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Author Topic: Ship: The Veil  (Read 14 times)

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Ship: The Veil
« on: April 08, 2018, 11:19:02 PM »
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-Length: 1.95 kilometers

-Beam: 200 meters

-Draft: 600 meters

-Complement: 0 (Ship requires zero crew at minimum, A.I. can be charged at helm.)

-Max persons: 65,000

-Powerplant: Geometric Dimensional Harvester

-Sublight propulsion: Two vacuum energy converters

-FTL propulsion: Border Dimensional drive.

-Hangar: ship can accompany 6 escort craft, 12,000 drone fighters, or six 200m by 50m craft

-Equipment displacement: 800,000,000 tons

-Shields: photon alignment shield system

-Armament: Emp deployers, neurological suppressors, high output particle beam

___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________

The Veil of Broken World is a Trepidation class vessel assigned as an explorer by the Builder Council of Solace. Originally built as a Trepidation class destroyer; the ship’s weapons and firepower was deemed Unnecessary by the council, and was refitted as a Trepidation exploration vessel.


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The Veil of Broken World, or the Veil as it is simply called, is a vessel that was used in a multitude of wars before the settlement of Solace. Built over 11,000 years ago, and maintained with the highest precision; the Veil has remained in her prime since launch.
    Given her name due to her planet destroying capabilities, the Veil no longer has such armament. Serving in Great Sandian wars, The Veil was sent in a follow up fleet to the Sandian homeworld to break through heavy defense from anti-orbital constructs. Completing the task, and ending the stalemate.

Also serving in the Builder-Whavian war, The Veil was set over the battle of Veron. Where she observed from a polar orbit, but never engaged directly. She was charged with the rendering of Veron’s star supernova. Until the Inoasi intervened and ended the ordeal before the task could be completed.   
In later years, and towards the end of Builder domain over their galaxy, The Veil served as an armed data escort. Making multiple trips to deliver valuable data on Builder history and culture to Epitaph. Serving in this position for three decades, she was then decided to permanently be stationed at Solace.
___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ______

There is only one current crew member, and that is all she needs. For now that is…

Operator:  Cyprein Etu D’acel