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Author Topic: Decode [Lion]  (Read 353 times)

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Re: Decode [Lion]
« Reply #20 on: October 16, 2017, 10:51:44 PM »
Addie blinked, losing the bravado for a moment to stare down at one of Solarta's favorite greynecks in surprise. They hadn't expected him to take the question seriously, or at the very least, didn't expect him to answer seriously.

And the fact that he said they were distracting and implied that was the reason he fumbled?

Yeah that light blush on Adele's face wasn't going to go anywhere any time soon--which was extremely odd, irritating as well; it made the tip of their tail flick. It was usually next to impossible to make Adele blush, considering their extracurricular... "Hobbies." Why the hell were they getting all red in the face now, then!?

Sure, they'd always admired Hannibal to an extent. Sure, they'd always dreamed of meeting him and maybe followed some of those blogs about him a little too closely but that was forever ago. The moment they got into the Candidacy program they'd dropped all those whimsical fantasies (... Yeah okay maybe not all but MOST) in favor of buckling down and working hard to show the world what they were made of.

And yet here they were, crumbling to pieces just cause he said they were distracting--didn't even say what kind of distracting, really!

He said they had an iron spirit and they smiled a little--an actual, genuine one, rather than that cheeky grin or smirk they usually wore--and let him get up to switch over to the barbells, deciding to get back up on those bars and hang upside-down by their knees to practice some hanging sit-ups.

"Well thank you, I'll take that as a compliment." They grinned, before he asked him how he was enjoying th--

Hot shot?

Adele almost slipped and if it hadn't been for their tail shooting out to wrap around the next bar they would have fallen on their head like they were in a goddang cartoon.

Hot shot?!?

They felt like they were melting inside, like a wax candle burning up. The hell?! The hell was this!? They recognized the feeling of their body temperature rising just a smidge, that was an easy thing, but their heart melting? New sensation--weird one. Didn't like it. Nope.

"I-I--" Holy shit now they were STUTTERING? No! What the hell was this!? "It's great. So far. It's everything I hoped it would be." If Adele could ever be thankful for one thing though it was their quick mind.

They looked over at him, trying to ignore the movement of his muscles under his taught, tan skin (which had just the slightest glossy sheen of sweat huff~) in favor of speaking words. "You gave me quite a surprise though I'll say." Still couldn't make eye contact, why did he have to be so pretty. It wasn't fair.

They resituated themselves on the monkey bars and returned to their sit-ups, smirking. "Guess I probably shocked the shit out of you though so I don't have a leg to stand on here. Weren't expecting a rat?~"

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Re: Decode [Lion]
« Reply #21 on: December 03, 2017, 08:21:24 PM »
To anyone else the term was nothing more than conversational. Hannibal had thought he'd conveyed the term as such. He was quiet, and ignored the little smirk that was playing on his lips at the way Addie was getting flustered. It was vaguely adorable. Only vaguely and as if getting under other people's skin wasn't his most favorite thing ever, he took a great deal of satisfaction watching Adele's tail shoot out to try and grasp a bar to maintain their place on the monkey bars.

Hannibal worked his biceps a few good reps at a time, rotating his wrist to keep position and making the bicep pop the moment it contracted and created a tight-knit ball. He kept up the motion, feeling Adele's eyes on him and unsure if the tinging he felt at the back of his neck and the hackles rising were from liking the attention, or from the fact that he could make Adele fumble.

They seemed so cool, so smooth. But a simple turn of phrase and they nearly broke their neck. Not that he would have wanted them to get hurt, but sometimes tripping up could be wildly entertaining. Wildly.  Hannibal shifted his head, tilting so that he was listening but not quite so much as to give them a glance.

It was a haughty motion, because he knew they were looking. And once he felt that his biceps had gotten enough attention he placed the bars back on the rack, wiggling his hands out and casually meeting their gaze.

Okay, so it was pretty clear they weren't going away. And he could share space with them. They were Valkyries now here, and he was an adult. Yup, nothing weird here. Not at all trying to suss them out, see if they were even in the right place.

