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Open Space / Re: Point of No Return [Crew of The Loveless]
« Last post by GoblinFae on Today at 09:49:46 PM »
Hesperus had just managed to rip off the entirety of his suit and helmet when he was suddenly and quite pleasantly sucked into Shen's all-encompassing embrace. His com had been crushed between them and yet he couldn't care less as he clung back just as fiercely. The Incubus absolutely adored Kirkley's son and had for all the years the pair had known each other. While it had been half a century since father and son had last met it was even longer for Hesperus. Not every time he ran into Kirkley did he get to see Shen though he treasured each and every meeting. His little tail fluttered wildly in the back of his pants in excitement long after he was released and allowed back on his own two feet.

The demon was glad for a few moments to compose himself as he helped their little stowaway make some food before rejoining the group. Seeing Shen happy and back to his normal self only served to make Hesperus realize how horrible the entire encounter of finding him had been. Waking up to a blinding headache, Kirkley gone, and the Loveless in danger had been far from ideal. He had not taken the time to truly process just how close he had come to losing not one but two friends. Those were thoughts he quickly reburied deep inside again as he rejoined the crew and listened with rolling eyes to Kirkley's explanation. It was one of the old sky dog's favorite tricks, after all.

Vacation spot? As if that didn't sound ominous at all. The look that passed across the captain's face only served to make Hesperus feel more cautious. He had his suspicions as to who little Aesir was, though those had always been stories told to him in the still, quiet moments when Kirkley would go from murderous pirate to something different, something the demon had never truly understood at the time. Hesperus had never been sure what was truth and what was fantasy but seeing those same shades of evergreen and amethyst he had known so intimately in a different face was starting to make a believer out of him.

The demon brushed his own musings away though as Shen's thoughts washed over him in an all too familiar sensation akin to a bubbling spring breaking the surface at last. He chuckled softly at just how adorable the creature was. He had not been lying either, Shen truly was improving with his Common. When Hesperus had first met him, Shen had only been able to communicate in a few broken words. Things were often spoken through the translation of Kirkley or a series of complicated gestures. Things would be much easier this time around, space leeches aside of course.

True laughter escaped him as of all the things to ask Shen, Aesir chose to ask about his unique brand of digestion. Hesperus impulsively pulled Shen flush against him, his arms settling about the other male's waist as he dipped his head enough to avoid the hoop and instead nuzzle against Shen's shoulder. It did not matter to him that the others could see and would probably judge them for the blatant display of affection. The demon had been plenty discreet and to himself since joining the crew for fear of disturbing their precious balance. But, this was Shen and he cared deeply for this "child" that was already so much older than himself. The thought of losing him had frightened the Incubus though he had had to hold it together for the sake of others who would not understand. Now though all he wanted to do was hug the avian-like creature close and never let go.
The Rest of Aedolis / Re: Dreamin' Of Rainbows[Goblin!]
« Last post by GoblinFae on Today at 08:50:47 PM »
He had been oblivious to her musings but his brows shot clear into his hairline the moment she spoke his name. Evan felt his cheeks flush slightly that this pretty woman would know his name and yet he had no idea who she was. It was not like he was some darling cassanova that was sweeping women off their feet left and right. Gears he couldn't even remember the last time he had been with anyone. It was probably after...no he wouldn't think about that. He had a sweet little thing wanting to talk with him He could be accommodating of that and leave cobwebs for other days.

"Well," he mused, his brow crinkling at her questions as he genuinely considered how to answer it. The thought that she was odd and different not once crossing his mind. "I suppose the amounts of annoying differ and are thereby not equal. Because one side would be irritating versus say downright nasty, you know? Like the difference between a gnat and a horsefly. There's levels of it and all."

He cleared his throat nervously and took another sip of his drink, hoping the fire in his cheeks would cool or at least could be blamed by alcohol rather than his own personal discomfort. "Afraid you've caught me at a bit of a loss though, Ladybug. You know my name though I don't recall yours. Perhaps we could um start again?"

Wiping his hand on his trousers he then held it out to her to shake. "Evan Evans at your service."
Open Space / Re: Point of No Return [Crew of The Loveless]
« Last post by Draconian on Today at 07:43:05 PM »
The past few days had been odd.

Aesir had stayed behind in Kirkley's room long after everyone had gotten ready for the day.  Lethargic, tired. He didn't want to do anything except sleep more. Curl himself up in Kirkley's bed. Go back to his own if it got... Crowded... Again. Space sucked. He didn't even want to think of how far away from home he was. Despite what he'd said, he was fully clothed. Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, loose green sweater and his maroon bandanna looped around his neck like a scarf. A quick glance at the door and he tossed his com onto the rumpled sheets of the bed and went to his number one spot to snoop.

