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Margad / Re: The Best Carrots taste of... Carrot [nix!]
« Last post by Nix on Today at 04:31:05 PM »
Asking if the new over eager happy kid wanted anything was asking for trouble. If he had been face to face with the new Scorpion there was no way he would have opened his mouth. He probably wouldn't have even asked Guidry, and at least that alien brat was tolerable.

In all fairness he didn't know this Ellis kid enough to judge. He was too cheery and too loud though. What Jack was thinking Riss didn't presume to know, but he sure as shit wouldn't have recruited Mr Sunshine.

Normally none of this would matter. He didn't have to work with these new kids the way the rest of the squad did. And yet here he was, waiting in the lobby, checking the time on his com and wondering how long he needed to wait before it was ok to leave without the kid. As a senior squad member, it was probably not right to leave without him at all.

Riss tapped his foot impatiently and swung his shopping tote over his shoulder and looked toward the elevators catching a glimpse of his own disheveled appearance in the reflective chrome doors. Even his oversized tee was a wrinkled mess. Maybe he should have thrown a hat on over his mess of silver blue hair. It didn't matter. He shoved his hands in his pockets to make sure he had his cigarettes. Good.
Margad / The Best Carrots taste of... Carrot [nix!]
« Last post by Draconian on Today at 02:36:26 PM »
Ellis tucked his com away into his back pocket, checking himself out in the mirror before he went. Fixed a few locks of silvery hair behind his ear and rubbed the scales under his eyes. He didn't look bad or sleepy or anything. He fixed his scarf, did up a few buttons of his sweater, one last grab of his empty bag for potential groceries and he checked his com again.

"Leaving now"

Awesome. Ellis smiled, exciting because hey sort of new people. The few times he'd met the other Scorpion had been... Tense? Ellis hadn't felt tense but the air felt heavy. Thick. They were his family now though sort of. So. Hurray? Did he want to bring some pie for Dorian? Riss. Ellis chewed on his lip for a moment, one hand on the door handle and looking into the kitchen.


Ellis hit the elevator button impatiently, determined to get to the lobby first because he knew Riss wouldn't wait for him. Sort of. He was pretty sure the other guy wasn't going to wait for him. So, he'd give it ten or fifteen. If Riss didn't show up - that meant he'd come and left without him already. Ellis frowned slightly at the idea but... He was knew. The Scorpions were notorious for not being very... Friendly. Which Ellis was fine with.

Being left behind though. Potential ouch. Still, Ellis tapped his booted foot, checked his com one last time and then stared at the elevator doors like an eager puppy.
Advanced Training Complex / Re: Diamond Eyes [Lion!] [M]
« Last post by Lion on Today at 01:49:36 PM »
Inclinations toward things that went boom was Vander's forte. He liked a good explosion and a thrill went through him at the thought of taking Loa, of the chills that had been building up for so long. The tension was thick enough to slice through with a plasma cutter, made apparent by the hitched breathing, and how his muscles clenched at the mere thought of being inside him. His lower abdomen jolted, at the sound of Loa's needy moan.

He couldn't help himself, and the second Loa allowed him to stay close to him, Vander shifted so that he half dragged the man to lay on top of him. A shift of his hips so he could better feel at the hardness in the Pilot Echo's sweats. Never had there been a more fitting name for a piece of clothing. And Vander's couldn't have been more stifling than right then and there.

"Loa," he groaned, feeling the other man grip at his hip and grind down on his erection. Gods it felt so good, a deep rumble erupting from within his chest, his core already aching and wanting. The second Loa distracted him with a kiss, parting his lips and sliding his tongue inside with ease. The lack of resistance, how good the other man tasted on his tongue set the sweetness locked away in his memory. Gods fuck all he wanted him and he wanted him bad.

"Loa, I want you," he panted heavily, biting his lips and grinding up against him, the fabric of his sweats only serving to make him growl in frustration. Vander released Loa's mouth with reluctance, shifting up and pushing the smaller man's shirt off his body, pulling it up and over his head and following suit with his own. It wasn't a vast improvement, but it let Vander feel Loa better, runn calloused hands over the small dips his chest and abdomen.