"Shocked? Naaaah, but you're pretty weird looking," he admitted casually, meeting their gaze again. Well, because they were. "Didn't expect the tail. But seein' as it just kept ya from smashing your face on the floor, yeah I'd say it could be mighty useful."

Hannibal sauntered over to where they were doing hanging sit-ups and he shifted behind them, so that his front was facing their back and with a jump, he reached up for the set of bars behind them. He hung there for a while, admiring their backside, the way the black clung to alabaster skin, and a small lurch in his belly and the way the dips were accentuated around their hips.

He took in a deep breath and began to do pull-ups, keeping his from perfect depite the distraction in front of him. No, he hadn't decided what kind of distraction they were yet. But one thing was for sure when they walked into the room, all eyes were on them. Yeah, he could get used to that.

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Re: Decode [Lion]
« Reply #22 on: December 12, 2017, 09:29:21 AM »
The fact that he was so obviously listening to them, yet refusing to meet their gaze while they spoke made a quiet fire burn in Addie's chest that almost lit their tailtip aflame. How rude, and Adele was sure that he knew it, too.

And yet all they could do was helplessly watch as he worked his biceps and good gods if it wasn't distracting as hell watching those muscles flex. Why'd he have to be such a hunk?

Sometimes life just wasn't fair.

And yet he called them weird-looking and their heart fell just a teensy bit. Of course, Adele. Don't ask questions you don't want answers to, you should know better. Especially knowing that Hannibal was Solartan, and given his reaction when they first met, which hadn't been much all different from every other Solartan in this town.

It was their turn to look away now, ignoring the slight blush still tinting their cheeks as he spoke. Yeah, their tail was pretty usefull, thank you very much.

And yet the big guy came over, hips swaying naturally with the movement that made it too hard for Adele not to stare at his thighs and ugh huff maybe they should just give up and go take a shower--no, no. They weren't admitting defeat here. They heard him take in the sharp breath behind them as he situated himself on the monkey bars and suddenly they smirked. They had no way of knowing for sure just what that had been a reaction to, but they knew their backside really was rather pretty.

They dropped their legs down from the monkey bars in a simple graceful flip, the movement allowing them to ""accidentally"" brush their tail against Hannibal's pelvis.

"Ahh sorry, didn't realize you were so close. But yes it's quite useful for a lot of things." They purred with a smirk, still not looking at him and returning the haughtiness from earlier as they dropped down and landed smoothly on their feet back on the ground, stretching upwards and extending their hands upwards to the ceiling as they let the natural movement accentuate the curve of their back and the sharp angles of their hips and ass, still ignoring him all the while.

They let their arms relax and drop back down to their sides, rolling their shoulders with a pleased hum, only just now casting a glance at him over their shoulder, that smirk so obvious and the look in their eyes as inviting as they were taunting as they walked away, taking a minor break to get a drink from the water fountain. It was one of the worst tricks in the book--bending over to get a drink with some of the water escaping and rolling down their jaw, but in all seriousness they were thirsty. Now, what next, or did they say screw it and end with some stretches before they took a shower and got ready for an actual day of work to begin?

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Re: Decode [Lion]
« Reply #23 on: December 17, 2017, 10:29:31 PM »
He knew they were looking, he knew they were going to look back on this fondly what with all the eyecandy he was openly and haughtily providing them. He could tease back just as well as they could, couldn't he? So he continued to do his pull-ups and just nudged his legs forward enough to give him some leverage.

Yup, this was a good burning day, his body was on fire. Everything was firing on all cylinders.  And...


The hackles on the back of Hannah's neck raised to over 9000 and he stopped mid-pull up to let himself just hang there, doing well to ignore the warmth blossoming in his lower abdomen at the slight contact.

"Hey!"  The word was a kneejerk reaction and he plopped down on the mat beneath him, scowling at the rat kid. Ugh! They touched him. With that thing.  That thing that was firmly attached to that round ass that curved up into that slender spine. That drifted up to a lithe and slender torso.  Hannah wasn't staring, you're staring, absolutely not shuddup.

They walked away though and took a drink form the fountain, and he followed them, cornering them the moment they turned around, water dribbling down their chin.  He was close enough to feel their breath and then some and he reached up to brush the bead of water away from their mouth.

