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Author Topic: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]  (Read 139 times)

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The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
« on: March 30, 2018, 07:51:15 PM »
“If your father knew you were coming here, he’d kill you, y’know. Nothing else gets him fuming these days other than the knowledge that you’re out doing your own thing, living your life. Did I ever tell you that when you were taken into candidacy, he went completely off the wall? No? Pffft, well, he marched into his office, upturned the desk, ripped out the drapes and threatened anyone with that spring loaded knife of his if they tried to come in and ‘calm him down.’ He said you were betraying the family…  Said you were dead to him.”

Mom was unusually chipper on that call, and the rail to Travica was taking a little bit longer than normally scheduled, and Theo busied his hands with a leather band he’d been braiding along the way and the music playing on his earbuds. Travis Nothing, classic retrowave, and he tapped the phone off once the call was over. What else was new regarding what the Colonel thought of him.

Cry him a motherfucking river, why not. Theodoryk Kray snorted to himself as the railcar passed over the city’s lower levels, pretty soon passing through to the sector junction that would take him to his mother’s. Amitra was a stunning woman, well into her 300’s although you’d never immediately tell by looking at her, eyes a fiery red that burned at the edges like molten lava. There wasn’t any doubt as to why the Colonel married her, made her his, begat children by her.

Amitra, however, was no woman to be trifled with. When you spent the last few centuries of your life with someone, that tended to be all you knew, and it was no wonder that the things that once drew you to them would ultimately become abhorrent to you. Make you cringe at the very sight and sound of them. The Colonel was not a good man - if he could even be called a man at all, but for the simplest of terms it was suitable in this instance - and there were things that were said between them that couldn’t be forgiven.

Theo had been gone by then, he’d gone off and graduated and moved to Samariel where the water drew him and where there were no worries beyond the duties dictated by his Dragon. Asphodei Ramsey Kray was what the Colonel called himself at some point. It was never a name Theo used, and he tried never to refer to that seedbearer as if he’d ever been anything resembling a father.

Besides, the last thing Theo wanted to think about was him, and he wasn’t about to ruin his visit to Amitra. The 15 hour ride to cross that putrid toxic ocean was a chore, and the junction through Ryun to head north was even more time for him to get lost in his head. Even more time to muse on the past and what little meaning it really held. Visits to Travica were rare enough as it was with work being what it was, and him being who he was.

No reason to ruin it. None at all.

“And then after I told him I didn’t have any interest. He got angry and said, ‘Yeah? Well maybe I’ve got interest enough for both of us.’ He got handsy then I had to rip his balls off and hand them to him,” she went on and on as Theo took her into the Manolins on a wester upper level sector. It wasn’t as busy at this time of day as he assumed it would be. No snapbacked, half-dressed would be screenwriter hacks pounding away on tablets and keyboards. Except that one guy in the corner, his peach fuzz stache covered in dried latte foam. Theo rolled his eyes.

He sniffed, pinching his nose, and grinned at his mother. “You smell that right?”

“You mean the incandescent festering of a prolific hipster’s magnum opus?” she snickered.

“Exactly. That right there is probably the next Yuletide action blockbuster. I bet you seven pearls.”

“Fucking yes. You’re so on! I expect those pearls in necklace form. Either that or seven butterfly kisses.”

Theo snorted and took a seat across from her, once their orders were made and drinks being prepared.  “So what’s the big news you had to tell me? And….Mom, stop picking at the fucking cookie.  Here, lemme show you how it’s done.”  Theo took his own chocolate chip cookie and promptly shoved the whole thing into his mouth. It was too much to try and keep a straight face when Amitra looked at him dead in the eye and did the exact same thing, staring him down with the glare only a mother was capable of.

It took everything to keep from spitting it out immediately from laughter, and for a full 3 minutes straight, red orange eyes met to red orange eyes. Theo’s narrowed, holding cookie firmly in mouth until the corners of his mouth started to drool over, and when a small bit of slobber rolled out, he swallowed down what he could and spit the rest out into a napkin and cackled madly. “You win, mom. You win.”

