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Author Topic: Schuyler Creed; Pilot Cardinal  (Read 21 times)

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Schuyler Creed; Pilot Cardinal
« on: February 11, 2018, 09:56:03 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Schuyler Creed (Pronounced: SKIE-ler)
Age 28
DOB February 15th
Gender Male
Species Human
Ethnicity Thanati
Height 5'10"
Occupation Pilot Cardinal; Solo CO
Residence Adstreia, Aedolis
Voice Claim Morgan Freeman (yes he can go as high-pitched as Jimmy if he really wanted to)

Playlist: Warning May Contain Explicit or Mature Lyrics and Themes

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description

Schuyler has warm caramel-colored skin and thick, dark, wavy hair. He keeps his hair cut high and tight with the top part fuller and fluffier than the standard style. He traditionally keeps it flipped back across his scalp so that it is not falling in his face. He has an oval-shaped face, broad cheekbones, and a a long and squat nose. Schuyler's eyes are a silvery-grey with a dark grey, almost black scelera. Behind his ears, he also has seven thin, curved "stripes" that are actually a set of gills. They usually lay flat against his head unless he is breathing heavily or is consciously using them.

He is heavily tattooed as well. His face is black and shadowed in places to give him the appearance of being a fleshless skull. His eyes are surrounded in black with even the lids tattooed to match. His nose and cheeks are also meant to look hallowed out. Additionally his lips and outward are tattooed to look as if his teeth are showing through. Smiling is rarer for him but gives him an even more ghoulish appearance. Schuyler's back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers are also tattooed to look like anatomically correct bones. He has considered getting the rest of the look but has yet to do it as it all comes from his old life before ATC. Schuyler however is not ashamed of his tattoos and wears them with pride. The ones below the neck also have black light ink in them so that the outlines glow under the right circumstances.

In addition to his tattoos, Schuyler also has several notable scars. His torso is littered both front and back with puncture scars from being stabbed. There are a pair of moon shaped scars under each of his pecs as well as three bullet scars in a cluster to the left of his sternum. His knuckles are also roughly scarred despite the tattoos covering much of it. His last scar is old and faint, only able to be seen upon close inspection or mostly by touch. From the base of his skull on the right side and arcing up over the back of his head to end above his left ear is a thin, shiny, smooth canyon. While his other scars he will quietly try to shrug away, this one will earn the angriest of glares. Do not ask, he's not going to tell you.

His figure while not overly tall or buff is still lean and muscular. Schyuler is strong enough to carry his own share of things and hold his own in a fight. But, his real assets are his speed and agility. He is light of foot and loose in his form, allowing him to bend, twist, and climb more easily than his peers.

Traditionally, he wears his uniform which is equipped with an extra set of utility belts with special gas canisters attached to it. Out of uniform, Schuyler likes wearing loose pants and black hoodies with the hoods up. His hands are always sporting several silver rings on most, if not all of his fingers. There is also always an inhaler in his pocket and one in his bag regardless of what he is wearing.


He is a quiet and smart man for the most part. Don't let that fool you into thinking he is lazy or complacent. Schuyler has a lot of energy in him when he needs to and keeps up easily with the crowd. He can follow orders and work well in a group setting but trust takes time to earn because he's been burned too many times by it and there's an intimacy and vulnerability in it that he struggles with. For this reason he can come off sometimes as a bit cold and aloof but that's his defense mechanism.

Once you have his trust though he will not waver from you. Schuyler isn't the type to just roll over at the first sign of barking either, but he's learned to curb his tongue into not barking back immediately and always. He has lost a great deal of the impulsive drive to hit first before the other guy gets the same idea. There are moments though where old instincts pop back up to the surface, so careful how hard you squeeze down on him.

Nothing frustrates him more than feeling like he is confined and constrained by too many rules and regulations. He's also a problem-solver even if his solutions are sometimes quite a bit outside the box. As such being given the space to think outside that box is essential for him. Trust him, and Schuyler won't let you down. He is definitely the kind of guy that needs to keep busy. He becomes bored and antsy being made to sit on his hands doing absolutely nothing.

That being said though, he recharges his energies best when given time on his own as well. The constant bombardment of attention is exhausting to him, as it feels like trying to maintain a mask more unreal than the tattoos on his face being a representation of his own features.

On the softer side he can be playful and teasing with the people he knows and has come to trust. While he does get a slight kick out of startling people with his usual sudden and ghoulish appearance, he enjoys making them laugh even more. He loves the innocence children even though he knows he probably scares the shit out of them. For this reason Schuyler will hang back if children are present. He is actually rather shy around them, always afraid that his appearance will make a child scream or cry.

Schuyler likes doing things for others and sharing things with others. In another lifetime and another world you might even call him the humanitarian type fighting for the rights of others and other good causes. Given the chance to converse, he comes across as well-read and is a good listener.


Telepathy: Schuyler is a strong telepath at distances. He can project and pick up things across large distances but struggles more with concentrating on multiple voices all at once if in close proximity to them. He claims it's like getting the signals all crossed and everything becomes a form of static. He has to concentrate particularly hard if he wants to sort out the garbled mess. He is very adept at protecting his own thoughts though. Most of what he is, is kept under firm lock and key, buried deep within. You will likely only ever get out of him what he wants even with some measure of force.

