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Open Space / Re: All The Stars In Between
« Last post by Draconian on February 19, 2018, 11:45:28 PM »
There was no regret that she'd woken Mars up.

Cordelia chewed on her lip and stared down at the ground, coaxed her fingers through her hair before she felt herself being tugged forward. Was he hugging her? Cordelia sighed and closed her eyes, moving her real hand from her hair to his, carding her fingers through it and pulling his head to her stomach in a strange pseudo hug.

"I woke you up," She said, her voice soft and she let her head droop before she started to move. Cordelia sighed and crawled from his embrace, one leg on the bed before she grabbed his arm and started to drag him down with her. "And we destroyed my ship and..." Cordelia sighed and tugged Mars so she could coax him down, "You need to sleep. We need to sleep. Maybe you'll find answers in your dreams." It wasn't a big bed, but if they smooshed together it'd be fine, "You can have most of the pillow," She said, smacking the cool pillow with her hand. "I promise I'll stay right here and everything but my legs are pretty warm."
Margad / Re: One Hell of a Welcome (Margad Scorpions)
« Last post by Draconian on February 19, 2018, 11:14:40 PM »
Everyone liked muffins.

They were sweet without being too sweet, didn't have raisins in them. Ellis looked down at the container of them, pushing his lavender hair from his bright green ears and then back up. He was excited. Someone new! Which maybe this one was kind of friendly or something. He had leaned himself against the wall, bounced the container on his thighs while he waited. Right muffins didn't need to be shaken.

The first bit of voice, Ellis zero'd his attention in on Jack, licking his teeth under his lips and frowning ever so slightly. Was everyone tense? The air felt tense. Was this person terrible? Did they have to pay to get in? Ellis glanced around the room and finally he spotted the new face - he'd been staring at Jack, trying to get a read on him. The guy was always so broody.

Ellis caught the hitch, raised an eyebrow and squinted slightly. Watched the older Scorpion's faces. Tilted his head curiously before he glanced back at the woman. Keeping his own expression serious and neutral Ellis decided... Nah, he didn't really care why they looked uncomfortable.

"Hey, Jojo! Welcome to the Squad," Ellis grinned once Jack was finished with his little speech. He pried the top off the tupperware and walked over.  They weren't the healthiest muffins - chocolate, chocolate chip, but they were fresh and they smelled good. "I am Amaryllis, Ellis for short, Amy if you're nasty." A grin and he nodded to Jack, "He doesn't have a stutter, so don't worry about the hiccup-cough." Ellis didn't wait before he held out the baked goods, begging to be plucked and eaten. "They're all kinda broody and quiet so when they're like that around you - it isn't you, that's kinda just ... Like that." A grin to Joan and he wiggled the muffins again, giving his shoulders a shrug "You get used to it, nothing personal. We can be friends though!"
The Rest of Aedolis / Re: House of Heart and Cholestrol [Lion, Nephero]
« Last post by nephero on February 19, 2018, 10:52:52 PM »
   A little domestic. It seemed like that was a running theme. Not surprising, given the duties that came with the considerable honor of Pilothood. The stress, the bad dreams, the long hours, the secrecy. But even still, Yavul had… wanted it. Was that so bad of him? Grisham wasn’t slow to point out that marriage was a mistake, and several of their shared social circle seemed to be of a similar opinion. And then, here was Blu, who despite being one of the top doctors in the entire world, despite being so smart and so fun and so charming, couldn’t figure it out either.

   Maybe it was stupid to want something like that. More and more, Yavul was convinced it was so; if Blu couldn’t make it work, if his parents couldn’t make it work, if Grisham couldn’t make it work, what chance did he have? The odds were already dismally against him just on principle, and as Yavul snuck a glance to the side at Grisham’s comment about trenches, he was reminded of just how dismal his odds could get.

   Well, so much for shaking awful thoughts off. Yavul wanted to blame the brandy, but even with his second glass drained and the headiness hitting him, he had enough sense to know the brandy wasn’t what was wrong with this picture here.

   “To th’ young an’ th’ stupid,” he agreed, unable to put much heart to the words so busy he was with just keeping his tone in place. Last thing that needed to happen here was him losing his shit before dinner was even cooked, and not for the first time Yavul swallowed the lump in his throat and came back smiling. He pulled out the box grater at Blu’s direction, and set it down against the unoccupied section of countertop, stopping only to refill his drink for the third time before setting to work on getting the cheese shredded.