His grin softened as he watched her eat and grin wildly. He brought over their coffee and settled hers down gently.

“I guess there’s no use beating around the bush. I really shouldn’t be surprised that you didn’t know though. Your father would do everything in his power to keep anything from you.”

He sighed and frowned. “Don’t call him that. He’s not my father. He’s the Colonel. That’s all he ever will be. His own words not mine.”

Her eyes narrowed and she frowned, mouth drawn into a tight-lipped line. The corners of her mouth only showed the faintest signs of wrinkling, and the coloration of her lipstick stayed right where it belonged rather than coating the lid of her cup after she took a thoughtful sip.  “Leander is engaged. Your father arranged it several months ago, but I’ve only just now found out about it. She’s going to be married.”

Theo’s hand stopped playing with the lid of his cup and he froze, staring at the lid and he could have sworn his stomach grew cold, the cookie sitting on a geyser of bile, and he scowled, frown deepening at the cold twist his gut continued to pretzel itself into. His eyes faltered, unable to look at Amitra anymore and tilted down at the cookie pieces he couldn’t eat. “Any thought as to when? Probably soon I imagine.”

“So far that’s all I know…  But...I’m sorry.”

“No...it’s…. Thanks for telling me mom. Hey, so how about them Titans huh?”

There were few places in Travica where one could achieve a decent swim. The pools of Samariel could only largely be rivaled by those of Ryun, and even that was kind of pushing it. Ryun had its charms. But Samariel had its spirit. But since beggars didn’t want to spend the next 24 hours on a rail right back home after only speaking with Amitra for less then a day, his choice remained the Strega Training Complex for Pilots less than esteemed enough to get their kicks out at the Titans facility.

Theo stripped down to orange and blue compression shorts, the orange stripe running down the side and ending just before his thigh began. The small spiked fins along the sides of his arms and legs frilled out from the lack of clothing to snag on them. And with the presence of water so close, even chlorinated as it was, he could feel every nerve of his standing on end.

He undid his hair from the bun on his head and with a small leap, dove right in, staying underwater for a number of minutes, the dim lights in the pool area just barely enough to light the nonslip edges, and there at the bottom he lingered for a bit. Wishing just for a moment that he could drown...
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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2018, 11:55:14 PM »
Cry her a motherfucking river.

The slam of metal echoing throughout the womens' locker room in the less-esteemed Pilot-only pool of Travica was louder than necessary. It rang against the other metal doors, making them shake in their cubbies as she stood there in her high-cut one piece bathing suit, teeth grit and fists clenched as she stared at the rather unassuming metal door. Her civilian clothes lay just behind it, wadded up into a random net totebag out of sheer spite and frustration, shoved as far to the back as possible, as if in doing so she could ignore what was really bothering her any easier.

She couldn't.

Her seafoam green gaze affixed itself on the slight three inch hairline scratch in the dark navy blue paint, revealing the locker's true brassy color beneath right on the center of the door. It marred an otherwise perfect and untampered locker door, and under any other circumstances she probably wouldn't have even noticed it--but tonight she stared at it, glaring with daggers in her eyes of hate and pure loathing. Those feelings weren't meant for the door, they were meant for another person, but staring in a mirror didn't quite produce the intended effect.

Always getting her hopes up. Always letting herself down, letting everyone down.

She snatched her towel angrily from the bench behind her and set off for the pool. She'd come here to work off some of this excess steam, since talking about her problems had never been a skillset she'd learned. Sure, she knew of it in theory.

Knew other people did it.

But she wasn't other people. She was Andromeda Messiere. She was... Different. In a not-so great way.

She tossed her towel carelessly to a bench along the wall as she stepped out to the pool and the scent of the chlorine hit her like a wall. The serene and unnatural aqua waters were perfectly untouched, like she was looking at a pure sheet of blue glass with lines some 12 feet beneath. It was fairly standard, and later in evenings like this, usually abandoned. Most Pilots, particularly here in Travica, often occupied their time with other hobbies. Swimming was a bit unusual; and yet she loved it so.

