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Author Topic: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)  (Read 1095 times)

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #60 on: July 08, 2017, 12:19:47 AM »
"Haviah tends to be my favorite haunt. Lots of good business there. Beneath all that glitter and glamour, there's a certain...lust to it that calls to my blood. It's amazing," Luca commented idly. He was glad to know that she seemed to favor the place as well. Not everyone did. He loved the nightlife there, and the business while good, was just an added bonus, the real action seemed be in the under current, in the places unseen.

When everyone was busy getting fucked or getting high, someone was getting paid, moving shit that needed moving, tying up loose ends, making the right amount of credits doing what they do best. Luca had found his place in that under current, and he could only grin at how easy it was beneath people that were content to remain blind and ignorant to everything around them.

Neon lights, loud blaring music that deafened the ears, drugs to numb the mind.

Although he didn't often partake, he had to see the appeal.

"The other cities are nice too. But Haviah always seems to bring me back," he grinned.

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #61 on: January 20, 2018, 09:25:05 PM »
[Ten million years later, a cheesy suddenly appears and posts]

Hound's eyebrows arched and she let out a snort, a quick "Hah," As the shuttle arrived, doors opened and the line they stood in started to shuffle and move forward for everyone to find their assigned seats and get comfy for the long haul.

A good number of the folks they were mixed in with were obvious businessmen, and then there were other random joes and people like them whose intentions were indiscernible. A family even, probably going to Aedolis to visit more family. They had kids with them and it made Hound's nose twitch as she fought the urge to sneer.

"Why am I not surprised?" She cooed as they stepped on board, her following behind and glancing at her pass as she handed it off to be checked by security as they waved her on board; the three of them even had seats together, how cute.

It was going to be a several hour long transfer, gods if she wasn't going to be bored out of her fucking mind. Although... She glanced over at Luca as they found their seats, Luca taking the window seat, her in the middle and Huxley on the edge facing the aisle. There was a potential to have some fun here, some real potential. She gently worried her bottom lip as they got comfortable and she reclined her seat back a bit, enjoying the first class section of the plane Luca had probably paid far too much for, but really what did it matter when they were both likely creatures of comfort and they were both getting paid enough money for this job to make their eyes roll back in their heads so they could see their own brains covered in dollar signs.

Not exactly the most sensible analogy but she wasn't a fucking poet so it didn't matter in the slightest, along with anything else.

"That's because Haviah is filled with all the scum we love to walk all over, like you, Huxley.~" She purred, looking over at him and smirking.

The stewardess passed them by in the aisle and greeted them politely as they always did, and Hound rolled her eyes as the young woman passed, looking "meh" at best. But her eyes darted to the curtain that could be drawn around their little first class section and she grinned, teeth flashing as she casually reached over and decided to let her fingertips dance along Luka's thigh.

"So Luca, what do you like to do to entertain yourself on long, boring flights such as these?" She purred, finally sliding her gaze over to him as she ignored Huxley's whimper and leaned so her shoulder rested against the other assassin's, suddenly as friendly as could be now that she had tricks up her sleeve.