"Hey, race you on the track. You look fast. Treadmills are one thing. On the track though. You and me. Now," he challenged and gave a sly grin. "Cluck-cluck."

He took a hand and pushed it against their cheek in a mock slap, playful and somewhat teasing before he slapped their ass and raced off toward the track room at the other end of the gym.

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Re: Decode [Lion]
« Reply #24 on: December 24, 2017, 12:38:42 AM »
Of all the things they had expected Hannibal to do--like snort or roll his eyes, leave, get frustrated, something of that sort--coming after them certainly was pretty far down on the list. So far down in fact it hadn't been on the list of possibilities they had considered at all.

They had blinked in surprise when he cornered them and they found their gaze sweeping up that tan skin to look into those gorgeous green eyes, and they realized with a skip of their heartbeat that holy fuck he was close. Really close. And better yet? He touched them.

After they'd had the guts to brush that tail against him, he treated it like it was nothing despite what had happened the first time they met and now he was here, trapping them against that wall so they were forced (hah, forced, good one) to let their gaze sweep up and down that fit body of his as a hungry shiver rolled down their spine and twisted in the heat pooling in their gut. Their breath caught in their throat as he reached up to wipe that water away from their face, not shying away from the contact at all as they got ensnared in that gaze of his. Just like that they were putty in his hands and as alarming as that was they didn't mind in the slightest.

He challenged them to a race as they felt their cheeks heat with a slight blush again, their eyebrows knitting in defiance because duh when would Adele Somora ever turn down a challenge? Absolutely never, of course.

Until he reached up, gave their cheek a playful pat and while that pulled them out of that momentary trance, the slap on their ass? That woke them right the fuck up. And it took every ounce of restraint they had to not moan when he did it. They couldn't help but stand there afterward, dumbfounded and shocked as he ran off toward the track room like some excitable kid as their breath came in light pants already as it was, and it sure as shit wasn't from any strain of exercise.

Fuck. Fuck they were glad they'd tucked today but gods all mighty it hurt in the best ways possible.

After a moment of trying to will away those dirty dirty thoughts in their head about how badly they'd love for Hannah to catch them on the track, tackle and pin them to the ground and take them like a fucking animal in order to ""win""--gods save their pour soul now--they followed after him. It was only a light jog to catch up with him, grinning with playfulness as they gave him a casual hip check as they caught up and nodded their chin at him.

"You said that like you thought I wouldn't accept! I'm definitely fast--faster than you, as you're about to see in a moment. How many laps?" They teased, lining up at the starting line for him as they waited for him to get into position once they'd decided on duration and all that.

"On the count of three?" Their pearly whites flashed in their grin, eyes mischievous as they took one glance around and saw that it was a fairly decent-sized track.

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Re: Decode [Lion]
« Reply #25 on: December 25, 2017, 09:43:03 PM »
Expectations aside, Hannibal knew there was only a few ways he could suss out this little ratkid on an even playing field. If they were going to be his squadmate, and fellow Pilot, he had to make sure they could keep up with the best of the best. Of course on the surface he had no doubt as to their capabilities if Yavul had picked them personally to join the Squad that was how things like that went. That was how it went with him, except maybe with the previous commander.

No, but those was Yavul's circumstances. This was more personal. Hannibal needed to know for himself if they could keep up, if they were squad worthy. He hadn't had this kind of doubt in his mind before. And if in the end they couldn't keep up with everyone and everything they had to go through, they probably died or were transferred. Did he want to see them transferred? No, he reminded himself, once a Valkyrie always a Valkyrie. But if they failed, Hannibal wouldn't be able to respect them.  And that in his eyes was far worse than death.

Hannibal paused when they finally caught up to him at the starting point on the track. Hmmm, that was a good question. Just how far did he plan on leaving them in the dust and then some. Full on sprint? Endurance run? A mix of both? Laps? How about just a plain speed run, a real race, straight off, no weird detours.

Hannibal watched them from the corner of his eye and was about to say something smart when they touched him again. This time with their hip. Sure it wasn't their tail but the contact irked him no doubt and he did his best to keep this cringe to a minimum. Hannibal cricked his neck and nodded to the end of the track.