As far as she knew she was no water demon; her mom was just some crazy kinda succubus she'd seen once in a photo, and that was really all she needed to know. All Andy knew right now was that Andy liked the water, Andy needed to work off some steam, and Andy wanted to go to the pool. Roll it all up into one and you got Andy doing a perfect dive off the board to the waters below, the immediate silence of the pressure of the water against her ear drums oddly satisfying as for a moment she felt suspended in "air." Bubbles danced around her in swarms, and when she opened her eyes the pool itself was rather blurry. Underwater vision was not something her genes had granted her, dangit.

She eventually came up, breaking the surface and shaking her hair out of her eyes as she started to do some laps. Work off the energy, focus on left, right, breathe, left, right, breathe, and nothing else.

Let all problems melt away to be tucked under the rug later. Ignored, forgotten, until eventually the sore wore away and she was left back at square one again. And again. And again.

"Fuck," She spat as she stopped in the middle of a lap, taking a breath to dunk her head violently under the water and come back up again, spitting the nasty taste out of her mouth with a snarl on her face.

This was stupid, she was so, so fucking stupid. Always had been. Always would be.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

With another deep breath she plunged back under the water again, playing. Fucking around. Trying anything and everything she could think of to stop thinking about the issues here, because fretting and stewing over things out of her control was pointless. Simply, utterly, completely pointless.

It was at one point when she was under the water that she didn't realize she'd been joined in the pool by other company--and even when she came up, throwing her hair back in an arch that sprayed water in 180 degrees above her head she heard the noises of other splashes, glanced and saw someone else, and promptly ignored whoever it was. The entire reason she came to this pool in particular when she was in these kinds of moods--which had happened twice now in the past six months, a rare occurrence, but whatever--was because any other Pilots who came here couldn't use the Titan's pool, most likely. It meant they didn't know Andy much, and didn't care, and would leave her alone. Any regular patrons had long learned by now that when Andy visited this pool, particularly at this hour, the absolute last thing she wanted was to engage in friendly conversation.

They knew better, so she assumed this person knew better, and kept her back to them as she tossed her memorable purple mess of hair around over her shoulders, brushing it back from her face as she stood in the shallower end, water running down her form as she stared blankly at nothing. Thought nothing. Tried to feel nothing.

Keyword being: "tried".

Because no matter what she did her heart kept throbbing, and her heart kept hurting, and it was showing no signs of letting up this time.

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2018, 01:35:33 AM »
Frankly he hadn't even been aware of another body already in the water before he joined in. The water was his home and he'd been too lost in his head to think of anything else that would have made any remote difference in whether or not he went for a swim. Water was home. All was right when he was in it, and the rest of Aedolis melted away. There was no engagement, no Colonel, no Amitra, no Samariel or Ryun, no politics or policies to worry about.

It was a dark deep sanctum.

He breathed quietly down at the bottom of the pool, feeling the gills on either side of his neck open and flare out, filtrate the oxygen in the water and he laid down at the very bottom, eyes opening to see another shape in the pool, upside down as he was, his back against the bottom of the pool. Through the glare of the water, he could see a great set of legs standing in the shallower end, muscle shifting as they stood, water waist deep.

Theo grinned, wondering who was attached to such a pair of legs. It'd briefly passed over his mind, the thought of swimming over to them, grabbing those legs and pulling them under, holding them a second and passing air to them before letting them go. That was always a classic, but tended to have disaster written on it since most people were terrified of drowning and likely anyone else attached to legs like that was probably not intent on sinking like a stone so fast.

He did swim over, twirling over from his back and kicking forward, staying at the bottom and swimming along it until he was around those legs. And the closer he got, he felt a small jolt in his chest. He knew they were familiar. But why of all people would their owner be in a place like this. Didn't she have a facility where she could go swimming, not that he minded necessarily.  Theo grinned  and breathed out from his nostrils as he burst up from the surface, standing eye level with none other than Andromeda Messiere.