   It was slow, ungraceful work, the Solartan man wildly out of his element amongst two talented chefs as it were. Still, it didn’t matter that the cheese wasn’t pretty when it was just going to be mixed and melted in a bit, and Yavul was—if nothing else— good at basic duties. The ATC for him had been exactly what he needed. It was structure, it was purpose, and even when it was the most banal of tasks it made sense. Grating cheese for macaroni made sense, and even better still, allowed no room for overthinking bullshit.

   It didn’t stop him from hearing conversation, though, unfortunately. He paused in his grating, almost too suddenly, and hid it under a casual swig of his drink before taking up the cheese block again.

   “No, ain’t no such Luck for me, I’m afraid t’ say.” Don’t look at Dyna. Don’t look at Dyna. Don’t look at Dyn—goddammit he looked at Dyna. Another quick casual drink, and Yavul glanced Blu’s way, leaning a bit more heavily against the counter with his hips as sudden movement became less and less a viable option.

   “An’ ohhh, the bachelor life. Ettin’ JJ’s breakfast, lunch an’ dinner. Squad takin’ bets when my heart gonna give out. Get t’ get piss drunk an’ make sordid deals for th’ re-purchase a’ my pants from a barman. Or step in animal shit an’ find a cat. It’s a never-endin’ red carpet affair, I tell you what.”

   Yavul barked a laugh, and shook his head, the world making sense a little more with that beautiful alcohol-driven clarity he had been afforded.

   “You tell me someone wants anythin’ t’ do with that there list a’ considerable qualities an’ I’ll try not t’ hold my breath none.” He shot Blu a wink to take the edge off his words, hoping against hope that he could play it off as just more good-natured ribbing. Nothing serious, right? And it was fine, even if it was getting harder to keep grating the smaller the cheese block got, until he was all but sticking his tongue out in concentration to get the block over the grater’s surface without taking his own fingertips with it.

   “Pretty sure I woulda done died a’ malnutrition ain’t for Dyna takin’ pity on my ass an’ feedin’ me proper. Right good soul for a devil.” He shot Grim a crooked grin, appreciating the subtle irony of it all.
Margad / One Hell of a Welcome (Margad Scorpions)
« Last post by Nix on February 19, 2018, 09:37:29 PM »
It was a strange and rather shaking occurrence, calling the squad together early for anything at all. Making sure no one was on rotation to be off. Though he wished Jonesy were. He truly did. Jack's stomach soured the minute Pilot Joan Archer's file reached him.

Not being able to say no to her joining their ranks made it worse.

If he had worked harder on filling slots in his squadron he would have maintained the say in who was on his squadron, and yet his- indecision? Self doubts? Not wanting to bring more Pilots into the smoldering ashes of Hell... Whatever the case the power vaccuum was open and now there was nothing to be done.

The Scorpions were his squadron now. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Of course he knew that wasn't how it worked. He had no valid argument for rejecting Pilot Cardinal Archer and her dragon wanted her on a squad. There was no changing this.

Jack glanced over at his Squad leader as the rest of their team filed in for the unscheduled meet and greet. A strange reception for an introduction that would disrupt more than half the Scorpions. The training hall was mostly quiet, small chatter occurring between a few members of the team. Vijaya stood at attention at the front of the room, Guidry hung towards the back and Riss scanned the room, eyes accented by dark circles.

'This will be a good addition to your team Pilot Ladner.' The words echoed in his mind. He disagreed. For her sake and for that of his team.

His face was serious, hard and drawn but he always looked that way during training. "Alright, attention Scorpions. As I am sure you have guessed, I called you all here to introduce you to our new recruit."

He looked over to ...Archer. This all felt too much like something Ruslan would have done. Calling everyone together to make them greet the fresh meat. Bile seemed to slosh against the walls of his gut at the thought. At least some of the newer members caught wind and brought snacks it seemed. He knew welcome parties weren't uncommon in most squads but thinking of this as such was wrong. It was ripping off a band aid. That was all.

"This is Pilot Cardinal Archer. Pilot Cardinal J-" He had practiced saying it. Saying it like it was nothing. Just a name. He coughed to cover his vocal stumble. "Pilot Cardinal Joan Archer."