Íliokinesis: Schuyler possesses a subform of aerokinesis dealing in the manipulation of gases, more specifically he can manipulate helium. Like other aerokinetics, he is able to use helium as an offensive force like a forceful wind or as a solid barrier, or to lift and move things. He uses the latter most on his own person to hover or float in a fall. Schuyler could use it to fly for a period of time as long as he had enough helium to both keep him afloat and propel him.

More specific to his own subform, Schuyler can use helium to completely deoxygenized a room, thereby suffocating the occupants within. He can also pull helium from the environment and absorb it into himself. This has the potential to make the environment far more flammable. By manipulating it into its liquid form he can also freeze it and whatever it is touching. One of the most dangerous things he can do with it is by converting it from its liquid form back into a gas very quickly, Schuyler can induce a massive phreatic explosion due to the rate at which helium undergoes a phase change.

For more comedic purposes, yes Schuyler is able to on demand* give himself helium voice. It is harder to give to others but he could if he was really trying. For that though it's dangerous as he could introduce too much helium into the environment and suffocate someone. He tries not to overdo the use of this particular area of his abilities as he knows it can get annoying very quickly.

*Secondary Lungs: Due to some long-forgotten nonhuman ancestry, Schuyler possess along with his gills, a set of secondary lungs. It is here that any helium he breathes or absorbs is kept in reserves. While these lungs being empty will not kill him, over the course of many many years it can make him very sick and break down his immune system. Because it was not known that he even possessed them, let alone required helium of all things to fill them, some damage has already been done to his system. Schuyler requires a special inhaler from time to time in order to help regulate his body's dual needs for oxygen and helium.


Mother: Schuyler's happiest childhood memories of that warm and sweet woman who smelled of strong spices. She died when he was a young boy under "unfortunate" circumstances.

Father: A monster that made Schuyler's life hell, long since dead and left to rot. Schuyler served time for that one.

Siblings: ?

Yvrei Ivories: The gang he quickly fell in line with. His ghoulish tattoos are a reminder of his days serving among them. Schuyler actually worked his way up within their ranks and once at the height of his service was second only to the leader in command. He has not interacted with them since he was taken away to ATC nor does he look forward to it.

Osseus: A very serpentine dragon that is sand-colored with bony protrusions jutting out along his back and all along his club-like tail. His wings are tattered in places and look as deceptively frail as a bat's wings.


Born and raised in the lower levels of Yvrei, not much was expected of Schuyler. He was the son of saltminers and at 10 he too joined them in the mines at his father's insistence that he begin earning his keep. As he was tall for his age, he was told to lie and claim he was older. Life was hard but only got worse with the death of his mother. Without her around, his father became an unholy terror that would beat and abuse him daily for even the slightest of transgressions.

A group of older boys soon took notice of him and began little by little to take him under their wing. They protected him, gave him food and shelter and comfort as he wept his tears over innocence lost. There was always talking the things they would do to Schuyler's father for him, the horrors they would wreak upon the monster that would hurt such a child. They encouraged him to join in and over time it became a fun game to come up with the best way to hurt him and make him disappear.

Little by little they earned his trust and began to ask favors of Schuyler. He quickly gained respect and thereby encouragement with each task he completed. In no time at all he became quite the sticky-fingered thief and consummate distraction. Before he knew it he was an honorary member of the Ivories. As he got older, he did more for them. In time he earned his tattoos and his honor among them.

At 15, Schuyler made good on all those games they played when he was small and he took his father's life in cold-blood. He was tried as a juvenile and after serving two years was let off on good behavior. He ran right back to the Ivories as soon as he was free, earning his place among the inner circle for his dedication to their cause. Off and on again, Schuyler would continue to build up his record though aside from gang rivalries there was nothing nearly as violent as what he did to his father. Everything else was smaller, less noticeable crime.

He was 21, just days away from turning 22 when he was caught by military police thanks to a snitch squealing. Schuyler and company had been attempting to break into an official's home in order to get their hands on some old relic just for the hell of it. The Ivories set a fire as a distraction to try and escape but Schuyler got cut off and was cornered. It was then to both his own shock as well as that of all others that they all discovered Schuyler was an Íliokinetic. As people tried to put the fire out, he ended up absorbing and sucking in the helium used as a flame retardant. Later when they caught him, he described the feeling of hopping over the flames and running like being weightless and walking on air itself. It wasn't until later he realized just how true that statement was.

Instead of being sent to jail as he had believed was his fate, he was slapped into a uniform and sentenced to life and service at the ATC. A few more days and he would have been too old. But, it was not meant to be. The first six months were absolute hell. He absolutely hated all the rules, all the constraints that felt like an even tighter cage than any prison ever had been. Stage 2 went better than any ever would have given him credit for. He proved to be smarter than anyone had guessed. There was always the looming threat o TRIM over him though. Even his mentor had next to no confidence in him.

Just for that he was determined to prove them all wrong. Schuyler put his nose to the grindstone. He learned to curb his tongue and to keep his head down rather than to square off at every perceived insult real or otherwise. At 26 he graduated and was plopped into work as a solo CO. He's shaped up and he works hard to prove himself though he still has a lot of stigma against him for both his former record and appearance. There have been many that would not work with him or box him into minor brainless task work because they underestimate him or look down on him.

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