He said nothing for a long set of seconds, just meeting her gaze and watching the water fall down her face and body, dripping down the crevices of each muscle in small rivulets.

"Hey hey, Andy, what's up?" he asked, reaching back and brushing his own burgundy red hair out of his face, his fins flaring and twitching. Water dribbled down his face, beading along his skin, and eyes flared, keeping level with hers. "Fancy seeing you here."

Was she just going to scoff and ignore him? Yeah probably. Sounded like she wanted to be by herself from the mere look on her face. She was in a place known to lesser Pilots, had access to exclusive workspace, yet wasn't there.  Had a one piece swimsuit on which clearly was doing her a disservice when a two-piece suited her so much better - but he wasn't one to judge since he swam better naked anyway.

Theo shook his hair out like a dog and floated around onto his back around her, gliding along the surface, water sweeping off his chiseled chest and highlighting the brightly colored neons of his nautical tattoos, that seemed reflective in the dim lighting even then.

"What? Piranha got your tongue?" he snickered.

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
« Reply #3 on: April 02, 2018, 10:21:25 PM »
The longer she stood there and spaced out, the less she saw the water before her and instead remembered breath on her skin and arms around her, sending chills up her spine that meant the warm droplets of water rolling down her cheeks weren't full of chlorine like the rest.

She sucked in a breath, right as her heart jumped and nearly stopped as the water suddenly erupted before her. For a moment, instinctively, she snapped ready into a defensive position, hands raised to fists in front of her as fight or flight kicked in, and she'd always been the fighting type. She was so abruptly jarred from the memory, the shock making her gaze harden as she glared hard at whatever had decided to try and test its fate against Andromeda motherfucking Messiere and........

She blinked, staring right back at the guy before her shoulders relaxed and she stood straight again, hands dropping to rest on her hips as she arched a brow and realized she was face to face with...... Whats-his-face. From like last week or whatever. They'd tied in their wrestling match. Couldn't be bothered to remember his name, though.

"Oh look, I wasn't expecting to run into the missing member from the Backroad Boys tonight."

She sneered, glancing at his hair now let down from its bun to show its wavy glory that reminded her of similar styles that had been popular about twenty years ago. Ahh, it just needed the tips dyed blonde and it'd be perfect.

She rolled her eyes however, giving her hair a flippant toss over her shoulders as she started to turn away, cold fury bubbling up in her chest that she'd been disturbed when all she wanted was some fucking alone time, gods dammit-- before she stopped and realized that hey, actually...

Maybe a distraction was what she needed.

She tilted her head, back facing him as she favored one of her sharp canines, raising her brows in mischief as she glanced over her shoulder at him and suddenly whipped around, throwing her arms through the water with all the strength in her core and splashing a great wave on him, loud and hard and uncalled for.

"So dead set on losing you've decided to pester me for more, have you?" She crowed, though perhaps it wasn't quite as boisterous as it had been the first time they'd wrestled.

Something was missing, or maybe it was the slightest waver there at the tail end in her voice, or that shine in her eyes, that universally easy-to-understand look that wasn't caused by the wetness of a pool.

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
« Reply #4 on: April 03, 2018, 11:41:55 PM »
If anyone had told Theodoryk Kray that he was going to end up in a pool one day with none other than Andromeda Messiere, he would have scoffed and threw a drink at them, laughing all the way to the fish tank. Theo didn't believe in luck, that kind of thing didn't exist for people like him. Furthermore, such an incorporeal concept didn't and couldn't determine one's fate. If that was true, then he'd still be under his father's thumb, engaged, married to someone he didn't love and would never get to swim with fish.

Funny that, the blood that burned so hotly in his veins, both his gift and his curse. The his wings and his albatross. or so an old poem went that he'd read some time ago. He could believe in what he saw and felt and the feelings that inspired in him, he could embrace his freedom and for him that was real.

