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Author Topic: Sinche DeRath, Nightclub Co-Owner [WIP, Under Construction, all that good stuff]  (Read 23 times)

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__________________QUICK STATS
Name Sinche DeRath (Sin-chay Deh-WRATH)
Alias Goes by Sin, Socks in chat
Age 32, appears mid-20's
Gender Male
Species Human Weretiger
Ethnicity A hodgepodge of different ethnicities, but predominately Libran.
Height 6'1"
Occupation The '9th Life' Nightclub Co-Owner
Residence The Libra

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description Messy and short strawberry hair lies atop a chiseled, well defined face. Sharp blue eyes peer out from under long bangs, sometimes almost feral and wild looking though usually carrying a look that conveys a feeling of boredom. A short, well groomed chinstrap beard frames his jaw.

His shoulders are none too broad, though he carries himself in a way that exudes confidence and strength. While he may not be the largest man around, his body is toned and well defined, though this is generally hidden under rather baggy clothing. His attire generally consists of tight shirts and baggy pants, combat boots, and a long blue denim trench coat that, despite its age, appears immaculate.

Personality Sarcastic wise-ass with lots of deadpan humor, and a temper problem that he's working on***

Magic/Abilities Beyond his militaresque physique, Sinche boasts lycanthropy in the form of a weretiger, and is able to shift between his human form, tiger form, or a hybrid of the two at will. However, he does have the nasty tendency to accidently transform when he is angry or overly stressed, though he's working on keeping his temper in check. That said, its not uncommon to see a large, pissed off tiger behind the bar making drinks, or standing near the door dealing with unruly patrons. Sinche retains perfect control while transformed, and an unwanted transformation is a sure sign to him that he needs to reign in his temper.

Relationships tba

History tba

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