He'd gotten used to seeing pictures of someone that looked like him. Some more time worn than others.  Aesir sat on the floor with the box between his kneels, touching everything that probably wouldn't get him caught. A tug on the sheet to check the com, frowning when the weird hoopheaded birdman was on board. Should clean this up quickly then. Slowly and gently, he picked up the pictures of the man that looked like him and Kirkley, sadness panging in his chest for how happy they looked. Frowning at all the green in the background of the photos.

The sound of something small falling from the pile had him jerk. Fear shot up his spine because what if he broke something. Aesir looked around holding his breath when he finally spotted it. Looked like a weird big fang broken off of the rest of a tooth. Curiously he picked it up, closing his hand around it and froze, blinking at it before he tucked it into his pocket and finally cleaning up from his sort of pilfering.

He slipped into the area where Shen was behind everyone in time to see him shove a cup of coffee into his coat. Why not? Aesir did his best not to roll his eyes. Instead he put his hands in his pocket, rubbing his thumb over that little shard of whatever he'd found in Kirkleys room. It was Aesir's though. He didn't know why he knew that. But he did. It was his and some strange irrational side of him was angry at Kirkley for keeping it in a box with all those old pictures.

Aesir frowned at the mention of 'vacation', looking confused at Kirkley when they briefly made eye contact. Mostly he wasn't paying attention. Winced away from the voice before he kept his head down and worried his thumb over the thing in his pocket. Should he show it to Kirkley?

No. A quick glance at everyone in the room, eyes lingering on the weird hoophead bird 'Shen' it said it's name was. Good to know he was so chipper after almost fucking killing everyone. Super cool. Mostly he tried to slip away once Shen had said his piece about being the transport and staying here but...

"Is your mouth in your chest?" Aesir chirped from the back of the group, looking confused - It only now sinking in where exactly Shen had put his coffee.
Open Space / Point of No Return [Crew of The Loveless]
« Last post by Cheesigator on Today at 06:54:36 PM »
Kirkley couldn't wipe the mad grin off his face as the bay doors sealed shut behind Hesperus and himself, yanking the helmet off as soon as the oxygen was pumped back into the room and he could face his son for the first time in some fifty years without a helmet between the two of them.

Shen** gave a little shiver as he settled the particles around his body more thoroughly into what gave the appearance that he was wearing a sharp and fitted suit, despite it being a little outdated, who knew when the last time he'd seen one was.

For Kirkley, it was nice to see that sometimes things didn't change all that much. It was a reassuring constant in a world that never stopped to rest, one that had taken so much from him that he would never be able to get back.

Shen, standing even with Hesperus at a good 6'4", the ring for a head still always facing you no matter what direction you looked at him from, a real mindfuck if you stared too hard, all lit up by the neon purples and pinks that made up the ethereal flame-sort of... Stuff that always burned at his ring's center. He was just the way Kirkley remembered him, and now that he had a shit ton of parasites out of him, even better.

Shen motioned to Kirkley and the captain handed him the gestured-to commset. He peeked over his son's shoulder, curious to read the conversation, though he was briefly interrupted as Shen gave Hesperus the first hug after he finished waving at the crew from the ship's security cameras, picking the Incubus up off the ship floor and bearhugging him, always having a bit of a soft spot for the demon that made Kirkley's smile bittersweet.

Captain Kirkitty: Heading on up now! Fuck those suits they are the worst. Oh Shen wants my comm
Captain Kirkitty: hELLO
Captain Kirkitty: 8D
Captain Kirkitty: I sorry about other day is was awful hurt real bad 8(((( worms suck
Injida: Parasites are an unholy bitch. It is fine.
Captain Kirkitty: yes! brb hugs !
Biggs: Um...its okay! Hello!
LeatherNSilk: no wordincdkxkfwocendi cnrnfovldneg
Biggs: O.o
Captain Kirkitty: <3
Biggs: Oh. Sorry if I almost shot you a couple of times.
Biggs: I was trying really hard not to. >_>
Captain Kirkitty: is okay ! sorry for bad common D: I eat ships not read them
LeatherNSilk: its getting better. Proud of you
Sappleling: Fucking eat ships?
Captain Kirkitty: !!! :D Thank!
Injida: I will be sure to fly more smoothly next time.
Captain Kirkitty: dad says your flying was best
Biggs: Well. Thank you for, um, not eating us.
Captain Kirkitty: I would never eat dad he is good
Captain Kirkitty: MORE HUGS

This time it was Kirkley going in for the hugs, picking up his bird-like son who wiggled quite happily while Kirkley made a point of not putting his head anywhere near that ring of his. It was a mistake he made once and would never care to repeat again.

