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Author Topic: It's me, your mail.  (Read 30 times)

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Offline Draconian

It's me, your mail.
« on: January 06, 2018, 12:49:30 AM »

Fuckin' Fumin'.

Seiteki took a deep breath and did her best to swallow her temper but being treated as a courier. This shit wasn't even on her way, but here she was with an actual real letter in her hand, doing her best not to crumple it into garbage or open it and read it because it was none of her business. Bright blue eyes glared down at it and she huffily tossed her wavy dark hair over her shoulder.

Twitched her wings a little while she walked, making sure the feathers didn't drag down on the ground. All she wanted to do was go back to her apartment, have a shower, get into her jammies and then... Blow dry her wings. God that took forever. Now the nightly ritual would be ruined because she has to come all the way here and do all sorts of out of her way bullshit and just. Sigh.

Seiteki checked her com to make sure she had the right room. Seiteki Tora and Hektor Hecates weren't friends. She couldn't remember a time when she bothered to talk to him outside of maybe accidentally bumping into him some decade ago or whatever and she just grumbled and fumed her way to his door before she rapped her knuckles against it, feathers fluffed up in irritation.

A few more more insistent knocks and finally, the creak of the door and Seiteki shoved it open with her free hand while she moved into the apartment and shut the door behind her. Holding the letter in one hand and glaring brightly through her curly tumbled hair. "This is for you and --- " Then of course the things in the display cases caught her eyes. They were... So familiar. Seiteki pressed the envelope to Hektor's chest before she turned and stared full on at her mothers suit of armor.

A brief glance to Hektor before she walked over to it, staring wide eyed and reaching a hand out to ghost over the glass so she didn't really touch it at all. "Where did you get this," She said, wings snapped tight against her back and casting a quick glance over her shoulder. The armour had been restored but she could still remember being so young and seeing it gleaming on her mother. Commander of the army. How things have changed. "Sorry, hi," She said, not turning to him but instead staring at the old metal hunk in the case. "Seiteki Tora, Pilot Echo, they wanted me to deliver that to you so I did and this is really cool" She jerked her thumb to the armour and smiled, "Looks like i've seen it in a book before. Someone famous?"

Offline Lion

Re: It's me, your mail.
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2018, 11:27:37 PM »
Hektor wasn't expecting any visitors. No one visited him. It was always him doing the dropping in, him making all the house calls, visitations, meetings, researching, keeping an eye on Apollo. In fact, this was one such visit earlier today and coming home to a nice cup of tea and some hot food was his idea of a nice night. It would soothe the headache that was no doubt forming in the frontal portion of his forehead, an ailment that could no doubt be remedied by a shot of something harder, and a pill. Or a handful of pills.

No doubt supplied by his brother or someone else. But Hektor didn't entertain such foolishness.  He had better things to be doing.

And...well answering his door in the middle of those better things set his frown firmly etched in his face. The angry knock, first of all, was completely uncalled for, and then the complete barging in only set to piss him off further and he immediately stalked toward the door and yanked it open, even before she barged right in, pushing passed him and slamming a piece of paper against his chest - who even used paper anymore?

Old people that's who. And no one was older than Seiteki Tora.

"What do you want?" he asked, ignoring her observations and her fascination with a suit of armor that he had displayed in the back of his apartment. He looked over the paper and inspected it, only really scanning the first half scrawled in a messy hand before glancing back up at her. "If you're done. Get out."