giggled at his enthusiastic greeting of the other recruit. It had been the same when she and Tamia had first met him. He just seemed to have boundless energy no matter what hour of the day or night it was.

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Re: Half Shot Shooters
« Reply #8 on: October 08, 2017, 11:55:49 PM »
First Alarm, time to wake up.

Second Alarm, time to get dressed.

Third Alarm, time to eat.

Fourth Alarm, time to put shoes on.

Every morning was the same for Tamia, each action reinforced by the blaring of an alarm to keep her on track. It wasn't only because of her background of needing to stay on schedule, but also because she simply forgot things from time to time. Even during candidacy, she had several alarms programmed into her Com to keep her from ever forgetting a time. It was because of this Mia was able to function as normally as she did. Without them, she would probably find herself staring into nothingness for an unknown amount of time. Her mind did have a tendency to wonder from time to time after all.

Needless to say the fact that Tamia found herself arriving at orientation a little early was no surprise to her, she had set it up that way. It was always better to be early than late, and too risky to try and show up exactly on time.

From the moment she entered an almost nostalgic feeling overcame her. Military bases, the personnel in uniform, all of it something that reminded Tamia of home. She was everything but nervous as she strolled the halls, hands at her sides and eyes locked ahead as she sought out her destination. It didn't take long for her to find where she needed to go, seeing the crowd of familiar faces gathering in one of the halls.

First was Nishi, someone who despite the time they had known each other Mia considered a very close friend. Second Hannibal, the man who came and helped her the very first night she arrived in Solarta. Raz was also there, easy to pick out not only by his height but white hair. However, the pink haired individual caused Mia to stop in her tracks. Then there was Adele. Mia had figured out they were a pilot based on the fact they were on the pilot chat (she can think!). However, the fact that they were here meant only one thing.

Adele was also a Valkyrie.

"Adele? You're a Valkyrie too?" Her voice announcing her presence.

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Re: Half Shot Shooters
« Reply #9 on: October 09, 2017, 07:58:23 AM »
What did ratkid just call him? "Siiir?" What was that even? Did he look old to them? Oh probably.

Hannibal didn't even have a chance to process that before everyone else came filing in. Ah well, good. It was about time they got here. Hannibal hated waiting.

Now that everyone was here and filing in for proper introductions, Hannibal was content to stand back while the magic happened. Three new recruits in the same day, that had to be some kind of record. Nevetheless, he had time to level himself and observe. These were his squadmates, his team. And once you were a Valkyrie, you were already better than the rest in Hannibal's book, didn't matter what your mug looked like.

Or if you had rat tails.

It still have him the willies, but it wasn't like he had to touch it. Not unless that was the lifeline to saving ratkid from doing some dumbass shit. If that was the case, that was the case. There were a few things that Hannibal respected in this world, and being a Valkyrie was one of them, floofy tails and rat ones notwithstanding.

He stood back and slung his gym bag over his shoulders and parted through the crowd as gently as he could. Introductions were all well and good, but he wanted to be here for this orientation. New blood needed to get started somewhere and at least with Raz here, he didn't have to tangle with them all by himself. It was just too bad no one here was at all eye level.

"Excuse me," he murmured with a half sing-songy lilt to his voice and ran his chip over the meeting room door. Once it was opened, Hannibal stood aside and gestured the rest of the group inside.  "On ya go, into the threshold of the maw of doom."

Hannibal set his bag down to the side and he shrugged his shoulders. It'd been so long since he'd been set up with a meeting like this, he was at a momentary blank. And getting groups like this was kind of unusual in his experience. But the more the merrier.

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Re: Half Shot Shooters
« Reply #10 on: October 09, 2017, 04:58:18 PM »
Well, now things were starting to pop off nicely! It wasn't too long after Adele had turned their attention to Nishi, trying to ignore Hannibal as politely as possible for the moment, before somebody else showed up in a white hoodie.

He was definitely interesting.

Adele blinked and tilted their head a little bit as they looked the guy up and down with curiosity. He seemed to be an albino, and he was pretty cute too. Didn't take long at all for that curious expression on the ratkid's face to be replaced with a slight smirk, which quickly turned to  joy when the new guy recognized them--and complimented their tail!!!! Maybe things weren't gonna be so bad here after all!

"Hey, yeah I'm Adele. Glad you like it! It's really pretty handy." They said while giving it a playful swish, taking his hand and giving it a firm shake. Raz, huh? Sounded great to them, nice and easy to remember.

"Adele? You're a Valkyrie too?"

The familiar voice caught Adele's attention and they turned to see the pretty redhead they'd had a little run-in with a night or so prior, and their grin turned into a mischievous smirk as they unashamedly looked her up and down again, taking note of what she was wearing today and finding it cute as hell.

"Well hey there Cinderella, didn't know I'd get to be teammates with a princess. I'm honored.~" They purred.

As they flirted, Hannibal slipped through their little gathering to open the door and Adele lit up with excitement as he said it was time to go into the maw of doom. Maw of doom? Hell yeah, maw of doom! And even as excited as they were, they let everyone else file in first out of courtesy's sake before darting into the room themselves, eager to get to learnin, for the first time ever in their life. They hadn't even been this excited to learn in Candyland. This, this was the real shit.This was WORTH learning!