"Straight sprint," he said simply. "One lap. As fast as possible."  He grunted a little at the mention of the count of three, he huffed and started the countdown, but even before he finished saying 'two' he was already off, bolting from the starting position he was in and running down the track at full sprint, determined to leave them in the dust.

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Re: Decode [Lion]
« Reply #26 on: December 30, 2017, 10:10:25 AM »
Something in Adele flared up a little bit when he didn't respond to their teasing with much more than a grunt and that serious expression as he set the terms and conditions ofthe race, which was simple enough, however--what exactly was his issue? Their brows furrowed just slightly, the tip of their tail twitching. That playfulness he'd had moments before was gone, replaced with this grumpy tough guy attitude like he hadn't just smacked their ass and trotted around the gym happier than a horse with a carrot.

They ignored it, reminded again of his first reaction to them when they met, and decided to try and put all their foxus onto this race; maybe if they won he'd get over whatever it was he was clearly having issues with. Whether it was their tail or that maybe he found them attractive and just couldn't admit it to himself, whatever it was it didn't matter. They were gonna win, and they were gonna set this record straight once and for all.

Their eyes widened when he dashed ahead on two, and like a bullet from a gun they were right after him, frustration twisting their gut and giving them just that extra boost of energy.

"CHEATER!" They snapped, doing well to keep up with his speed but not bothering to overcome him just yet, letting him put a meter or two of distance between them.

Of the two he had longer legs and could cover more ground, but he was bulky which meant he was overall a tad bit slower. Adele was short, and had to work twice as hard to cover the same distance, but their slender, streamlined build meant that they were quick as lightning. The two were overall tied, which meant that it had to be strategy that would allow Addie to win, and they had one alright.

As they neared the last quarter of the track, the energy they had saved earlier in the race by staying behind him was put to use as their feet hit the ground harder, sprinting with all they had to catch up to him and pass him, their breath coming in even yet short pants as they ran like their life depended on it, their heart hammering in their chest, echoing in their ears as they swore to themself they absolutely had to win this, they had to show Hannibal what they were made of.

They didn't join this squad to be confronted with two-faced attitudes and cowards who couldn't stand by their own hypocritical actions. They were gonna win this, and then they'd see who Hannibal was sneering at!

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Re: Decode [Lion]
« Reply #27 on: January 28, 2018, 12:03:01 AM »
The truth was, and this was a facet that Hannibal had thought of even before he took off from the starting line, it didn't matter who won this race today, or tomorrow, or after the first six months little ratkid was going to be here. If they were good, then they were good. Yavul knew how to pick his own squaddies. But if they were going to be squadmates, Hannibal didn't know if he could call them his equal. Ever. Maybe there were shortcomings he had that they that could over time, and vice versa. But no, they weren't. And they'd never be.

The race, meh, that was just for fun, because it was so nice to watch them squirm. 

Hannibal ran like the wind, he always did. He wasn't the tallest, the strongest, or even the most handsome, or even the fastest. But he ran like the wind - one with the wind, and even on that track he could see from the corner of his eye that Adele Somora was trying to pull some slick shit. Conserve their energy to sprint full force at the last second.  Well, well, now, they might just beat him by the hair on their skinny rat tail, but Hannibal had something else in mind.

The finish line was in sight. Couldn't have been closer. Victory was near and Hannibal shoved his arm out to the side, palm bracing against Addie's arm.  And he shoved himself along with them until they were both in a heap on the ground. He rolled with them and until he had the pinned, he sat on them firmly and gripped their wrists, holding them above their head.

"This is my city, kid. You might be on the squad but you ain't my equal. You're just a hot shot with too much to prove and not enough brains to not bother at all. But I admire gumption, to a point. You're a rat in a maze," he shrugged, curling his lips into a grin. "All you can do is chew your way out. Bet you're good at that."

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Re: Decode [Lion]
« Reply #28 on: January 28, 2018, 06:21:21 PM »
During the shortness of the race it felt as if time was flowing by slower than molasses while at the same time racing too fast. All they could think about was winning so they could shove it in Hannah's face and he could take that nasty attitude change and shove it up his ass--seriously what was he, bipolar?!--despite them knowing that wasn't why they should be racing.