Theo flipped around, righting himself in the water until he was standing and kept his visage uniquely on her, scoping out her form, her stance, her weaknesses, where she would be most vulnerable if he pulled her under. Would she drown? No, not Andromeda Messiere. She was the best, she was invincible, she was untoppable. Andromeda the Indominable - that was the headline for Apex Magazine, back when he was fresh out of Candidacy. She was the best and gave 0 fucks.

And now she was standing in a pool in front of him and he felt his gut lurch. A small jolt rush south, a natural reaction to the chill he assumed and just grinned at her.

"Backroads Boys, that's a good one," he snorted, raising a brow at her and he couldn't help the small crease of disappointment his brow made at the let down of a comeback that was.

That being said, he braced himself for the shift in her stance, the way her tongue prodded at her canine, and when the shwoop of water came, he feigned a gasp and was grinning ear to ear. A snort escaped him, his red eyes lingering on the red and seemingly tired traces underneath her eyes, that familiar look of sorrow and weariness all balled into crow's feet and mischief.

"Oh you wanna play like that huh? Pretty sure I could make waves bigger than you. I'm slippery when wet," he snorted and reared his arms back to slap a huge wave right back at her face, knocking her majestic purple hair sideways. And turned his gaze devilish, the grin turning wicked as his eyes flicked to the other end of the pool. "How about we make this interesting. First one to complete 5 laps from one end to the pool to the other wins. One trip back and forth is one lap. Later loser."

He grinned and swirled his arms again to throw another wave of water before immediately diving underneath the surface and undulating his whole body to wriggle through the water, darting through it like a blade's edge.

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
« Reply #5 on: April 04, 2018, 07:14:49 PM »
The splash back was to be expected. She quickly raised a hand to shield her eyes, but the force of the water almost knocked her off-balance. Almost. She grabbed a handful of hair and tossed it back from her face, eyes shining now with real mischief and dangerous intrigue, her grin fierce as it showed off all of her sharp canines.

"Slippery? Oh I bet your pants must be a real slip'n'slide then, huh?" She sneered, but before she even had much of a chance to rub it in he proposed her a challenge--and didn't even give her the option of turning him down.

Had she had movable ears like some creatures, they'd have perked instantly at the mention of making things more interesting, and like that, as if he'd simply snapped his fingers, he had all of her attention like he was dangling a carrot in front of a horse. Games? Excellent. She needed the distraction, and thus when she saw his muscles tense as he started to move, heard the "Later, loser!" She wasted no time in springing after him.

She threw herself wholeheartedly back into the water, diving down under and kicking with surprising agility and coordination for a gal who played with glorified Pop 'Em Sock 'Em Robots all day. She tore through that water like a shark, pushing hard off of the wall as she completed every lap, determined to win. And yet the one time she happened to glance over, closing in on the fifth lap, she realized he was still ahead.

Andy didn't falter, but she felt her heart did. It stuttered for a half a second, and in that fraction of a moment she saw his splashes in the focus of her vision, other people flashed across her mind instead. Her heart clenched with more than just the exercise.

She reached the wall just after him, and it was clear the moment he pulled his head from the water. She took a moment to catch her breath, her forearms crossed on the side of the pool before she suddenly flexed and pulled herself up over the edge with ease, turning to sit, feet still trailing in the water as she tossed her hair back and smirked at him--though it was only half there.

"Not bad, Fishstick. Even though you cheated." She bared her teeth just slightly, nodding and making a pointed glance at his fins.

She pulled her feet up underneath her and gracefully stood, water splashing down her form and hitting the pavement with hard pitters and patters. It had been fun; a good workout, a good distraction. But she looked away, her gaze on an imaginary someone across the pool who clearly wasn't there. It worked but it'd been brief, and the throbbing aches in her chest were back once again, hardly something that made her feel up to socializing. She couldn't even be bothered to challenge him to a rematch.