The winces of the old guard at the name were visible to the Scorpion's commander but he pressed on to cover it. "She is new here and I expect you all to show her the ropes. We will be learning a new formation and beginning drills in an hour. I suggest you all take this time to get acquainted, eat something and begin stretching."
The Rest of Aedolis / Re: Dreamin' Of Rainbows[Goblin!]
« Last post by GoblinFae on February 19, 2018, 02:49:02 PM »
"My apologies then, Ladybug," he said to her with a gentle nod of his head. He was oblivious to her inner turmoil though and just continued to smile gently until she spoke again. "You have a very wise outlook on our jobs then. Though I will always believe a Squadron CO far outweighs a mechanic like me. I'm a credit-a-dozen. Can find us easy but people like you are amazing." He blushed and chuckled sheepishly. "All fanboying aside of course."

Evan tapped his fingers across the glossy service of the table as he glanced to the ceiling in thought. "Me? I'm from Amristah, I am. Born and raised in my dad's repair shop. We fixed up hoverboards and radios and such. Nothing too fancy but you could say fixin's in my blood, you know? Only seemed natural that when I made it out of ATC I would jump right back into the same things I started in. Well not exactly the same but an engine is an engine and a piece of machinery is still machinery, right?"

He winked at her as he shifted in his seat again. Inside he cursed himself for her being so cute and sweet while he was such a dufus, rattling about stupid things. "Enough about me yeah, I'm just a bucket of boring bolts. What about you? What's good and wonderful in the world of, Ladybug? How is Solarta treating you? It's mighty hot here, don't you think?"
Teinar Characters / Étienne Amir, Wasteland Raider Boss
« Last post by nephero on February 19, 2018, 02:39:13 PM »





Étienne Amir


Ironspine, Iro, Boss, *sir*.


Idk somewhere closer to his 40s.





Human, Solartan native, now just another Waster.


6’1", he's a brick… HOUSE… he's mighty mighty--


Raider gang boss


Fortress where Yoreiq used to be.





Like many Solartans, Iro is big, big, big. Thickly muscled and well toned from years of hard living, Iro is not a man to be trifled with, seen as he looks like he could wrestle a wasteland grizzly and win.

Even beyond his intimidating stature is his general appearance: heavy brows and deep-set, vibrant hazel eyes make for an intense stare, and even when he's not actually scowling he looks like he's about two steps away from doing so.

As a Solartan, his skin is naturally tanned, more heavily bronzed from constant exposure to the sun and elements, except for a few splotches on his left brow and right jaw. He's got several scars criss-crossing his body, some new and some several years old.

His dark brown hair he keeps shaved in an undercut, and tends to grease back with oil and pin in place with a set of aviator goggles. It's patchily done at best, along with his facial hair, because you try shaving with a combat knife and no mirror and see how well you do with it.

His most defining feature, however, is the mechanical spine he's modified over the years to have sharpened iron ridges, which often results in torn shirts and a lot of sleeping on his stomach.


Big grumpy teddy bear. He has to be tough, and doesn't make threats idly, but when it comes down to loyalty, Iro sees it as a two way street. The loyalty of his crew is loyalty hard earned, and he returns that loyalty in kind. He doesn't take on just anyone, and to him, his crew is invaluable in their own right.

Fun Facts!:

  • Is a madman for tea. He will absolutely fistfight the biggest meanest mofo out there for a good cup of tea.
  • Has absolutely taken on a nest of mutant lizards for his dog, and won.
  • Messes around with gun mods in his spare time, often resulting in some weird shit. Is also prone to naming each of his favourites, Marie, Camille, Angelique, etc..
  • Has an angry mutt named Dragonshit, who is a right pisser to anyone but Iro.


None; he does his murders regular-like


Artemisia, his 2nd in command, and as big and buff as he is.

Rest to be determined.







Ships and Factions / Aedolian Combat Squadrons
« Last post by GoblinFae on February 19, 2018, 12:13:45 PM »
Aedolian Combat Squadrons

Interested in Joining a Squadron? Contact the Squad Commander with your character idea and they will get back to you shortly.