"You got me Loa. You want me, I'm here, I'm all yours," he panted, bringing himself back up to face him. No vision forced Vander to focus even more on touch, and the tingles could no longer be hidden behind clothing. He moaned softly, dipping his head to kiss and nip at the curve of his neck and collarbone.

His hands shifted to Loa's ass, dipping at the small off his back and encouraging him to sit up enough to allow Vander to shift his pants off him, letting it rest mid-thigh. "Well boy howdy my friend," Vander smirked, feeling Loa's cock tucked firmly in his palm. He gave a gentle tug, and with a twist of his wrist, he pressed it against Loa's lower abdomen, rolling his thumb over the tip. "I like it. Do you like it?"  Vander couldn't be sure why he was babbling, maybe it was keep Loa calm, keep him here with him. Because the last thing he wanted right now was for him to go away.
Advanced Training Complex / Re: Diamond Eyes [Lion!] [M]
« Last post by Cheesigator on Today at 11:50:32 AM »
Loa's eyes couldn't help but widen in surprise when the simple thing of his hand running through those silver locks was enough to bring out such a soft and sweet sound from Vander's lips. It was at that moment that his stomach jolted and he felt some of his blood rushing down with the tingles that raced down his spine southward. Vander was blushing just as hard now, the two of them with faces so bright and red it might've been comical to anyone from the outside who looked in.

Vander grasped his chin and his breath caught again, his heart working its way up through the tightness of his ribcage, steadily climbing its way up into his throat. He said that he wanted Loa to do what he wanted to, and that he wasn't any better at this--which Loa could have heartily disagareed with, at least Vander could pick up on social cues--and then he kissed him.

The feeling of the other man's lips against his own sent tingles all throughout his body, blooming like fireworks and he instantly found himself melting into it. The arm around his waist pulled him flush against Vander's body and a needy moan escaped him into the other's mouth, as one escaped Vander as well. That noise, that sound, oh it made Loa's heart clench, the muscles in his lower abdomen tensing as that sound went right down into the borrowed sweatpants.

When the kiss was broken and Vander pulled their hips afainst each other Loa quickly bit his lip to stifle an escaped whimper, only able to mask some of it. Vander wasn't the only one aroused, and as he felt the other man's hard length pressing against him an obvious shiver ran up his spine, his face burning with his own embarrassment.

His brain kept reminding him of that shower, and of Vander telling him not moments prior to do what he wanted--but what if what he wanted was something that he shouldn't do?

His body ached, he felt so empty and the urge to ask Vander to take him however he pleased was so fucking strong,and yet he knew if he did they would do something that could never be undone. There would be no going back, particularly for Loa; and yet he realized in that split second that it was already too late for him. He already cared about Vander so much, there was already no going back.

He moved instinctually, cupping Vander's face in his hands and pulling him into another kiss, this one much more than the last; needy, desperate, starving. He parted his lips for the man if he prodded, moaning into his mouth once again as the taste of him sent Loa's head reeling as he slid an arm down to Vander's hip, pushing his own against him and grinding against that heat, the sensation making everything tingle.

There was already no going back so at this point what did it matter if he pressed on forward anyways?
Advanced Training Complex / Re: Diamond Eyes [Lion!] [M]
« Last post by Lion on Today at 01:27:39 AM »
It was easier to dictate the outcome of things when there was very little variation involved in the formula. It wasn't exactly complicated, little machines that he could fidget with, gadgets that didn't need any more thought other than interacting with them with your hands, and being able to bend them to your will. They were easy, they were predictable and nine times out of ten Vander could understand them better than he could anyone else.

His squad was one thing; he could work in a team. But someone else, outside of anything he really did on a daily basis, he was at a floundering loss. He could have just as easily been made to nap on the couch and have Loa sleep on his bed. He would have given it to him. Hell he'd given him his own clothes and cooked for the man - now anyone else observing the situation could just as easily assume that he'd done so with a great deal of expectation, that he wanted something from Loa for all he'd shared with him.