She glanced over, spotting her towel on the bench and going over to it to pick it up, squeezing her hair into it as she started to head back to the locker rooms with a wave at him over her shoulder.

"Your prize is a pool to yourself. Enjoy it, Fishstick."

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
« Reply #6 on: April 04, 2018, 08:33:41 PM »
Theo wasn't a competitive son of a bitch, but when a challenge was on the line, a faint primal need was abruptly ignited within him. Not to prove anything, not because he was the best and thus had to prove it. The heat of a challenge alone was enough to set his heart racing, it was the very thrill of the action that made it worth his while. And the possibility of kinda rubbing it in Andromeda's face was just the icing on a fish cake.

And the fact that it took so little to instigate her, that he took off and she followed behind him, he could hardly hold back the smug bastard grin he had under the water, throwing his whole body into every stroke. The fins along his arms and legs took to each movement and propelled him further along, catching water, scooping it and jetting him forward. 

One lap, then two, then three, and already he knew he was ahead by a long shot. And damn could Andy keep up. She was bigger than him, just by a hair, although his own body was chiseled and carved out with a strong musculature, all of which aided him in moving so naturally through the water, but she took to it as if it was second nature. And a small jolt leapt south from abdomen to groin.

And when he no longer felt her presence in the water,  Theo abruptly halted and shifted around so that his head and hair broke surface, tossing it back with a mighty swing and wave of his head.Paddling closer to her, he eyed her long legs, pulling herself out of the water and standing, of which he followed suit, hoisting himself up and the water drenching all the way down his form.

Theo's eyes narrowed, watching her turn to walk away, and he scoffed, sniffing a little. "It ain't cheating if you're born this amazing," he snorted, even knowing then how stupid he sounded tooting his own horn as he was. But there was a playful glint in his eye and he moved closer to her, keeping a level gaze the whole while.

"Don't think I'm letting you off that easy. You just earned yourself a consolation drink, butthead," he snorted and nudged her shoulder with his. It was a gentle touch, his shoulder brushing against hers. "C'mon, what do you say? You gotta redeem yourself. I mean, that display in the water was pretty fucking impressive, but I'm wondering if you can drink like a fish as well as swim like one."

Theo headed to the unisex locker rooms where his stuff was stored away and let the water drip drip drip along the way. The towels folded on the cart just at the entryway was unfurled and dragged along his body, the rivulets of water being immediately soaked up and the frills of his fins casually relaxing and easy against his skin. He didn't even mind if she followed him or not, and casually pushed the wet swim trunks from his pelvis and tossed them into his gym bag, wrapped in his own towel before throwing on a pair of boxers and jeans.

"Well," he called out to her. "You get the molasses out your brain yet? How about that drink?" Theo hung up the towel off to the side, throwing it on a hook just beside the edge of the lockers where she was and he leaned against it, bracing one arm against the cool metal, his t-shirt draped of his shoulder, pants being buttoned one-handed and the ankles bunched up under worn, dirty boots, and his gym bag at his feet.
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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
« Reply #7 on: April 04, 2018, 09:15:10 PM »
To be honest, as she pulled her hair back into a ponytail, tossing it against her back as she headed back to the locker rooms, she hadn't been expecting the touch. She'd been thinking he'd call her a sore loser and leave it at that to keep playing in the water, or whatever fish guys did. She didn't know. She wasn't a fish guy.

The brush against her shoulder caught her by surprise, made her step away and sharply turn her head to give him an accusing look that largely read 'The fuck you think you're doing?' She wasn't in a mood to be touched, wasn't in a mood to horseplay. Not with those faces flashing across her mind, or the painful ache that felt like a winded stitch in her chest, as if she'd been running too far for too long.

"Butthead? Oh yeah, I'm practically dying to go get drinks with you now, boy." She said with a roll of her eyes as he passed her to head to the locker rooms.

When he just got here?