Adstreia Hellions - Doom and Gloom
Squad Commander: Grisham Alberich (Lion)
Squad Color: Black
Squad Headquarters: Malhame
Squad Function: Interstellar Assault and Defense

Amristah Angels - Abandon No One!
Squad Commander: Blu Moon (GoblinFae)
Squad Color: Purple
Squad Headquarters: Gan Eden
Squad Function: Combat Medic Field Surgeons

Apcintoch Alicantos - Grace Under Pressure
Squad Commander: Zeiss Pepper (Cinnabar)
Squad Color: Lavender with Silver
Squad Headquarters:
Squad Function:

Aurora Cyclones -
Squad Commander: Aeron Holyfield (Lion)
Squad Color: Blue
Squad Headquarters:
Squad Function:

Haviah Harpies -
Squad Commander: Isabel Kiers (nephero)
Squad Color: Red
Squad Headquarters:
Squad Function: Combat Specialist Hard Corp

Havina Copperheads -
Squad Commander: Kallixtus Yandyrn (Nix)
Squad Color: Gold
Squad Headquarters:
Squad Function: Reconnaissance

Margad Scorpions -
Squad Commander: Jacob Ladner (Nix)
Squad Color: Green
Squad Headquarters:
Squad Function: Psychological Warfare

Ryun Ravens -
Squad Commander: Irial Ynnves (Astaire)
Squad Color: Black with Silver
Squad Headquarters:
Squad Function: Stealth

Samariel Leviathans - Defend and Destroy
Squad Commander: Arane Pholcus (Cheesigator)
Squad Color: Teal
Squad Headquarters: Formosa
Squad Function: Water Resource Defense

Solarta Valkyries - Bringing the Thunder
Squad Commander: Yavul Hyakinthos (nephero)
Squad Color: Silver
Squad Headquarters: Valhalla
Squad Function:

Travica Titans - Hold the Line!
Squad Commander: Gregor Volk (Marakai2.0)
Squad Color: Maroon
Squad Headquarters:
Squad Function: Mechanized Emergency Defense
Aedolis Characters / Joan Archer; Pilot Cardinal
« Last post by GoblinFae on February 18, 2018, 09:16:55 PM »
    TW: Mentioned suicide attempts, Abuse

    __________________QUICK STATS
    Name Joan Archer
    Alias NEVER call her Jo
    Age 25
    DOB November 11th
    Gender Female
    Species Human
    Ethnicity Aedolian
    Height 5'7"
    Occupation Pilot Cardinal; Margad Scorpion
    Residence Margad, Aedolis

    Playlist: Warning May Contain Explicit or Mature Lyrics and Themes

    __________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

    Physical Description

    Joan has pale skin with sharp, thin features. Her blonde hair is thin and kept shoulder-length or pulled back into a tight ponytail with her bangs constantly slipping out of the tie. She also has warm, brown eyes. Her body is tall and slender and deceptively strong. Life as an acrobat has left her not only flexible but also with a great deal of core control that she works hard to maintain. Her hands wide-splayed and heavily calloused from lots of work using them.

    Outside of uniform, her clothes are usually loose and always long. Long pants and long sleeves no matter what the temperature is. She won’t even roll her sleeves up if she is working out or overheated. The cut of her tops are usually boat-neck or v-neck though showcasing her intricate tribal neck and collar tattoo.

    This tattoo runs across the tops of her shoulders down to her elbows as well as across her chest and back all the way up her neck and throat. She also has a small scorpion tattooed on the inside side of her right heel and a pair of glowing green eyes with a toothy grin on her left hip. Shine a blacklight on that one and you’ll see the outline of a cheshire cat suddenly appear around the face.

    For piercings she has a stud and a hoop in her right nostril as well as a stud in her left nostril. Both ears sport several piercings and hoops. Joan also has a pair of snake bite studs through her bottom lip and a vertical labret through the center of it. Her tongue is also pierced. Along her lowback to mid spine, Joan also has a corset piercing that she has gotten quite good at threading with different ribbons depending on her mood.

    Most of Joan’s physical scars cannot be readily seen. If you moved her hair aside you might notice a set of small circular burns behind her ears or along the base of her neck under her hairline. Her arms also each sport from wrist to inner elbow a pair of pale white and somewhat jagged scars. The fingers of both hands also are slightly crooked from having been broken several times over the years.

    Joan Archer
    Teya Salat Photographed By Daniil Kontorovich


    Joan is a naturally protective and assertive individual. She is resourceful and quick-thinking but much prefers to use her abilities for good rather than harm. Hurting does not come naturally to her though she is well trained in doing so should she need to. Her heart however is in healing and helping. She is very empathetic to the hurts of others and would quietly go out of her way to help them or support them as best as she can.