They quickly found themselves a chair to perch on at the end of the table, finding it hard to sit like a normal person, or even sit at all. How could they? This was first day of Valkyrie training and now that they'd gotten a chance to meet their other teammates, other than Grumpy McGreyneck over there it seemed like everyone was going to get along just peachy--which was way, way more than they could ever ask for.

They tucked their feet up onto the chair and sat on it criss-cross, hands in their lap, back straight as they sat at full attention  with their tail swishing lazily and dragging the tip across the floor behind them. They threw a quick glance over to where Hannibal was, the slightest of smirks on their face. Seemed like nobody else had a problem with how they looked, so they felt much better now going into this. Grumpy not-cowboy be damned. Except not actually cause he was their teammate.

Maybe he'd warm up to them eventually, who knew.

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Re: Half Shot Shooters
« Reply #11 on: October 12, 2017, 07:40:15 AM »
The albino grinned brilliantly when Adele shook his hand, releasing his grip and sticking his hand to allow it to drop back to his side. "I'm sure. I bet ya can do all sorts of crazy stuff with it, can't ya? Almost like having a third hand or something. That's cool as hell." His grin lessened a bit, dissolving into a mere smirk when Mia walked up and addressed Adele.

Seemed like they had already met, and the way Adele greeted her caused one snow-white hair to raise. Well, wasn't that curious? Maybe they'd done more than simply 'meet.' Raz repressed the urge to snicker, as Hannibal ushered them into the meeting room.

"Maw of Doom, indeed. 'Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.'" He chuckled amicably, and filed in just in front of Adele, moving easily through the throng to claim his usual seat before one of the newbies could take it.

Hell, that part of the table was already nice and scuffed, his boots already been rested there a number of times. They found there way there now, as he rested his legs on the table.

"Well! Since we're all already introduced and whatnot, we can skip the names and whatnot. Newbies! How are you liking our city so far? Everyone treating you good?"

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Re: Half Shot Shooters
« Reply #12 on: October 12, 2017, 07:44:33 PM »
Nishi took it all in stride. It made her smile to see her new friend Tamia arrive at last and greet the group. She would have liked to chat a bit further but was kept from doing so as Hannibal brushed past her and forced his way up to the door, letting them all in. The Kitsuni was the last to enter and hurried to take an open seat.

Her ears danced about with all the new sounds in the room before swiveling to face Razican as he addressed the group. "Well," she chirped with a gentle smile, "it's certainly different than Aurora where I'm from. I'd say it's a welcome change too. But, I can't speak for the rest of us," she trailed off, glancing shyly to her other new squadmates.

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Re: Half Shot Shooters
« Reply #13 on: October 13, 2017, 09:06:10 PM »
Maw of Doom?

Mia found herself searching the room for anything that would insinuate such a comment. Of course, to no avail, she came up short handed. The confusion was clear on her face as she stepped past Adele, taking note of their flirtatious comment with a wink before returning to searching for the doom Alpaca had spoken about.

Just when she was about to give up Raz said it again, reigniting the curiosity burning within her.

"Gosh this is confusing!", internal thoughts to mirror Mia leaning her head back in the chair, clearly distraught over not being able to figure this out.

When Nishi said she was from Aurora, Mia snapped out of it again. Apparently, they were sharing how they felt about Solarta so far.

Well since they asked...

"I like it!" Mia chimed in, pulling her legs up on the chair and pushing off the table to make the chair twirl as she went on. "It's not as colorful as Margad, but that's not why I wanted to live here anyway."

She pushed off the table again to make the chair twirl even faster.

"I'm still dying to see the giant spi-", Mia grabbed the table, stopping the chair mid spin right along with her sentence.

"Should we go out for lunch after this?"

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Re: Half Shot Shooters
« Reply #14 on: October 18, 2017, 12:07:59 PM »
Adele let the others talk first, curious to hear what they had to say, Nishi's experiences in particular--after all, apart from Adele themself she was the only one who didn't look human, though Raz's coloring definitely made him interesting.

She didn't say much however, and Addie was a little disappointed. They wondered if she was just being polite, because if Addie's experience so far was anything to go off of, then she was probably getting just as much standoffish attention because of the way she looked.

Tamia was still as random as ever; it was like her brain operated on a different plain of existence entirely from everyone else's, and they couldn't help but chuckle.

"It's hooooooot." Addie joked about the obvious, sliding their hands into their pants pockets as they relaxed and slumped a little against the back of their chair. "No, this place is welcoming about as much as I expected. Cute lil' town, it gave me a dog on day one!"

Yep. They'd gone back and found the poodle they had rescued Mia from, and in the days since that incident, taken him in for vet checks, shaved and dyed him, named him and gave him the best dog food and bed in the world. Algonquin was having the time of his life right now.

"Lunch might not be a bad idea but I think we're still a ways off from planning that far ahead." They said with a soft chuckle, "Didn't know about the giant spiders though. Are there really giant spiders? I toootally wanna see one."