She paused in the doorway a moment, crossing her arms underneath her chest to raise her breasts onto her forearms, totally not intentionally, as she arched an eyebrow and stared at him with a smirk for a moment as he just dropped his pants in front of her, naked for a second before he wrapped himself in his towel.

Uh-huh. Very subtle.

She snorted softly and shook her head, going to the locker set right across the isle from his, her back to him as she opened the door and pulled out her bag of wadded clothes. She followed the same suit, uncaring of what he saw as she peeled out of that one piece swimsuit and toweled off quickly, slipping into a set of blue and purple triangle patterned leggings, black sports bra and a pair of sneakers.

"Drink like a fish? Hmm, well." She pondered the notion for a moment as she ran a brush through her hair real quick, bending over to toss it down and then back up as she straightened so it dried with a natural fluff to it, rather than hanging there like a dead thing on her head. Wasn't her style.

Drinks sure as shit sounded good, but she also knew that something like that could be hella dangerous, as if she hadn't just spent the last week stoned out of her mind in a sad attempt to forget how she felt. Because feelings were never something she'd learned to handle well, or handle at all honestly. Getting drunk would be a great way to fend the pain off, but it could turn into a real nasty habit.

She glanced over her shoulder at Theo, meeting his gaze briefly.

Could also turn into some real nasty mistakes.

"Fine, you're buying. Don't complain about your wallet when I'm done, Fishstick. Any particular place in mind, or hadn't you gotten that far yet?" She asked as she tossed her bag over her shoulder, dropping the towel on the bench and tilting her head at him curiously.

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
« Reply #8 on: April 04, 2018, 09:48:13 PM »
Theo gave exactly 0 fucks about whether or not she saw him in his skivvies and then some. Seeing as it was a locker room, someone was bound to see something at some point. And the same he was certain went for her. So he didn't bother looking away at all when she went about changing, letting himself admire the finer points of her form, eyes taking it in and the nonchalant way with which she went about stripping. The sheer casualness was a nice change of pace. And for a moment he was actually glad they were the only two people in there - merely for the lack of sheer interruption.

Theo snorted a little, watching her hair fluff up and dry from it's initial swamp thing status to a Kreseme commercial model, whipping her hair back before she showed up her pointless male costar how shiny her hair was. And for some reason Theo enjoyed toying with the thought that if anyone was going to star in a commercial just like that - there'd be no one more fitting than her.

"The only thing I'm worried about is keeping your hair out of the way when you drink so much you puke all over the floor," Theo grinned at her, eyelids half lidded and smug. His hand reached up and scratched at his stubble, pulling his tshirt over his head and likewise hoisting the bag up onto his shoulder. He led the way out of the gym and motioned for her to walk with him. Not behind or in front, but his footsteps comfortably fell in line with hers.

"Thirsty's down in Sector 12-G is really damn good. They distill their own whiskey," he grinned at her, gesturing to the tram that would take them their faster. "I'm sure you've got plenty of stories yourself about good places to get smashed. Considering how long you've been in Travica," he commented. "Got picked up right out from Candyland."  He grinned knowingly at her, giving her side-eye, stepping onto the rail right behind her. "Think you can handle whiskey?"

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
« Reply #9 on: April 04, 2018, 10:10:49 PM »
To be perfectly honest, there was a tiny part of her that wondered if this was a good idea.

Andromeda might have crowed constantly about her greats, exuding confidence as if she were a walking talking G.I. Jake doll with the entire world on her side like it was impossible for her to ever be in the wrong, but she was still human. Most of that was a front put on for the public, or other Pilots--basically, anybody that wasn't her. That was who she was in company. Who she was by herself was far less amusing, far less riled up, far less brimming with bravado.

And it seemed like every time she showed that real side of herself to someone, it never fucking worked out.

Alcohol could bring out the absolute best and the absolute worst in people if you weren't careful. Could also bring out utter bullshit that made no sense at all. And she found herself glancing over at Theo occasionally, wondering what she was getting herself into. Clearly, he was into her. That wasn't uncommon. Sure, he was pleasing to the eye and all that, but her heart wasn't in it, and what might have ended up in a one night stand any other day was less likely to do so now--she just hoped he wasn't expecting it.