    She is a fierce and loyal friend through and through. She is steadfast in her resolve to you and will suffer no one to cross her. You just need to be honest with her. She does not take lies and secrecy well though if you ask her to keep something private she will take that secret beyond the grave with her.

    Joan speaks her mind and does not back down easily in a fight. She is not afraid of you and she will be the first to tell you that too. She hates passive aggressive people and would much rather you say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t play games with her or try to manipulate her, you won’t like the bitch that comes out to bat the ball back.

    Her greatest weakness is probably her dogged determination to know the truth of a matter. She makes her decisions based on facts and will strive to get to the bottom of an issue before trying to act on it. This has gotten her in trouble from time to time with both her dragon and in training for questioning the whys of what was expected of her.

    Finally, Joan is a passionate woman in all aspects of her life. This includes her personal life and who she takes to bed with her. Romantically it is unclear if she will ever settle for anyone or even desires to. Sexually though she is all about sensual pleasures and the fire that comes with that aspect of a relationship. Careful though that flame can burn out real quick before she’s onto the next partner(s).

    • Has a very high metabolism and is constantly eating. She is also not exactly graceful about it so it's probably smart to keep clear or have a case of napkins handy for the aftermath.
    • In conjunction with the above, Joan is a food-hoarder. In her words "you'll never know when there'll be a food shortage or if where you're going will have what you're craving. Best be prepared."
    • Favorite food is sweet chili wings. Get into a wing eating contest with her though, she dares you.
    • Suffers from sleep paralysis. At best it only happens once a week though that's usually not the case. She makes a habit to never fall asleep anywhere but at home if she can help it.
    • Suffers from chronic migraines due to constant emotional bombardment. Can no longer take OTC painkillers and is really strict about not taking prescription ones unless he ABSOLUTELY needs them after an incident.
    • Can definitely cram herself into a tiny box.


    Telepathy: Joan is a moderate to strong telepath. She can send her thoughts outward just fine but she does best at creating mazes in her mind to compartmentalize her own thoughts and emotions from others. This aspect allows her to better control her empathic abilities as well to keep from going insane.

    Empathy: Where some with this gift excel in projecting emotions, Joan possesses the ability to absorb emotions. She is very strong and powerful in this respect to the point that her ability has also splintered to allow for several sub-abilities. She is exceptional at reading the emotions of others as well as feeling them as her own.
    • Empathic Absorption:Very strong. This is Joan's main ability. It allows her to absorb the emotions of those around her into her own person. It does run the risk of overpowering and debilitating her though so she is very careful with what she takes as she must process it herself or release it back on others.
    • Clairaudience:Strong. If an emotion is expressed strongly enough, Joan is able to not only feel it as her own but also "hear" the forefront thoughts associated with the currently expressed emotion. She cannot hear everything or use it as an avenue to dive into someone’s mind nor is it something that she hears all the time or can stop herself from knowing. But if someone were feeling enough rage she might also pick up on their thoughts claiming to want to kill someone because they’re so angry.
    • Empathic Healing:Strong. A rare ability that not even Joan’s mentor possessed. While she is unable to heal physical wounds, she can help heal emotional ones. While for physical wounds she can internalize another’s pain the true art of empathic healing lies in helping to untangle the mess of emotional/mental trauma someone has undergone. The reverse of this would be to take away the things that could heal and leave only the traumas themselves which she was also trained to do though she hates that aspect.
    • Empathic Projection: Very weak. Joan can only use this on willing or weak-minded individuals and only when she is in physical contact with them. Forcing it on someone against their will is both exhausting and physically painful to her.
    • Empathic Paranormal Detection: Weak. From time to time Joan is able to pick up on the emotions of those long gone that have not passed over whatever existent or nonexistent veil there is. Some days she isn't even sure if she actually is feeling the dead or if she just thinks she is. Don't ask her to reach out to those you've lost. She's not going to try.

    Contortionist: A former performing acrobat and contortionist, Joan still possesses the ability to bend herself into a pretzel or tiny spaces. She is very flexible and strong and will use that to her advantage.


    Parents: Deceased?

    Nonna Anna: Joan's deceased grandmother. Nonna raised her in her early days and Joan feels her spirit with her always. There are times where Joan is almost positive she's getting one of her grandmother's warm hugs.