More conversation was exchanged via the comms, and as the final security seals unlocked they stepped aboard, heading to the deck to meet with everyone per the Captain's instructions. Introductions were in the way, and Kirkley stood himself at the helm of the ship by the captain's seat as he waited for his crew members to file in, some more disgruntled than others. He nodded to Shen to stand beside him, who cheerfully did so, head still moving in jerky motions like a bird as he looked around, taking in all the sights, sounds, smells, and seeing what had changed since he'd been on his father's ship last, wringing his gloved hands with nervous excitement.

It'd been a while since he'd talked with people, probably. Kirkley smiled softly and turned to address the crew, plus one stowaway, once they had all shown up. He couldn't help the chuckle once Vargas handed a very pleasantly surprised Shen a cup of coffee, who wasted no time in unbuttoning his jacket, sticking the cup in there, his torso almost seeming to stretch and make him taller just for a moment, before he adjusted back to normal size and pulled an empty cup out and buttoned back up again.

"Okay, okay, so the other day didn't go as planned--what was supposed to happen, was I was going to joke about this big awful scary monster who might eat us, and all that fun stuff, and then Shen was going to show up all big and scary-like, make you guys shriek, and then come aboard like you see him now and be normal Shen who is quite nice," He looked over and grinned as Shen did a bird-like happy dance with his feet, forgetting that he had hands.

"But obviously that's not what happened. So barring the awful space parasites and him almost killing us because the bugs were telling him to, I'd like you guys to meet my son Shen. He's going to be taking us to..."

His discolored gaze flickered over to Aesir for a moment, his smile fading just slightly, before he reeled it in and brought his gaze back to everyone.

"To our uh. Vacation spot I guess."

At this point he looked at Shen, who wasn't sure what else to do with the mug, so it was tossed into the ring and it didn't come back out the other side.

God dammit. Really?

"... I liked that mug, you jackass."

Shen merely whuffed his strange breathy laugh, which came from who knows where as far as the other crew members were concerned, before they would all hear a strange, garbled noise bubbling into their heads.***

"Heheh, do not tell him the cup is in his room. Hi!" He gave the crew a little wave with a gloved hand, "I am the Shen. Shen. Just Shen. Not the the. Hi! I am sorry about the other night, thank you for your help. I almost did the bucket kicking. Thank! I am will be helping you, I am The Transport!"

At the mention of "The Transport" he put his hands in the air and wiggled his fingertips dramatically for a moment before dropping them back down to continue fidgeting, which made Kirkley smile and give him a gentle and brief pat on the back and shoulder--for someone who rarely ever got to interact with others, Kirkley thought he was doing a fantastic job.

He let his hand remain there, murmuring something in a rather archaic-sounding language, deep and gutteral, that Shen responded to via telepathy--everyone could hear it, who knew what they were saying. He turned back to his father's crewmembers though and continued.

"We will be getting the going in morning after one more rest--you will, I will not. I stay here." He shrugged. "Is simple enough. I am secret though, please do not be tellings of me after this journey. Questions?"

** Shen is Kirkley's is one of Kirkley's sons, who originally appeared in the form of a giant black hawk-like monstrosity twice the size of the Loveless in the first thread The Transport. This thread immediately follows The Transport with a few days timeskipped between. Artwork by me.

*** Shen's voice is Joe Saunders as Commander Powell from Dark Star.
The Rest of Aedolis / Re: Machinery Never Smelled so Sweet [Cheesi]
« Last post by Cheesigator on Today at 08:51:49 AM »
Something about the tone of the Pilot's voice, his naivety made something twitch in Ptolemy and made him want to chuck a wrench at the guy's head. The Pilot of this MARB was a Pilot Noble he recalled now, and if this guy really was him then holy hell he should know better!

He was a mechanic trying to do his job, trying to perform a routine checkup on his first day and not fuck up and this asshole just decided to jump onto this machinery that could squash him like a bug and stick his fat head in there to say hi and tell him he smelled good? Who the fuck did that??

He didn't understand how the strangeness of the situation seemed to fly right over the other guy's head, but as much as he wanted to yell at him he couldn't--or rather, shouldn't. He was still Ptolemy's superior and that alone made him grit his teeth.

