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Author Topic: To Pilot Echo River, From Pilot Echo Dau  (Read 16 times)

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Offline GoblinFae

To Pilot Echo River, From Pilot Echo Dau
« on: February 13, 2018, 12:56:33 PM »

I miss you.

I know you'll never see this and it's all for me but I miss you so much. I can't help but think it's my fault, that I could have done something, that I should have done something more. Cabe says otherwise but I was a terrible friend to you, to both of you. I'm working on that though. Too little, too late but maybe I can be better for him the way I should have been for you. I'm sorry. I hope that if there is something beyond this physical shell of existence that I'll get a chance to tell you that in person, that one day I'll get to hug you again and beg your forgiveness as I should have done in life. One days and somedays, right? Ha.

The mice are doing well. The cage was a bitch though you beautiful bastard. Ren had to help me with it. You would have liked him. I'm sure if all three of you boys got together not even the rains of Samariel could have saved this dome from your chaos. He's been good to Cabe and I though I think. Perhaps he's the angel you've sent to us in your absence, or whatever spiritual hullabaloo exists. I don't know anymore. We never really talked about faith. What's the point in this world of flashing lights, pounding music, and buzzing technology, right? I just know I feel so adrift these days. Cabe's gone and now so are you. Why am I always the one left behind, Jesse? Why am I cursed to always remember while others forget?

Goddess above how I miss you right now. You always knew what silly thing to say or do to have me rolling my eyes. Did you know I secretly loved it? I hope you did. I hope you knew how much I cared for you, how blessed I felt to have you in my life. I shouldn't have taken that for granted. I should have taken the time to tell you more. We know better than anyone how fleeting the time we have is.

I was talking about the mice though hahaha. I named them. Mitra and Amice. I thought you would get a kick out of the second one. The names mean friend or so I'm meant to believe. Perhaps it's fitting that my only friends now will be these sweet, precious babies. I promise I won't fail them or you this time. They will be the most spoiled babies ever now. And you were right, they are the most snuggly little balls of fluff ever. They love to curl up in the hood of my jacket and sleep against the back of my neck. I bought them each a ball to play in too but they tend to just follow me about as I clean when I'm home. Thank you for them. I don't think I deserve them, but I am grateful for your trust in me.

Not just your trust either, I'm grateful for all that you were in my life, colleague, friend, family. I'm glad I made your life meaningful and I hope that you understand how much you mean to me, how important you were and still are to me. I will never forget you. You have my word on that, Jesse River. No matter who they make me or what I do, I will never forget all you've done for me and all you are to me. Be at peace my dear friend. I've lit some incense for you, peppermint. It's the closest I could get to those awful menthols you always smoked. I hope it's enough.

I love you, Jesse. <3 Goodbye for now.

Your favorite mouse-girl,

Offline GoblinFae

Re: To Pilot Echo River, From Pilot Echo Dau
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2018, 12:58:24 PM »
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