    The Ringmaster: Upon her grandmother's death, Joan became a ward of the leader of the acrobatic circus troupe that she had been training and performing with. In public he was the ultimate charmer: a kind soul taking in talented orphans and giving them the chance to become something so much more than they ever could. But, out of the limelight he was a cruel and abusive individual. Joan has made her peace with her past and with him. But, heavens help the fools that ever decide The Ringmaster should be released from jail for good behavior. Joan will fight tooth and nail to ensure he stays there for the rest of his miserable life.

    Little Bats: The other performers that Joan learned and grew up with. She loves them all as her siblings. She's kept in contact with them as best as she could through ATC and plans to go to every one of their shows as she is able.

    Gosht: A serpentine and squat dragon with very short legs. He is completely white save for three pairs of metal wings that have since replaced his original ones.


    Joan was predominantly raised by her paternal grandmother, Nonna Anna in Adstreia. She has no memories of her mother and very few of her father. Her Nonna told her he died when she was six though Joan suspects he's still alive and off making her a million and one half-siblings while melting his brain on drugs. When she was younger he called her Jo and his Lil Sting. He would treat her to ice cream and sports events those few times he was ever around. She had loved those special moments though they were few and far between and always ended the same with Nonna chasing him off and telling him to never come back. Eventually he never did.

    In the meantime, Nonna Anna enrolled gymnastics classes after school. It was then that Joan's talent for acrobatics and contortions became clear to all. It was not long before a local acrobatic troupe for youth took notice of her and began to offer her additional lessons and attentions for free. Joan loved it. She loved her friends and felt the sense of family with the other "Little Bats" that she had been missing outside of her Nonna.

    Quickly became their prized performer for her enthusiasm, passion, and determination made her an inspiration to them all. In truth though, their joy was what brought Joan her own joy. She did not know it then that she was an empath and it would be years before she realized she was.

    At 10 the unfortunate happened; Nonna Anna passed away and Joan was left an orphan. Lucky for her though her little troupe and The Ringmaster himself were more than happy to take her in and call her family. The paperwork was quickly signed over and she was adopted in without a blink of an eye. Despite the grief of loss, Joan could not have hoped for a better family to support her.

    Without the protection of going home to Nonna at the end of the day though Joan soon learned how quickly things changed once doors were closed and darkness set in. The "kind soul" that had taken the place of parental figure was anything but. He was a cruel men that would use whatever performance money the children earned to feed his own addictions. If the girls didn't work hard enough or push themselves to the limits that he found acceptable they would be punished. Meals were a privilege to be earned instead of an expected and necessary commodity in their lives. There were even times they were pitted against each other with the one to perform better being rewarded with a reprieve from The Ringmaster's wrath.

    He was emotionally manipulative and physically abusive to them all. Though he was wise and careful enough to never leave lasting marks. The girls were all well-trained too to believe this was all for their betterment, to thank him for his time and considerations because who else would help them to be so happy and successful if not him?

    Joan was smart though. Unlike many of the others, she had had the love of a true parent. Nonna had taught her well and so Joan did what she could to help the other children. When they were supposed to be sleeping she would tell them happy little stories, unconsciously in those moments pulling the pain and despair from them as she left behind only joy and peace. Everything she did was to encourage them and keep them safe as best as she could.

    She was 16 when she was old enough to finally go head to head with him. Up until that point Joan had kept a record of every infraction. As the oldest of the children she was given the ultimatum to either "graduate" into a new business venture as the girls before her had and unknowingly be sucked into a life of sexual acrobatic performances or to remain behind and assist in keeping the other children in line. Joan pretend to be enamored with her current lifestyle and desiring not to leave it, begged to stay.

    The price to pay was she did become The Ringmaster's partner in more ways than one. It was worth it though as she gained the freedom to run errands for him. It was nearly a year but the first chance she got, she reported him to the authorities and begged for help. It would be the last time she saw her Little Bats for a long time though.

    She was heavily interrogated, made to tell her story over and over again. Each reiteration caused her more and more stress as the time passed too. Joan stayed firm though. It was the right thing to do. But, as the hours ticked by she broke over her worry for her friends. They brought in a psychoanalyst as she became hysterical and that was when it became evident that Joan was more than just a hysterical young woman, she was an empath and a telepath and she had most certainly had enough of the "humor her" games.

