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Author Topic: The Layover in Superfluous [open]  (Read 94 times)

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The Layover in Superfluous [open]
« on: July 05, 2017, 05:58:04 PM »
Setting his Kyn Star down just outside of Superfluous, Delta watched the locals slowly approach his ship from the monitor. 'Don't do anything rash or hostel.' he reminded himself. Exiting the bridge he materialized his gun belt and batter Stetson hat. Pausing near the opening cargo bay door, he watched them removed their much needed cargo from the hold. Slipping on his hat, he settled an earpiece in his ear and heard the notification of payment. Deciding the wait before he starts his next set of jobs. Delta, after taking his two hundred and fifty pounds of rare metals as a gift for his appreciated speed, pulled out an ancient wheeled motorcycle and started it.

Hearing the engine rumble, he waited till the locals were out of sight before locking the Kyn Star down and peeling off down the same trail heading towards the town. Minutes ticked by as he went on autopilot. 'Will trouble find me?.' he thought as the town came into view. Pulling up next to the saloon, Delta shuts off the motorcycle and drops his head forward. "Need a break. And a long drink." he mumbled. Getting off, Delta walked around to the front, his dark gaze scanning around. Shouldering through the swinging doors he sat down with his back to a wall. Flexing his shoulders and wings, Delta propped his booted feet atop a chair. 'Not a bad place considering it's in the boondocks.' he mused with a shrug. "Can get ya anythin' darlin'?" Settling his gaze on the tall curvy saloon girl he smirked ever so slightly. 'Pretty.' Delta thought before returning to people watching. "Just a beer." he replied. Once the girl had nodded and went to get his drink, he settles in for a long sit.

Hours had passed as he nursed the beer in his hand. Ignoring any attempt at small talk, he worked a story that had finally wormed it's way out of his head. 'Guess I'm interesting enough to warrant much notice.' Delta  thought, pausing to glance about the saloon. Seeing nothing worth any real consideration, not that he excepted any, he resumed typing away on the pad.