That notion passed along Vander and set a small fear to broil in the pit of his gut. He shivered and the moment he was sure Loa was going to pull away from him, he held his breath until his lungs ached for release. An ache abated and satisfied when he felt the other man's hand tenderly grasping his arm before shifting over to his head. The relief that came with that exhalation crashed it's way through Vander's spine with a violent chill he tried so hard to suppress. And failed, failed miserably.

Because gods all did the touch to his head feel good, actual fingers running through his scalp and parting his hair. A soft noise escaped him, and he licked his lips. Vander blinked, wondering if his blurred blobs in front of him would focus long enough to make out Loa's expression. To know if he'd actually heard the noise he made. Heat still flushed his face, but he tried to smile anyway. Whatever panic he'd initially had, the fear gradually melted away.  And yes, gods, the hand in his hair felt better than he could have dreamed.

Man did he have some lame dreams if that was the best he could feel.

"No, Loa," he tried to quickly add the moment the other man's fear was blurted out. "It's okay. I'm not so good at it either. But I still like it. And if you like it too, I want you to do what you want to do."  He smiled genuinely and his heart was throbbing so heavily in his throat he could he could choke on it. Nope, instead that was just the knot that settled itself in the base of it just at his adam's apple.

He stopped himself from babbling, first instincts being what they were. Feeling his breath against his skin gave Vander a trail of goosebumps, the hackles on the back of his neck making everything else prick up. Their foreheads touching couldn't have brought them any closer. His hands were still resting on his face, and Vander slipped his hand down to rest his thumb against Loa's chin, feeling the roll of skin and bone and cartilage. No, he wasn't wrong at all. He was absolutely beautiful, and there wasn't any doubt in his mind that he'd see the same result if ever Loa would let him look at his face with his visor on.

"Yeah, it is. Isn't it?" Isn't what? Nice? Loa already answered that question. Oh yeah... Then why was he looking for an excuse to lean into him, their noses already pressed close to one another.  Why not?  Just once, to see how it felt when he was actually sober enough to remember what he was doing.

He didn't ask permission, not the way he would have, but nor was he going to pass up the opportunity staring him so blankly in the face. One that Vander would have met could he see with steadied vision. He did crash his lips to his, and the second they connected sparks jolted through him and his heart was just about ready to burst for all the thrumming it did in his chest.

Vander's arm slipped at the back of Loa's waist, gentle but firm, wanting to encourage him to press closer and return that hungered kiss. A soft moan and Vander parted long enough to catch his breath, ending with a nibble on the Pilot Echo's lower lip. No words, only the need to lean hook his arm tighter and pull Loa closer until they were hip to hip.

Well hello there, he thought, faced thankfully thoroughly flushed, feeling where the blood had rushed southward and the tension already growing in his boxers that decided to pop up at such an opportune time. Nice to meetcha.
Advanced Training Complex / Re: Diamond Eyes [Lion!] [M]
« Last post by Cheesigator on Today at 12:30:38 AM »
Feeling the warmth of the other man's leg against his own sent a strange rush of feelings through him that Loa didn't understand. It was like a feeling you might get if you where high--that urge to become addicted, to want more, and to never stop wanting more. It was scary, to say the least, but he didn't argue as Vander adjusted and did as he pleased.

And yet he said that he liked Loa too, having picked up on the implications from his earlier comment, and then--his jolted a little, just slightly, at the sudden touch of warm and calloused skin on his face, and he blinked, eyes wide as he recognized the blush on Vander's cheeks as well. Why was he blushing too? Should he be blushing? Loa was the one with the strange feelings here--or was he not the only one?

The feeling of surprise that took him by storm for a fleeting moment when Vander said he liked him too, a whole lot apparently, was enough to send the Pilot Echo reeling for a moment from the shock of it--and that wasn't even all of it.

As the other man's touch traveled its way over the rise and fall of Loa's face, touching his scarred lips, it made his heart beat even faster still as his breath caught in his throat, undoubtedly noticeable by Vander when the hemokinetic's breath was literally brushing over his skin. The tingles that were racing each other up and down Loa's spine, and down lower into his abdomen were quite distracting and quite honestly, horrifying, but still not enough so for him to miss what the other man said.

