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Author Topic: Your character's favorite tv show/movie  (Read 459 times)

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Your character's favorite tv show/movie
« on: May 16, 2009, 02:29:58 AM »
Sam shared Liv's favorite tv show with me and it got me thinking about what else there was to watch in the RotE-verse.  To that end, what is your characters' favorite tv show or movie?  Write at least a brief summary, but feel free to go nuts =D

These are mine:

Yuri - Flick Science 101.  Washing windows in zero gravity with a wet cat?  Climbing the sides of a steel building with a Mag Prop ship's magnets strapped to your boots?  Join hosts Sparx Brodrick and Kaci Gallona and see if there's anything special in those effects.  

Scandal - Cobra III: No Business like Nuke Business.  When the rebels of Section 15 begin negotiations with a corrupt scientist to develop the ultimate in deadly persuasion Aedolis sends them a cease and desist.  Crack troop Lt. Cobra, armed with the latest in military technology... the M@1BDD1 AI Aerochopper.  

Constance - Red Planet, Red Desires.  Duty, desire, life and death loom as the settlers of Dome Echo carve out their lives in the newly terraformed Mars.  

Kalaal - Sun Strikers!  When Dusk Mistress and her Monoinfantry threaten Meta City it's up to the Sun Strikers, a girl's Magball team with the power of the sun, to shut her down between practice for the latest meets and getting a date.

Jory - Blood Chess.  A sudden impeachment opens many doors in the Edani Public Wing.  Everything is at stake as council members vie against each other for the Senate seat as the next Consul election approaches.

Samari doesn't know anything about tv or that there are such things as movies and Avahma isn't interested in them, on top of having limited access to them down in Midhaven.
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Re: Your character's favorite tv show/movie
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2009, 02:56:01 PM »
Dermut: Ace Fusion - Aedolis' number one combination fusion-journalism and factual entertainment show. Follow the three main hosts, Robert Hallis, Jade More, and Jazz Carry as they test out the latest in transportation technology and use their knowledge to participate in unthinkable challenges. Everything from scrapheap building to interplanetary race, Ace Fusion is sure to get your blood pumping and provide you with a first look at the industry's newest productions. Perfect for everyone from your hardcore Fusion-heads to your casual citisen looking for the best in personal and outer space transportation.
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Re: Your character's favorite tv show/movie
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2009, 12:04:35 AM »
The Alizee doesn't get TV, but Meketh does enjoy this little show called "Life aboard the Alizee: when three bounty hunters have to live together on a small rusty ship! Romance (not)! Sex (none of this either, unless you count shower scenes)! Action (when Tish and Benny argue about the last drink in the fridge, or whose turn it is to do the laundry)!"

She's hoping the second season of the show will have more intimate scenes. Ben and Tish are, of course, unaware of her little hobby.

By the way, she has a lot of these scenes available in convenient disk format, at a very reasonnable price.
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Re: Your character's favorite tv show/movie
« Reply #3 on: May 29, 2009, 02:07:01 PM »
Liv-Saturn Alien Sizzlers.  Don't ask any hardcore fan 'why the name is so cheesy.'  It's SAS (pronounced 'sass'), and it's supposed to be cheesy, you dork.  Maybe.  Wait, is this show really a parody, supposed to be So Bad It's Good, or just bad?  The fanbase is split.  In any case, SAS began as independent cult hit porno, got picked up by the big DOMETV network for twelve seasons, and has only recently been relegated to the lesser network HCN in the 6 p.m. slot.  SAS is, briefly, a parodyish rom-com mock-docudrama porno space soap opera about a ship full of lesbians traveling the universe to make a documentary about themselves and the alien species they encounter.  Lesbians, check.  Unrealistically hot scientists, check.  Unrealistically all-female cast, check.  Unrealistically hot aliens (on the bright side, they often use real alien actors)?  Check.  Over the course of its long run SAS has run the gamut from farcical rom-com to dark action-adventure to straight horror to mystery to porno, and no one can really explain why; its characters tend to appeal anyway, the sex is hot, and its generally campy tone and off-beat dialogue (some of it overdramatic to the point of absurdity, some of it actually kind of witty) mean it's gained a surprisingly wide audience.  

Core characters:  Miranda, captain of the Sizzler.  Josie, head engineer.  Lea, cryptobiologist.  Crana, medic.  Others join and leave periodically.

Alesku- Dredge News.  All the news in Aedolis that's fit to put on an AID-approved (Aedolian Information Dissemination) channel.  Which is, surprisingly, a lot: stories about Edanith and Seruna (guess their point of view) included.  Aedolian news includes up-to-date reports on the economy, some on-the-streets news prescreened by the Dragons, and several talking heads segments.  Interviews, with Pilots and the military, abound.  

Alesku, Perch, Jae- ASP, All Sports Programming.  Really, All Sports, even some outside of Aedolis, like the zip races--zipships in space, if you want to know.  Magball, hoverboarding, boxing, Skyte [like hockey, but with airskates]... etc.  

Siraz- MFN, Mars Free News, a channel co-owned by a Serunan producer.  A little more evenhanded than some Edani channels, it offers a pangalactic perspective on current events and social issues.

Siraz- True History, which runs recreations and documentary footage of episodes from Edanith's past, its time on Earth, historical battles, and etc.  Pretty much what it sounds like.

Cyra, Vin- Metal Fatigue, high-energy--despite its name--program set on a military space base during the last war between Edanith and Aedolis.  Lots of action, lots of blowing stuff up and space chases, some comedic character moments but basically a drama.

Beri- Cubicle, self-referential comedy about making a self-referential comedy on Libra.  They've got lots of guest stars, including the Military Commander.

Vin- Helixman Unwound, a superhero show.  Digitally-generated characters done in video-game art style.  Kind of cheesy plots, typical overwrought comic-style superheroics.  Set on an alternative-history Old Earth.

Neel- Weevil and Friends, a goofy childrens' show featuring talking animals, like Klaus the platypus, who go on adventures in an idealized natural landscape.  There's definitely a psychedelic component to the show.
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Re: Your character's favorite tv show/movie
« Reply #4 on: May 29, 2009, 02:24:53 PM »
BAMF. I bet Dermut would watch SAS too, guiltily.
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Re: Your character's favorite tv show/movie
« Reply #5 on: September 17, 2011, 09:14:49 AM »
Captain Morgan Drake:
Shadow of Fear: Commander Archibald Simmons of the Talon and Fang pirate band has planned to start a rebellion to claim Tartarus for his own and oust the Draconian forces, but, to do this, he must first find a way to do the impossible: Destry the four Draconian Sword-Breaker-class vessels standing between him and his goal.

Imperial Sergeant Eva von Draconis:
Rise of the Empire: A twenty-three part series on the history of the Draconian Empire, complete with a history of the two breeds.
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