    Joan was assured things would be taken care of even as she was put through a series of tests to assess her own strengths. From there it was a whirlwind of people and places and things until finally she was dropped off and enrolled at the ATC. Candidate Joan Archer had gone to report a crime and had her life changed completely different from how she had expected.

    Those first nights were hell. She was scared and alone feeling with no idea if the girls she claimed as her sisters were alright or had even been punished by the man meant to protect them all because she had disappeared. Had she sentenced them all to a living hell with her actions meant to help them? no one knew or even seemed to care as she pleased with them to tell her or find out for her. She was informed she was a Candidate and had bigger things to focus on and that it would be best if she fell in line or risk worse.

    Two months into Stage 1 and Joan ended up cutting herself from wrist to inside elbow on both arms in an attempt to take her own life. She felt such overwhelming despair between the stress of not knowing, the oppressing environment, and the emotions she was constantly being bombarded with from her fellow Candidates.

    Her attempt failed and she lived. Joan ended up healing and after some serious reassessment was determined to still be a viable Candidate, if a heavily monitored one. Determined, to get out as soon as she could to get back to her girls who she had been informed were indeed alright, Joan threw herself into Candidate life. Stage 2 was a little bit of a struggle though it was Stage 4 she suffered the most with.

    Joan was a natural healer and as her gifts expanded and developed this became more and more evident. However her mentor wanted to hone her gift of healing and helping into a weapon to attack and hurt. Instead of absorbing negative emotions she was pushed to take away positive ones and send her victims into a state of despair and fear. It was very upsetting for her and difficult to wrap her mind around until she started imagining doing it to people like The Ringmaster. That turned out to be the breakthrough that got her through Stage 4 and well into Stage 5. Eventually she was chosen by a dragon and the rest as they say is history. She wanted to be a healer but the dragons had different plans for her. Instead she was sent off to serve as a combat operative, a job that she has thrown herself into doing to the best of her ability. It may not be what she wanted but she will make the best of it.

    __________________THREAD TRACKER
    Current Threads

    Complete Threads

    Tynova / Re: Don't Talk to Strangers
    « Last post by Moonie on February 18, 2018, 05:20:27 PM »
    There was little in that moment that Jordan wanted more than for this whole day to just be over with already. They weren’t sure what they had done to anger the divine forces of the universe and be thusly punished with death threats and an annoying cop with an attitude problem. Clearly whatever transgression they’d committed had been severe, though. It was the only explanation that they were currently willing to entertain.

    Jordan made a soft sound of annoyed protest as the dandylion was plucked from their hand without so much as an attempt to ask for his own. Blue eyes flashed balefully at his unwanted guest before they fished out their box again and started marking another bag down.

    It was while they were starting to artfully make another roll that the suggestion of hiding the body was made. Nope, clearly they had committed something so grave the universe had decided to fuck with them until they just croaked. Maybe their parents were right and they really were cursed. It sure felt like it as they stared frozen at the grimy cop that had barged in with his damn criminal problems to dump them all over Jordan.

    Excuse me?” Holy shit what kind of cop was he? Either a very bad, dirty cop or not an actual cop, and Jordan had to wonder if the badge was a fake. “No I don’t have somewhere to bury a dead body are you fucking kidding me?”

    They hated to get so wound up and start swearing, but this went from an already insane situation to whatever was worse than that. Jordan wasn’t even sure.

    “We have to call the cops. I don’t care if he’s a criminal, I’m pretty sure hiding his body is a pretty big crime! Do you know what they’d do to me? Not that you care, but I am a psychic. I already get enough harassment from the authorities when I’m not helping people break the law.” They didn’t know why hiding the body was even an issue. The man had put shears to their throat with a clear threat. A cop would have been in the right to shoot him. At least Jordan was pretty sure it would have been cleared as a justified shooting.
    Aedolis Characters / Halvard Stone
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    __________________QUICK STATS
    Name Halvard Stone
    Age 32
    DOB December 31st
    Gender Male
    Species Mostly Human
    Ethnicity Aedolian
    Height 6'4"
    Occupation Military
    Residence Margad, Aedolis

    Playlist: Warning May Contain Explicit or Mature Lyrics and Themes

    __________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

    Physical Description

    Halvard has a rugged and built appearance. He's tall, strong, and mean looking. His white hair is shaved close on the sides and back with the top part being long enough to tie back in a small ponytail or bun. He prefers to keep it back rather than lose otherwise it gets in the way. The left side of his face is badly scarred with thin, shiny scars running across his nose, cheek, forehead and lips. His left eye is also milky-white and completely blind though intact. His right eye is bright green with a cat-like pupil. His canines are also a bit more pointed than the average human's. Overall his vision and hearing are also above average though nothing truly remarkable. He can see a bit more in the dark and a bit further than most but that is about it.