He called him beautiful.

And he couldn't help but just stare at Vander then, mouth slightly agape as he froze and thought to all the times he'd ever looked in a mirror and looked away with shame and disgust because he didn't fit normal beauty standards. He thought about all the times he went to school hiding his face and got made fun of or called weird-looking. He'd never once been called beautiful before, in his entire life. He checked it over in his head, and then double checked it again. Had he meant to say that? Had it been a mistake? No, no he just said it wasn't.

"I-I--" He stammered, the words getting caught up in his throat as all the emotions came flooding up at once and Vander suggested touching him too and he could've sworn if he got any redder his face might explode.

His hands were trembling as he reached up, hesitated a moment, hand a mere two inches away from Vander's shoulder, before he finally touched him, the fabric of the shirt in the way and withholding any particular sensations he might've felt from skin contact from him just yet, something he was slightly thankful for. And yet he hovered over his shoulder/bicep, pondering it, wondering if he really should, before finally he moved his hand up and ran fingertips through his silver hair, realizing after a moment that of all places to touch a person, their head, their most important and vital part, was a kind of universal place to try affection.


He knew absolutely nothing about it, and he was terrified to.

And yet he settled for pulling his hand back to smooth a thumb over Vander's cheek anyways, unable to deny even to himself that he wanted to touch the man before him just as bad.

"T-Thanks. Uh. You... I find you very... Very handsome. As well."

His words came out stunted, the tone of his voice wrung tight with tension as he fought the urge to run for the hills screaming bloody murder.

"I'm--I'm no good at these kinds of things, I'm sorry," He quickly blurted out.

He felt the urge to kiss Vander's fingertips, to nibble at him and fuck, fuck he shouldn't be thinking about this. With another choke on his own breath he hesitated a split moment before bringing their faces closer together, resting their foreheads against each other as his hand slipped down Vander's neck to let his fingertips explore the dips and curves in the other man's collarbone, feeling the strength and power in his shoulders there.

"But... You're right. It... It could be nice," He murmured a repeat, looking directly into Vander's eyes as he said it, despite knowing that without his visor he couldn't see Loa's eyes at all.

Their noses brushed and Loa pursed his lips, swallowing hard with the lump in his throat of pure nervousness and anxiety. He tensed his leg, feeling Vander's tangled with it and he glanced down at the man before his gaze made its way back up and he realized he felt like he was on fire. Hell. His mind instantly went back to that night spent together in the man's shower and that only made things far far worse. Part of him wanted to ask Vander to touch him like that again, but he couldn't, since he was pretending that he'd forgotten.

And yet he ached for the feel of the other's lips crashing against his own, and he couldn't help but hope (the tiniest, tiniest piece of him hoped) that the man would take notice and kiss him anyways. He had no idea if it would work or not, their faces only an inch or two apart. But all he could do was try.... right?
The Rest of Aedolis / Re: House of Heart and Cholestrol [Lion, Nephero]
« Last post by GoblinFae on December 10, 2017, 08:26:14 PM »
She smirked softly at Yavul's retreating back. It felt good to have him back, if that's really what this was. The problem was with his departure not only was she stuck alone with the new friend in his life, but she felt the withdrawal of his own strong euphoria that had been fueling some of hers as well. It was a sobering sensation like waking up to the other side of the bed cooling after your lover had departed. That paired with the intruding, hair-raising prickle of indignation she felt crawling across her skin was enough to set her teeth on edge.

Inhale. This feeling she was experiencing was not her. Blu just needed to hold onto that. The joy that had nearly burst her heart in two, that was her. That was real. Everything else would be what it would be. In the morning when she was alone and hoarse from screaming at shadows again, she could wallow in all the darker emotions running into Yavul brought to the surface. Guilt, regret, fear, even Grisham's irritation were not for now. She just needed to cling to the good for what it was and ride it out.

Exhale. Soothing calm washed over her and off in gentle waves. It was not even a conscious thing, just an instinctual need to soothe and to heal. Yes, she could do this. She just needed to focus. Dancing deep blues be damned, if Grisham didn't like her here then he could grow the fuck up and get over it. She was here to stay. Interloper or not, Yavul had made his choice and they were all stuck with it. She decided right then and there, she'd behave, if he would. Mostly.

