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Well, uh, yeah. Yeah, I did. And more than that, besides.


Trust me, that's a few dozen lectures you won't wanna listen to, and I don't just mean from me. And in any case...no, you probably won't like it, but it should be something that'll help. You'll see!

If anything else comes up, shoot me a text, and I'll answer when I can. I'm off to drill for now, so be good! XP

Adstreia / Re: Mistake After Mistake [Mara!]
« Last post by Marakai2.0 on Today at 01:40:36 PM »
He arched a brow at her first words, lifting an arm over the back of the couch so that she could settle comfortably against him. It was different, and he couldn't place the why of this action - it just seemed instinctive, a want to feel her close to him. All he knew was that it felt right. To him, at least.

From her, he could feel something...not like the hesitation from a minute before, but more like..unease. As if something was off, or wrong, or just plain bothering her. He didn't need to be in her head for that.

"Funny ta think tha' an entire city like Havina could be so disarmed by little ole' you, Sparra," he joked, trying to lighten her mood slightly, and more than prepared to take the jab in return. "An', 'ell, ain' nothin' ta worry abou' 'ere. Things been..pretty quiet, wit'out you an' th' commander around....." He let that hang off a bit - it was obvious by his tone that he didn't like that situation at all. To be true, his daily rides to Havina, food and clothing in tow, had been all he had to look forward to while she was gone.

"So, izzat all yer wantin', then, is some grub? Ha! Kiddin', but it'd be my pleasure ta whip somethin' up fer ya, if'n tha's whatcha want."

At this point, the unease he was feeling couldn't be ignored any longer. He pulled his arm to his side, and leaned up to turn his head, looking her in the face.

"A'ight, look 'ere. I know yer hungry, so this is wha' I'm gonna do. Ya wanna eat? Start by tellin' me wha's th' matter wit'cha. Tha' door ain' goin' anywhere, Sparra. Ain' nothin' ta worry about, 'ere. So, spill."
Adstreia / Re: Mistake After Mistake [Mara!]
« Last post by Blink on Today at 01:13:13 PM »
Vaas was right. Even Sparrow figured she would have stuck around DoSaM until Grisham was completely discharged, but plans changed. He wasn't dying anymore, and everything seemed to go smoothly with his transplant. It would be a waste of both of their times for her to hang around any longer.

"Havinah couldn't handle me for much longer." Sparrow wrinkled her nose as she made her way towards the couch, plopping next to him and leaning her head back to rest on one of his arms.

"Also couldn't leave you alone here either. Suprised Adstreia didn't crash and burn while I was away." She turned her head and bit her lip while she took in the site of him again. "I could go for something to eat though. Your food is the only thing that kept me from dying in that hell hole in the first place."

It was her best attempt at a compliment for now.

Her eyes then shifted to the door, just as they had done back at DoSaM when she told Vaas how she really felt. She knew it was safe, she knew that at least in his apartment no one was going to barge in or see something they shouldn't. But still... she couldn't get the sense of unease to go away.

Before all of this, Sparrow never batted an eye to what they were doing. She never stared at the door like she was now. It was clear that the crash, the lizard... everything that had happened altered Sparrow in a way that even she couldn't describe. She also knew she couldn't hide it from Vaas. Eventually, he would figure out that something wasn't right, in fact, he probably already had. If anything it irritated her, knowing that she had let something like the crash phase her in this way. It made her feel like less of a pilot, less of a person in general. She was almost afraid to feel that now everything was going to be okay.

Last time Grisham almost died.
Advanced Training Complex / Re: Just a Distraction [Goblin!]
« Last post by Marakai2.0 on Today at 12:23:09 PM »
Garza was momentarily taken aback by her enthusiasm, yet found himself grinning like a fool as he followed her out the door. He watched as she sped off - or, rather, skipped off - down the hall.

But that face, that cute wink of hers, was etched into his memory. Perhaps he'd draw that later, or...

He was struck by an idea, just then, as he turned to lumber in the direction of the stairs. Maybe he could show her...

A few minutes later, he found himself on the floor above, freshly cleansed of all the sweat he'd accumulated in the gym. He was already dressed in the mandated gray clothing all candidates were issued, his sketchbook and pen in hand.

As he left his room to head to the cafeteria, he could feel the bass beat of his heart thudding in his ears, pounding in his chest. He was slightly nervous, and he was desperately hoping that it didn't show too strongly as he stepped through the doors.

It took only a moment for him to find her, and he walked purposely in her direction with a smile on his face.

"Well. It looks like you beat me here, this time."
Advanced Training Complex / Re: Just a Distraction [Goblin!]
« Last post by GoblinFae on Today at 11:42:22 AM »
She clicked her tongue at him and winked. "Race ya there!" Joelle laughed like a pixie as she darted out of the room and down the hall. She was actually skipping down the hall in her excitement. Not only was she going to eat but she had finally spoken to her crush. The pair had even admitted the feelings were kind of mutual.

