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Author Topic: Ulrik St.Clair - Pilot Echo, Medical Doctor  (Read 103 times)

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Ulrik St.Clair - Pilot Echo, Medical Doctor
« on: August 08, 2017, 04:33:41 PM »
Name: Ulrik St.Clair
Alisis: None
Species: Uknown
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Rank: Echo
Occupation: Medical Doctor
Residence: Havith
Preference: Bisexual
   Standing at 5.4 ft Ulrik is a normal looking person for the most part. Her blonde hair is cut so it is short towards the back of her head and gets longer towards her face. She also has a problem with her hair growing very quickly, twice as fast as a human's hair and her ears which are elf like. Ulrik's eyes are blue/grey and glow like fire. His face is broad and his nose is slim, her lips fair. Skin wise Ulrik is tanned slightly with a black wyvern tattoo on her right arm - it looks as though it is breathing fire, as well as scars running down it also, breaking up the tattoo. Her left arm is part robotic (starts mid way on the upper part of her arm). Another point is that her chest is plated like a dragon’s so is her arms and leg (they have protective plates)

Imma develop it throughout the chat!!! :DDD

Fun Facts:

  • Ulrik can eat only bones and the meat that is left on the bones and blood
  • For some reason when she uses her psonics her arm tattoo glows
  • She has a very thick Irish like accent
  • Due to her diet being mainly bones and the meat around them, her stomach acids are incredibly strong and dissolves everything
  • Her jaw is strong to accommodate with the bones to break them, she can also unhinge it if the bone shard is to big
  • Openly bi - seriously she would flirt with ANYONE of she's up to it
  • Ulrik has a problem with speaking her thoughts :/ it can sometimes come across the wrong way
  • Gamer a serious gamer - one of the best multi-gamers (Gaming tag is: BoneEater)

Her bite is a neurotoxin. She has a choice to use it or not but it really goes unneeded now. But small doses could leave to paralyzed and faded senses - some would never remember anything and won't feel different at all. It can be used on her nails or as a very faint “gas” that affects the victim over time
Heat sensing
Can sense vibrations

     Empathy - Ulrik can use this to bend feeling to a T
     Imprinting - didn't imprint on anyone yet
     Telepathy - Very very adapt at her telepathy. She can send her thoughts crystal clear to others
      Hemokinesis - Strong ability. She uses it when she needs it, such as to stop bleeding or coax more bleeding if necessary

    Myrsky - All white wyvern like dragon with four pairs of wings and two feet. She is not the happiest of dragons and is more of a bitch to Ulrik then anyone. Half her tail and top of her back is robotic so is her left foot.

   Ulrik lead a normal life. Her parents adopted her when she was a newborn baby and they raised her as their own. She took up video games when she was around the age of ten. She was scary good at multiplayer matches with people in the same or connected rooms. Which made her a target for the Pilot Program. She was found out and shipped off to become a Pilot and moved back to her hometown Havina afterwards. Then being assigned to the medical unit in Havith due to her abilities.