Blu smirked in challenge, the good old Solartan pride making her heart beat fast at his challenge. "Blu'hana, eh?" she purred back, her accent lightening and fading slowly without Yavul bringing out the worst of it. Her own brow mirrored his as she answered his question confidently. "A lotta heart, a lotta soul, and a helluva lotta cholesterol, Sweet Cheeks. But, you'll see," Blu promised cockily as she shook her arm loose of his. The new Commander was more than happy to be free of this man who made her feel all sorts of things she would rather not feel because she would much rather be selfish right then. Green just was not her color.

Brushing away thoughts of smacking the charming right out of him, the woman took to looking the meats over when she noticed what he was doing out of the corner of her eye. Aw hell no! Pressing up against his side, Blu plucked the package of chicken from his pile and tossed it back where he had gotten it from. "Nu-uh. You want to do this right you do it my way. Forget the sauce and grab the bacon. Let the Solartan work her magic and you just enjoy the show. Who knows," she snorted while crossing her arms over her chest, "maybe you'll actually learn something."
Adstreia / Re: Mudslide, Part Deux [M] [Neph!]
« Last post by Lion on December 10, 2017, 10:11:13 AM »
Yavul's small noises, his moans, and the little muscular twitches he made in response to Grisham was enough to send chills down a man's spine. That deep rumbling timbre, whether if was virtue of being Solartan he didn't know, could inspire fear when angered, inspire others in a rallying cry, or be utterly wanting by nothing more than a simple change of tone. He wanted to hear that moan again and again, and see how he could make that lovely voice alter and change.

Grisham poised himself with one hand firmly planted on the ground and the other his palm gripping Yavul’s hip, shuffled far enough down as he was to keep himself in place.  The coyote man sure got vocal right when Grisham thought his voice was going to be snatched away. Which was absolutely not at all exactly what he wanted. Nope, not in the slightest. He didn’t want to hear him cry out his name at all, or bury his fingers in his hair, or grip him as if he were the only tether anchoring him from this world and the next.

Or however many worlds there happened to be at any given time… The only world that mattered at all to Grisham right now was the one right in front of him, and Yavul’s body splayed out beneath him.

What would have been a mild sensation of metal fingertips against his scalp was immediately exacerbated by the heat that had flooded his face.  Grisham moaned softly around him, bobbing his head at the note in Yavul’s voice. The fingers in his hair encouraged him, feeling those appendages tangle in his muddy locks, taking him deeper into his mouth until he felt him at the back of his throat. Grisham eased himself, controlling his breathing and taking what didn’t fit between his lips with the hand he had gripped Yavul’s hip with, squeezing and stroking before slipping a hand just underneath to gently massage at his balls.

“J’ai envie de toi.”

He didn’t stop, although those words gave him chills, and he breathed out through flared nostrils against his cock. His eyes flicked up, momentarily meeting his, darker blue eyes to lighter ones, and seeing Yavul there so vulnerable, aching for him, sent a thrill through Grisham that had him pressing hard against the fabric of his pants.  Stupid pants.

He pressed onward, swallowing hard when Yavul finished, and lathering him clean once he was done. “Say that again,” he grumbled, sitting up and pulling his shirt off himself, the scars and burn marks, and the faded tattoos along his chest and sides stretching taut over firm muscle. He was so much paler than Yavul, but flushing heat brought color to that palor, and a green hairline decorated the center of his chest and flowed down his abdomen, his heart rattling inside his chest as if it were about to burst.

“How bad you want it? Because you got it bad, amigato,” he purred, crawling back over Yavul, the taste of his come still heavy on his tongue. Droves of lust radiated off him, sheer primal need that Grisham could melt and fall right into. “So very bad, coyote man. Gotta grip you by the scruff.”

A devilish grin and Grisham hooked an arm around his neck, pulling Yavul up into another hungered kiss, nipping at the other man’s bottom lip, and his other hand fumbling with the button and zipper of his own pants. He might have been more focused to take them off if Yavul wasn’t so goddamn distracting. And nope he didn’t mind in the slightest.