"I--yes. Slightly? I'm trying to work--"

Now was not the time to be having a friendly conversation, as Petrol suddenly picked up on something off. One of the measured movements had taken a half a second too long and he immediately honed in on it, stopping the callibration and pulling up system logs to check it over and repeat the movement, see if it happened again. If Granite decided to try and speak at this moment he would be immediately hushed as Ptolemy listened closely and heard a sort of grinding noise coming from a mechanism in the leg.

"Che palle!" He swore, stopping the test and all operations, and popped the cockpit open, vaulting over the outside edge and clinging to the outside of the marb with nimble fingers as he pulled a few tools out of the belt around his hips and popped the casing on the part to take a look on the inside, sticking his flashlight in his mouth while he poked around inside what would technically be the mech's hip.

It was a simple fix thank the gods, and as he climbed back into the cockpit and rebooted it and ran the tests again he let out a breathy sigh as it came back green and he threw a quick glance at the other Pilot.

"There are better times for saying 'ello than when I'm at work." He said pointedly.
Haviah / Re: Just the Usual, Please [Draco]
« Last post by Draconian on December 12, 2017, 11:50:23 PM »
The no eye-contact and swift change of subject wasn't lost on the man.

Lune took in stride though, watching the kid while he clearly tried to decide if Lune had poisoned the sandwich or something. Another sip of coffee and a content sigh, eyes closed while swallowed and soaked up all that delicious bitter drink.

From somewhat around here.

Nice and vague. Lune felt bad for the kid. Pity bad. Not about to tell him that though. No one liked being pitied. Luna chewed on his lower lip and leaned forward, resting his chin on his hand while the kid turned the questions on him and he let them.

"Practice," Luna said, smiling ever so slightly, "Brew a few thousand liters of coffee and you'll be a pro in no time." A tease and he closed his eyes briefly, his head on his hand making him tired. Quickly he sat up and sipped his coffee again, rolling his shoulders and pursing his lips. "Kid," - because he still hadn't given him his name yet - "You looking for work?" A tilt of his head, curious eyebrows up.

Lune knew of the kid. Saw him in the shop. Noticed how he stayed for too long over a single cup of coffee - Lune would never complain or make note of it. The atmosphere was nice here. He'd done his best to make it comfortable. It was one of the few places people could speak freely, as a reflectivist, even the most talented dragons couldn't read his mind. "I have a few things that need to be cleaned if you wanna make a few extra bucks," He jerked his hand back to the coffee area, a door that said 'staff only'.

"I'm closing up shop here pretty soon. I pay handsomely," He teased, another sip of coffee and another bite of sandwich. It had been quiet all afternoon and the kid had been one of a few customers - but they'd all left with their coffee. Not the kid though.
Adstreia / Re: Into the Abyss [Draco!]
« Last post by Draconian on December 12, 2017, 11:38:00 PM »
It was a little crushing, Harley thought. The weight of knowing someone knew. He felt small and weak and dirty. A large part in because Grisham had known since the wine bottle. That was... Harley looked at him, eyes wide in an attempt to not cry but all it did was make his eyes watery. A quiet hiccup and Harley looked down and away.

"I don't..." he sighed and he wanted to be comforted by Grisham seeing red on his behalf. Grisham could have been unmoved. He could have not cared. But he did care which meant Harley was important to him... Right? A great deal of effort was put into keeping his large ears neutral but, the dam broke and they pinned back harshly, back into his flippy black and white hair.

"I don't deserve that," He whispered, turning his head away from Grisham's out stretched hand. Sure he was a Pilot but he wasn't anything special. Just a shitty cardinal. Shitty desk job. The job Pilots dreaded getting. Harley didn't deserve to be part of some real family. A watery sigh and he reached up slowly to take one of Grisham's hands.

Didn't get up though. Ears pinned back, Harley just looked at Grisham. The gruff looking green haired human. "Why do you care about me?" He whimpered out, unable to keep his voice level in his distress. "I haven't done anything to deserve that."
Margad / Re: A Rose By Any Other Name [Neph!] mmmmm
« Last post by Draconian on December 12, 2017, 11:23:38 PM »
Cinnamon's ears were doing a dance. Going from being perky up like a bunny to pinned back in an effort to hold back his urges. Twitching to catch all the sounds, the pants and moans and strange string of words Soba said that made no sense. All he could do was smile down at His as he couldn't figure out what to do with his arms  and seemed to have forgotten how to string words together. Finally though, Cinna's determination to get Soba off paid out and he gave a wolfish grin down, red hair falling into his face on the side, near panting with his own uneased need.

