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Author Topic: Old Guns and Glory [PRIVATE, Silv]  (Read 328 times)

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Re: Old Guns and Glory [PRIVATE, Silv]
« Reply #20 on: October 04, 2017, 08:52:43 PM »
You... Killed... Him... Ankia looked back the cunt with nothing less than absolute rage and anger. She stood and ran over to Kal landing a heavy kick to the face, one of true fury. It knocked him to the ground to which she promptly followed with a swift stomp to his balls. All the while shouting "I TOLD YOU NOT TO FUCKING COME YOU PILE OF STAR SHIT."

Ankia got down and started to wail on him. Punching him as hard as she could over and over again. He started bleeding from his nose and mouth, but Ankia never really was a fighter. She eventually collapsed from the truth, she fell to the side into a fetal position grabbing her knees and sobbing uncontrollably. "Just go the fuck away p-please. I don't want anyone to see me like this. Especially you of all the cunts in the universe."


Re: Old Guns and Glory [PRIVATE, Silv]
« Reply #21 on: October 04, 2017, 09:17:51 PM »
Kaladin sat up with a slight groan. It had been a while since he had been hit below the belt. "You tell me not to come and actually expect I wouldn't?" He laughed breathily. "For someone who's supposed to be studying me, you're doing a shit job."

He had taken beatings a lot worse than what she had just given him. That was nothing. He spat blood onto the dirt, wiping his nose on his shirt as he stood up.

"Fine," he said. "Stay here and rot for all I care." He walked back over to Spade and tried to mount. The horse moved away. He tried again, same result. "Are you really siding with her?" He asked. Spade snorted, pawing the ground. "I fucking hate horses."

Kaladin made his way back over to Ankia. She was no longer sobbing, but clearly feeling broken and vulnerable. Normally, the perfect combination Kaladin looked for in a woman. That time it looked kind of pathetic and actually triggered his sympathy.

He shrugged off his jacket and placed it over her shoulders. Whether she wanted it or not, being wrapped in something warm was a natural comfort to anyone. He sat next to her, unscrewing his canteen and taking a drink. "It'll do ya good," he said, offering her a drink.

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Re: Old Guns and Glory [PRIVATE, Silv]
« Reply #22 on: October 09, 2017, 09:12:21 AM »
Spade made his way over to Ankia, laying down next to her while putting his snout in her hands. "I only drink tea, thank you for the offer though." She stroked spade's mane, it was a little dusty but nothing she wasnt used to already. "Such a beautiful horse. I wish I could have had one as loyal and caring."

She hadn't even noticed that Kal had put his jacket on her shoulders. It was a little rough, but it was warm. "Thanks for the jacket, you can have it back though. I really don't need it." Ankia spoke while still looking down at her father's grave. She grabbed Ankus and phased the revolver back into herself before removing the jacket and handing it to Kal.

Re: Old Guns and Glory [PRIVATE, Silv]
« Reply #23 on: October 09, 2017, 09:44:08 AM »
The large horse stood, shaking his mane out and flicking his tail. Simply because of his size, Spade usually avoided laying down unless he was sleeping because it was difficult to get back up. Kaladin pursed his lips, reaching around Ankia and snatching his hat off the ground. It had fallen when the beast laid down, and now it was dustier than it had been before. That said something. He smacked it on his hand before putting it back on.

He threw back another drink from his canteen before tucking it into his returned jacket. If she wasn't taking his rarely given niceties, he sure as hell wouldn't force them! "Tea ain't a drink for sorrow," he said, a slight forlorn look in his eye that he quickly shook away.

Glancing back over his shoulder at the large horse, Kaladin huffed. "Spade ain't no saint. He seems righteous, then he goes and throws ya at the first sign of a fucking cat. Bastard." Looking back at Ankia, he took a small breath. "What'd you do?"

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Re: Old Guns and Glory [PRIVATE, Silv]
« Reply #24 on: November 06, 2017, 10:45:50 AM »
Ankia's expression saddened once again. Remembering what happened to her father was not something she spat out willfully, but given her recent waterworks, there was really nothing left inside of her to spew out.

"I shot him, something I regret doing to this day, but he always reminds me that it wasn't my fault. The revolver was his, he found on some expedition or something like that. It's made from constantly conflicting energies or some bullshit like that. The point is that when I went to go pick it up it consumed my mind. So much so the only thing that could break it was to kill him. Only do I realize now this could've all been prevented if I just didn't pick up the damn thing..."

Ankia shivered a bit at the thought, she didn't feel like riding alone tonight for some reason.

"Any chance you could give me a ride, I don't care where, just away from here..."