With some success he managed to undo the bindings and broke the kiss long enough to sit up on his knees and pushing his pants and underwear passed his hips, freeing his girth. He didn't always sport boxers, freeballing it on a work day wasn't quite that comfortable. He wore a gray set of boxer briefs, pushing them passed his thighs, cool air grazing him and making every muscle tense.
Margad / Rake the Sands Until They Surface (Nephero!)
« Last post by Nix on December 10, 2017, 09:41:22 AM »
Doubt was an insidious poison. More powerful and effective than top shelf whiskey.

It was doubt that plagued the Scorpion's commander. Doubt in his abilities, doubt in his convictions, doubt in his purpose. It was creeping into every fiber of him, spreading since he saw Valdemar on his anniversary. Holding the squad together was seeming like an insurmountable task these days, even if Jack managed to keep the others from knowing. Jonesy had to know though. Had to know that so much was off with Jack since that night. He worried that he was now putting too large a burden on his Lead too.

Scorpius nuzzled into Jack's chest as they entered Jonesy's apartment. The little fluff of a dog was always with Jack, there was no reason to leave him at home, no reason Jack would want to. This was about Riss, but that didn't mean Scorpius couldn't help.

"Hey Jonesy." Jack called out as he made his way to the couch, careful that now stray Borises came out from hiding to greet him.

Jack couldn't help but think back to his earlier conversation with Yavul. He wondered how Hyakinthos would handle this situation. If Hyakinthos could handle this. He envied Yavul. Even with all the shit the Valkyries' commander had been through, hand to deal with, he envied him. If things had been different could he have been the kind of commander Yavul was? Could the Scorpions have been a family like that?

Jack pet Scorpius' head lost in what ifs and a nagging feeling that he was just perpetuating things by being the Scorpions' commander. Their new members deserved a squad like Yavul's, but that was something he could never provide them. He wasn't even helping the old guard anymore.

It had been nice to see Riss talking more, even just in the chat. Jack had been hoping that being around Kurush was helping, but obviously not. Not talking with Riss was no longer an option either. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to say to a man older than him, who had been dealing with Hell longer.

Maybe Valdemar was right. Maybe he wasn't fit to be commander.
Aedolis Characters / Pilot Echo Dorian "Riss" Baroffki, Scorpion's Medic
« Last post by Nix on December 10, 2017, 08:56:39 AM »
Dorian Baroffki
"Riss", which is pretty much all he goes by. Only those who do not know him would use the name Dorian and any other nicknames are unacceptable.
Human, any other ancestry is subtle enough to not be of consequence.
5'6 and lanky. He doesn't appear to have much muscle to him at all. It is not the case but he appears to just be skinny and lanky despite having a lot of lean muscle.
Margad, originally from Amristah


It's hard for most people to believe the gaunt and scruffy man before them used to be a practical cherub of cuteness. The man Riss has become has an all around gruff appearance and a standoff-ish vibe that paints it all in big strokes of 'piss off'.

His once bright sky blue soft wavy hair is now balding and a muted silvery blue, his golden brown eyes no longer hold the sparkle of his youth and his pale skin is rough, wrinkled and scarred, most notably one along his right cheek. His face is drawn and he has a short beard framing his angular face. Everything about Riss' appearance says 'I don't give a fuck, leave me alone, I will eat your face'.

When out of uniform he wears whatever is comfortable and baggy. Nothing to accent his actually toned frame, which adds to his skinny / lanky look despite only being average height.


Like most of the Scorpions he comes across as scary, cold, and grumpy. Detached, grumpy and scared would be more accurate. He is not at all the lone wolf that his image and attitude project, in reality he is a scared sheep who could barely hurt anyone. Good thing his job is saving lives, not ending them.

Riss does not talk to others much, he does not socialize and he does not get close. It is only recently that he has begun trying to be social on the Pilot Chat or other such removed avenues of 'social interaction' and even that is strained and is very difficult for him. In his experience people only leave you, hurt you or pretend to be your friend till they stab you in the back. Because of this there are very few he trust or can talk to, even within the old guard.