"Yessss," Cinnamon hissed, mouth hanging open a little too wide, fangs on display before he brought his hand up to his mouth to lick come off his hand in a broad swipe before wiping the rest of it off on his chest. It never tasted good but it was an odd possessive impulsive thing. "That's it," He whispered, eyes hooded, flushed brighter. His ears pinned back in mild concern when Soba sat up suddenly, but there was little more than a whimper when he smashed his face into the kulshedra's.

It was like he forgot how to breathe. Whenever he was with His he just... Didn't want to exist anywhere else. So consumed with making everything wonderful and perfect and perfect and wonderful. Cinnamon pressed into the kiss, his hands moving to Soba's hips give give him a gentle squeeze. A silent request to not wriggle on his lap. Cinnamon pressed a kiss to Soba's neck when he looked over his shoulder, pressed kisses to his shoulder before he looked over his shoulder too and...

"Ah-ha," Cinnamon purred, reaching back - making sure to hold Soba close so he didn't fall off his lap - to grab that bottle of lube.  Cinna nibbled at Soba's rose along his throat, tongue reaching out to trace petals with nips and nibbles before the snap of a lid and cool slick fingers pressed to Soba's hole. A heavy purr, one that vibrated near Cinna's whole body while he worked Soba with his fingers, in effort to make it easier for actual intercourse and because Soba had asked him for a whole night event.

Wouldn't do to finish himself off quickly. Mentally he'd promised himself to exhaust His out so much that he wouldn't even be able to dream - or his dreams were just replays of the evening at hand.

Cinna didn't let up with his fingers, though he did raise his head from Soba's rose to make some intense eye contact, pupils little slits because he needed to see Soba come apart in his arms. "You're so beautiful," Cinnamon whispered, eyes hooded, mouth open and hot pants leaving his mouth. "All flushed with your hair everywhere," Cinna moved in for a deep kiss, adding a third finger and working him harder, his other hand squeezing Soba's hip. "I'm not going to stop until you beg me to," He finally whispered, biting at his scaleless shoulder and nuzzling at his throat. "All you gotta do is tell me what you want," He teased, a delightfully evil grin on his face as he did his very best to drive Soba just a little bit crazy, "Or just smash your face into my face."
Plotting Center / Re: Open Threads
« Last post by Mackers on December 12, 2017, 06:09:23 PM »
  • A Recruitment Drive
  • Character: Captain Neptune Blood and her brother Triton, interplanetary pirates of some small note.
  • Location: Cancer Space-Port, Mid-day.
  • Description: The Blood siblings have decided to hire on a motley crew for their vessel The Sanguine Scud. They're going about this by sitting next to their ship in folding chairs amidst the bustling port, with a painted sign reading: "CREW WANTED: AMPLE PAY FOR ABLE WORK".
The Rest of Aedolis / Re: Machinery Never Smelled so Sweet [Cheesi]
« Last post by Moonie on December 12, 2017, 04:27:06 PM »
Beyond getting into the cockpit and closing it, beyond blurting out so very smoothly how pretty he was, Granite had absolutely zero plan. It wasn’t as if the Kulshedra had expected the pretty human to immediately swoon and fall into his lap, but he also didn’t know what to do with this.

Whatever this was.

The much smaller Pilot was staring at him, but was it a good thing? Granite wanted to let a deep purr rumble in his chest as those lovely fuchsia eyes looked him over, but honestly His’s expression didn’t inspire confidence at all. Did he not approve of what he saw? Humans could be a touch finicky about non-humans and attraction.

That brought on a moment of panic. What if His wouldn’t have him? It seem unfathomable that he could want someone as His and for them to not want him back. Humans didn’t rely on scents like Kulshedra did, though, so His probably couldn’t recognize him that way, but surely he would come around?

Granite forced the negative thoughts away. His would want him after they impressed him with some proper wooing. It was just a matter of learning how to woo His.

The stammered thanks and observation of being ‘big’ made his face split in another too-wide grin, flashing those very sharp teeth for a slit second, but Pilot Pegasi had turned his attention away, thankfully. Normally he had much better control over how wide he opened his mouth, but when he was buzzing with so much excitement it was harder.

His seemed…tense. A trained mechanic shouldn’t be making so many mistakes.

“Do I make you nervous? I’m sorry.” Granite’s ears drooped a bit, they were very expression pieces of anatomy, made it hard to lie – one of the reasons he wasn’t a deceptive person by nature. His ears kept him honest. “I just wanted to meet you, not make you uncomfortable. A lot of humans are intimidated by me at first.”

Many of them stayed intimidated. Granite could be very serious and severe at times, but he felt like a giddy kid right now.
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