Standing in front of her bedroom door the thought finally hit her. "IT'S A DATE!!!" She flushed in embarrassment as several heads poked out of nearby doors to look at her strangely. "Sorry!" She murmured quietly before ducking inside. 'Oh I hope Garza didn't hear that too. Mmm Garza though, the name suits him.'

Joelle quickly dragged herself from her thoughts and became trying to make herself more presentable. Her long hair was rebraised neatly into a side braid that came over her left shoulder. She hanged her clothes into clean ones and even washed her face before darting back out the door. A bright smile lit up her festures as she was practically beaming with joy. 'Oh I hope I'm not too obvious,' she quietly mused to herself as she finally reached the cafeteria with time to spare.
Advanced Training Complex / Re: Just a Distraction [Goblin!]
« Last post by Marakai2.0 on Today at 10:46:29 AM »
"Joelle," he murmured, testing the name on his tongue. Listening to the way it sounded, he looked at her for a moment. After that moment had passed, he smiled.

"Well. I think 'Tink' is a much better fit, anyway. A friend of mine called me 'Gurney' before he moved on to Stage 5. Others simply call me 'Gar.' You're welcome to either, if it suits you." That brought him again to the line of thought that had seen him to the weights to begin with - the one who that had dubbed him 'Gurney' had been Soleas.

But the thought of being left behind, oddly enough, didn't sting quite as much as it had an hour or so before. Perhaps still being here had its perks...like this pretty little woman who stood before him. He could use a friend, always could use a friend, and....perhaps, more.

"Oh, of course. If somehow I beat you there, I'll simply wait for you." One edge of his mouth quirked up a bit, and he glanced toward the door. "Well. I suppose I had better get a move on, then. So, I'll see you then, Tink."
This is really becoming a bad habit, Hridhoggr remarks for what has to be the fourth evening in a row as they once again stand facing the entrance to the training complex. ”skarís stare is solemn as he debates on whether or not to enter the building, his both arms hanging slack by his body as he listens to his dragonís telepathic voice. Yet canít bring himself to reply. After all, he knows the dragon is right and the dragon knows he knows it.

The dome that surrounds Haviah is growing darker by the second as night is settling in. Friday evenings have never made for extreme activity at the ATC and therefore OskŠr finds himself almost by his own, with the exception of his dragon. There is nothing but silence for a few seconds, where ”skar stands contemplating the situation. He isnít used to not knowing what to do, especially not when it comes to helping others. Hridhoggr seems to be even more at loss; his disgruntled mood and snarky comments now replaced only with grave silence and an expression kin to pity. For what feels like minutes the pair remains quiet, waiting for the other to either say or do something. Itís ”skar who eventually breaks the quiet, heaving a deep sigh as he habitually pulls a hand through his long hair.

ĒThere is nothing I can do but try to talk to her again. Please, if you can-Ē ”skar begins, but cuts himself off with another sigh- this one more tired than anything.

Iíll talk to Naja, the dragon finishes for him and immediately sets off, leaving no time for further discussion. ”skar know the elder is happy to avoid emotional confrontations like the one ”skar is sure will follow.

The pilot makes his way through the training complexís dim-lit corridors with heavy steps, following the route in his head almost robotically. He avoids paying any mind to the fact that he has done this so often he knows exactly where she is, and that the pattern of her punches seem to echo through his head louder than it echoes through the corridors.

Left, right. Left, right. Up, up. Left, right. Left, right, up, up, up-

Advanced Training Complex / Re: Just a Distraction [Goblin!]
« Last post by GoblinFae on Today at 08:59:30 AM »
Joelle pursed her lips tightly at mention of her real name. "Joelle Tinker," she ground out. "Daddy calls me Joe and everyone else calls me Tink. You can call me either but never Joelle if you want to stay friends." She winked to lessen a bit of the bite to her words but Joelle was indeed dead serious. She hated her first name that was so close to her dead mother's.

Those thoughts were quickly tucked away though as she smiled up at him again. His comment about her form made her laugh without restraint. "I don't know if you'd be saying that still after you realise how much I can eat. I think I'm just immune. But, cafeteria it is then! Say I'm about half hour? Will give me enough time to put my stuff back and you to get cleaned up?"
Advanced Training Complex / Re: Just a Distraction [Goblin!]
« Last post by Marakai2.0 on Today at 07:42:01 AM »
"A nickname, huh?" Garza smiled down at her, the gentle points of his teeth just visible. "Well, then what is your actual name, if you don't mind me asking?"

At her next words, he smiled again, perhaps a bit wider. "Well, I must say it doesn't show," he said, making a vague, if not awkward gesture to her form. She was small and lithe, yet still athletic and beautiful, he noted, and not to mention quite attractive. "Perhaps those cookies don't have as much of a negative impact as one would think, hmm?"

He chuckled good naturedly, and glanced toward the door. "Oh...and where would you like me to meet you? At the cafeteria, or...?"
...you blew up an ENTIRE bathroom?! Geez I have a lot to live up to! Not making it easy for me now are you, man?

>.> you got something...for me? ...why do I get the sense I'm not going to like thiiiiiis?????

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