His only true loyalties lie with his current commander Pilot Noble Jacob "Jack" Ladner, and squadron leader Pilot Echo Jonah "Jonesy" Cole to a lesser but still significant extent. He has no love or respect for Pilots as a whole and none for his own dragon. His only grounding bond is doing what he can for the man who saved him and the Scorpion squadron he runs. That said he is too much of a sheep to step out of line with the government or dissent in any way.

Like all "Old Guard" Scorpions, Riss suffers from severe PTSD, depression, and shares other common Scorpion aversions such as sex and alcohol. Riss' personality and appearance have both changed drastically over his time with the Scorpions. He used to be cheery, eager to learn and help in anyway possible, something that even candidacy and extensive medical training hadn't shaken him of. The painful memories of his psychological and sexual abuse under the reign of former commander Valdemar are deep wounds, but remembering who he used to be and how he used to be hurts more. The loss of what they stole from him hurts the most.

Fun Facts!:
  • Loves fresh produce, especially green vegetables.
  • Has an Amristah accent that he tries to hide by being gruff, quiet, and just feigning more of a Margad speech pattern.

Telepathy: Enough to qualify for candidacy and strong enough to make it through and bond with a dragon.

Telekinesis: His strongest psychic attribute. He can easy move heavy objects as well as use his telekinesis like a third or even fourth arm and with great precision. He has utilized this ability when having to preform some difficult in the field medical procedures by himself.

Intellect- When it comes to most things he can be as dumb as a brick, and in fact, he likes being seen that way as it makes him more invisible. The truth is he is brilliant and as gifted a combat medic as they come. He could easily have gotten a position as a surgeon in DoSaM or any other hospital after the war, but circumstances prevented that. 

The only people he likes and trusts and Jack and Jonesy. He even has a hard time with other members of the old guard, and them with him.

A lot of this seems to stem from the fact that he was very close with and quietly followed around a former Scorpion by the name of Judikael Ekkehard until his death. Judikael was a former assistant squadron leader for the Scorpions and viewed with disdain by the rest of the old guard since Judikael had abandoned the ranks of the tormented and become one of their tormentors. Riss' obedience to Judikael despite this, coupled with his role as squad medic, made Riss an outsider among the broken as well.

Kurush Suhail- Riss and Kurush were never close friends, but they were close when it came to working together. Kurush was also friends with Laur, and Laur was every old guard Scorpion's big brother. Kurush was there when Riss joined the Scorpions and they have known each other for a long time. Riss resents and blames Kurush for leaving the Scorpions. He partially blames Kurush for not being there when Judikael and Laur died.

Adinnioch- Riss' very mechanically minded and apathetic dragon.


Dorian Baroffki grew up in Amristah during the war, but it wasn't as bad as it sounded. He was a happy kid and one of 13, so he was never alone- until he had to leave for Candidacy. Being the only psychic in a large family should have felt isolating, or given him delusions of grandeur for the ATC to beat out of him. It did neither of those things. He was still a humble family loving kid from Amristah. He was still happy and upbeat through all of his training, and while he realized quickly that no amount of training, drilling and conditioning would make him ok with shooting actual living creatures, he was fortunate enough to have a mentor who steered him towards medical science training, and supported him so he could become a medic.

If he had been dumber, if he had been given a mentor who was set on only producing soldiers, he probably would have ended up TRIM'd. If he hadn't been lucky enough to be put on a team with Judikael Ekkehard in stage 3, he probably would have been TRIM'd. If Aedolis hadn't been still in the midst of fighting insurgence groups and still at the tail end of the war, hurting for Pilots, he probably would have been TRIM'd. But he was lucky, humble and grateful for all his opportunities and fortunate circumstances.

He was dedicated to becoming a medic, and working along side those who were better suited to be soldiers. He was looking forward to hopefully joining his best friend Judikael again after graduation. After he graduated he got word that the Scorpions needed a new medic, and Judikael told him to apply, he did. He thought it was a dream come true. It was far from that.

His best friend led him right into the spider's web. And he did so on purpose.

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