They shouldn't have been letting him get to them, and they were starting to realize that as the finish line came into sight and they put just that little bit more effort into burning muscles to try and beat him to it even if only by one extra step, and they were so close they could taste the victory on the wind--

Suddenly something connected with their arm and they were shoved, hard enough to make them lose balance and trip as they went down onto their side on the track, sharp ears picking up the sounds of another body falling with them and somewhere in the back of their mind they realized he hadn't just pushed them, he'd full on tackled them. The two rolled, the track biting at their skin as they came to a stop with Hannibal sitting on top of them and pinning them by their wrists. For a moment a whole slew of conflicting emotions boiled within them all at once as their brain scrambled to keep up. He was their squadmate, but their first instinct from years in Candyland was to protect themself; burn him, kick him off. They barely held it back, sparks flying from their clenched fists but remaining that and only that, for now.

And then he spoke, and their fluttering heartbeat started hammering for other reasons as something dark twisted in their gut.

He was bullying them.

It wasn't as if the behavior was new--every Candidate experienced it as a Gracie. It was how the strong were gleaned from the weak to be trained as proper Pilots--Addie just hadn't experienced this kind of behavior in particular before, though. Nearly flirting with them, acting repulsed by them, now mocking them. The old phrase 'boys are mean to the girls they like' popped into their head and they clenched their teeth, setting their jaw as they resisted the urge to recoil in actual disgust.

Their first instinct was to spit in his face which... Was a no for obvious reasons. The anger that flared up in their chest told them to knee him in the crotch and shove him off and leave but they hadn't gotten all the way here just to act like a catty brat. All those years spent training, all the effort and devotion--no. They weren't gonna give in to his shitty fucking attitude.

"Ah, y'know, Hannibal... Would you be my yoga instructor? Cause I'd really love to learn how to suck my own dick as well as you can yours."

They did well to keep their tone of voice as even as they could, only small amounts of the venom they truly felt tinging the edges of their words just a tad.

"I'm not here to be your equal, and I could give a damn less what you think of me and my rat tail," They said as they wiggled it out from under themself just enough to brush it against his leg up to his side since he couldn't stand it so much, yknow, "I'm here to do my job and if ya got a problem with that then I'd expect you be a big boy and tell me about it like an adult."

They made a pointed glance at where his hands pinned their wrists to the track above their head before looking back at him; never once had they failed to meet his gaze head on, their pink hues burning with a range of emotions: concealed just enough to hide what they really felt, but still prevalent enough to know that they were there, burning, like a house gone up in flames hidden under thick clouds of smoke.

"If you're out of hypocritical bullshit to spew at me then I'd appreciate it if you could get off of me."

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Re: Decode [Lion]
« Reply #29 on: February 12, 2018, 11:51:49 PM »
In the end none of what was happening now really mattered and to waste this kind of energy was only so fun for even Hannibal. He'd been done with his work out he supposed. And keeping Addie pinned underneath him only brought him a fleeting sense of satisfaction. The truth was he didn't really care. And even if he didn't really care for them as an individual, they were a Valkyrie all the same. He didn't want to be any closer to them than that and thankfully beyond exercises, and training, he didn't have to.

His expression softened and instead he grinned, just sitting up while still on top of them and threw his head back to snort.  "Ain't you adorable. Look, like you said, it's all bullshit. Ain't none of this mean a goddamn thing. You don't care for me, and I don't care for you. That's that. Ain't gotta be nothing else. You do you, hot shot. See ya around."

Hannibal got up and cracked his neck a little, walking off to the locker rooms to shower and wash off the stink of a rat touching him. Blech. The effort was pointless and frankly it wouldn't be the first stupid thing he's ever done, and definitely wouldn't be the last. The bottomline never changed. He'd wake up and the next day would be this all over again.

They were a Valkyrie. That was that.  Nothing more, nothing less.  He let out a deep breath and hit the showers. With that breath the tension gradually eased from him, letting go of stupidity long enough to listen to reason. Hannibal turned on the water and let it fall over him for a while, washing up quickly and toweling off. Yeah, food afterward sounded good.

He really ought not to skip breakfast on days like these.