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Author Topic: Isolation of Long Sorrow [Open]  (Read 21 times)

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Isolation of Long Sorrow [Open]
« on: April 09, 2018, 02:29:19 PM »
This would be the first time Cye would ever command on his own. He was feeling a mixture of many emotions: Fear, anticipation, excitement, and most of all, curiosity. He knew that these emotions, though natural, would create a rather Irresponsible display to his fellow Builders. Operators were to adhere to a strict emotional almanac. He knew all of this too well, and yet, couldn't help himself. He presumed his diminished emotional control came from his younger age. He was very young, and even younger still according to the parameters of an operator. Only twenty six years, he was the youngest operator to ever serve in Solace. This added to his overwhelming dread greatly. Punishments are always more severe upon error to younger Builders.” he thought.
Pushing past this thought was like moving a boulder. He looked upward from the berth to the vessel moored above, casting a shadow of dread upon him.

The Veil of Broken World, or just The Veil as called by the Builders. Resting in a parked state beside her sister: Crestfallen. Both ships resembled each other greatly. Each were the standard form for all Trepidation class vessels: Long, thin triangular bow section. Further aft located the carapace of the vessel; sweeping back like a smooth shell, and then splitting into four independently moving wings. She was a polished gunmetal grey, with chrome lining her joints, and a subtle brazen light emanating from within; like a pulsating soul. She was perfectly symmetrical from her length. Beautiful, simply beautiful.” Cye thought to himself. This ship has served the Builders without error for ten millennia.” He thought. “Why am I trusted with its fate?”

He turned his attention to the forests that remain behind him. Growing up all his life on Epitaph, the last thing he wanted was to never return. Raised under the shade of vast forests in everpresent beauty, so little did he know of what lay beyond.
“Must you sulk forever?” Cye made a small shriek of surprise, turning from a deep purple to a pale white. Quickly he spun to attend to his company. He turned to face a tall Builder. Taller than his 12 foot stature, she also had a athletic, muscular build that complemented her height tremendously. “Had I realized this occupation be so taxing on you, I never would have obliged.” She said. She spun her words with such careful and precise manner. So much so, you could almost swear she was a highly respected political individual. “I do not wish to be cut short so soon.” He replied. “I have spent so long for this, and now I finally have what I have strove for all these years. I just wish I felt more pride than fear.” Cye said sadly. “Your pride will come in time. All you must do is roam beyond our system.” She countered his despondency with uttermost simplicity it seemed. “I will not be swayed by your words of false hope this time.” He retorted. “Take it was you will.” She responded gently, and turned away.

He watched her depart from the port. She left with seemingly unyielding grace and beauty. Just like The Veil, just like Epitaph… He turned slowly now, the weight of his sorrow weighing him down, toward the escort craft. It would take him to his new ship. He peered through the viewport as the ship rose, his view growing more fast over the green landscape of Epitaph. The last time he left it was of ill consequence. Only now, the view brought no good memories.
The ship pulled into The Veil without error. Stepping out over the extending ramp, he admired the interior of the vessel. Inside was designed with intricate curves, slants, and linear parts. Glowing with the brazen light, much brighter on the inside, illuminating only the areas where he chose to go. Following him like he were a figure on a stage. He was the only living thing on this ship. He made his way to the lift. The ship was colossal compared to the remainder in the port. Yet not the largest.

“Ready to depart on your command.” The ship’s A.I. chimed with enthusiasm. “Noted, disengage magnetic mooring and take us into parking orbit.” Cye commanded. The massive vessel then lurched and began its accent into the orbit of Epitaph. The Veil’s engines roared with magnetic feedback as they heaved her skyward. Cye arrived at the command deck, and watched through the alpha viewscreen as the curve of Epitaph grew more prominent. Soon the golden arcs of sunlight peered over the crest of her surface and cast the ship in a glow of warmth. “The Veil has successfully reached parking orbit, ready to depart on your command.” The A.I’s voice pierced the silence.
Cye looked at one of the displays at it relayed a message from the port:

“The Veil is cleared for FTL jump, proceed when ready.”

His confidence revived under the power he now had, Cye summoned the attention of the A.I. “We are ready to depart, prepare hold for jump... Ahead full.”
“Affirmative commander, ahead full.”  the A.I. then hastily set to work: The engines began their vocal chorus of accent as their voices grew louder. Cye turned finally, and gazed at the rapidly shrinking view of Epitaph. His home, all he knew, growing less and less right before his eyes. His color flashed from a prominent red, to a deep sorrowful purple. Looking back at it, as if it was a distant memory long past. He thought of the trees, his home, his family… Her…

With that, the ship engaged in its acceleration, and the planet flashed out of view altogether as The Veil shot into the vast unknown expanse of deep space….
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