    His body is littered with tattoos and scars, each with their own story to tell. Across his back is a striking tiger with a dragon wrapped about its body (By Tattook.ru). On his left upper arm is a large weathered-looking ankh symbol. The inside of each wrist also has one of the two "Egyptian eyes" for protection and luck. His low back also has a scarab beetle with wings spread. The outside of his right hip also has a large blue koi fish that extends down to his knee. The left hip features a scorpion atop a human skull.


    He is a rough around the edges kind of man but with his heart in the right place. He is very serious and disciplined in all that he does, rarely cracking a smile or joke readily. Halvard is a natural-born soldier with loyalty, steadfastness, and intelligence. He is a master of self-control, able to lead the way, make solid and realistic plans, and manage the people that work with him.

    That being said, Halvard is very cynical and stubborn. He expects the worst of everyone and is slow to let his walls down enough to let people fully in. His life is compartmentalized so that work and personal do not interfere with each other more than is necessary. He has very high standards for himself and others, making it sometimes difficult to deal with him and his taciturn and cold ways. His family is his everything though and if he considers you part of it, he will always stand beside you.


    Precognitive: Halvard has a very unreliable ability to see the future. As a rule it has a very limited appearance in his life. There is only one thing that he has the ability to pick up on and that is the moment someone or something will cease to be. The visions while rather accurate are few and far between and only occur when the outcome is certain without possibility of changing. For example when his his wife died he "saw" it happen mere moments before it actually did. There was nothing he could have done to change it and he curses himself often enough for his own "uselessness."


    Mira Stone: Wife, Deceased. Former Samariel military KIA.

    Finley Stone: 6 year old daughter. She lives with her maternal grandparents and Halvard gets monthly supervised visits with her along with phone calls some Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    The In-Laws: Samariel military officers who absolutely loathe Halvard. They won custody rights over Finley from him and intentionally make things exceptionally difficult for him. They never forgave him from getting Mira pregnant and then marrying her when she was already set to marry someone else.


    Born the son of Solartan mudminers, Halvard always felt he was meant for other things. While he was tested and found to possess minor precognitive abilities, with no telepathy and no consistency he was passed over for Candidacy. Restless and stubborn, Halvard eventually enlisted in the military once he was old enough. He thrived in the lifestyle, especially once he was stationed in Samariel. The fast-paced life kept him active and happy. Each new day was filled with new bumps and bruises and scars. Not even the loss of his eye and the deep scarring to his face phased him much. He didn't want for anything when there was "adventure," drink, and warm bodies to roll in his bed.

    It was in this manner that at 25 he met his future wife, Mira. The pair had a fun one-night stand that resulted in an unexpected little bundle of joy. Mira was supposed to be marrying another man, so to save face in her family's eyes, Mira and Halvard were coerced into getting married. Truth be told Halvard was not entirely opposed. It was just a new thing for him and he was willing to roll with this new bump in the rug. At 26 he was a father to the cutest baby girl with a wife 8 years his junior. Life was amazing!

    Two years later things took a turn for the worse. Mira died when one of the creatures they protected the city from got ahold of her and dragged her to a watery grave. Her loss hurt Halvard deeply as while there had been on love between the pair he had lost his best friend and the mother of his child. To make matters worse, Mira's parents at last had the means with which to make Halvard's life hell for supposedly ruining Mira's. They blamed him for their only daughter's death as well as a great many things.

    While Halvard was handling his grief, they built a case against him claiming him to be an unfit parent to Finley and nearly costing him his job. Only his years of service and agreement to the terms of custody kept him from losing everything. He was transferred to Margad, making seeing Finley even harder than it already was. He is supposed to have weekly calls with her Tuesdays and Thursdays unless she is otherwise occupied with her own activities or does not wish to speak with him. Halvard is also granted supervised visits for a few hours once a month. He is not allowed to take Finley out of Samariel, nor is he permitted to see her outside of these visits unless prior permission has been obtained. He makes the best of it he can even if his former In-Laws are still intent on taking his little girl from him for good.

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