Cause if he tried to get it he'd be sorely mistaken.

Still, she'd said she was gonna go for it, and she couldn't back out now.

"Thirsty's is good, yes." She nodded, rolling her eyes at his commentary and ignoring his grin. "Ah, congratulations you did your homework, want a medal?" She couldn't help but sneer a little as she found a spot on the tram car and plopped down, spreading her arms across the back of the seats, crossing her legs at the knees and taking up plenty of space, much to the chagrin of some of the other passengers.

"Whiskey?" She tossed her head back and cackled, "Boy that shit might as well be apple juice! The hell kinda things you fish drink, huh? No, I usually like to start things off with absinthe, rum." She tilted her head, eyeing him carefully as the tram picked up speed to take them to their destination.

"For all your research you sure as shit have some low expectations of me, don'tcha?" She arched an eyebrow, looking at him pointedly. The drinking scene was one of her best played games, usually. Getting shitfaced was something rarely done by her, and she could usually hold her weight against most men with ease.

"So why're you here in Travica?" She asked, purely for the sake of making idle conversation and less so because she cared, as they stepped off at their stop and she took the lead, knowing exactly how to get to Thirsty's from the station.

It was a trip done often, a place visited frequently, sometimes with her fellow squad members, or just other random Pilots she decided to shack up with for an evening. Point was, when she walked in the bartender recognized her and she nodded her chin at the guy, and business was perfectly as usual. The bartender quickly slid her one of her favorite poisons to start, and two shots of raw rum for both as she perched elegantly on a bar stool, one foot on the bar at the bottom, the other leg draping gracefully down where her other rested on the floor as she knocked back the shot glass without blinking an eye. The liquid went down burning her throat, leaving the taste of nailpolish remover in her mouth and she grinned, glancing back to Theo.

"I mean I sincerely doubt you took that longass train ride just to see lil' ol' me." And if he tried to say that he did she'd call him out on that bullshit quicker than he could try to backtrack and come up with a better excuse.

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
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Not only was this a good idea, it was a fan-fucking-tastic idea! And after a swim like that, even one he won singlehandedly with such ease, Theo wanted nothing more than a good stiff drink. He could have gone back to his hotel and drank alone, watched TV then waited around til Monday with his dick into his hand before taking the rail back to Samariel. Frankly while seeing Amitra was fun and he enjoyed their little visit, Travica had more to offer than just coffee and cookies.

And a good drink would ease the anxiety he'd felt bubbling at the pit of his stomach since entering the gym. Odd how water had done so much to distract him and yet here was another Pilot that seemed to do just that, only on the go. And Andy was at the very least an entertaining bean. And from the look in her eyes, she seemed to need something to distract her, herself.

Something was clearly on her mind. Something that needed absinthe and rum to distract her with.

Following her onto the tram, Theo stayed standing, watching her with a small mischeivous grin. So, she was going to be right up front with him. Good, excellent. No use in pussyfooting around the issue. It wasn't like he lived here. And if it weren't for Amitra, he wouldn't find himself in this sinkhole of a city anyway.

Even Haviah had nothing on Samariel.

Once they were in the bar proper, Theo took his place beside her, greeting the bartender in much the same way and thanking him for the shot and watching her knock it back with his grin just growing wider.

 "Visiting my mother. She lives here. Good lady and I don't get to see her as often as i used to," he nodded and saw no reason to dance around the answer. It was the truth.  "How about yourself? What brings an esteemed Pilot Noble to a place like Strega's?  Just trying to get away for a while, huh? And it's too bad I can't get a good cup of sake here, but whiskey does just fine for my purposes. That shot of rum's gonna do real well too."  He waved the bartender over for a refill and a whiskey sour on the rocks. 

"And for the record fish drink all kinds of things. Why stick to just one? That's boring."

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
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"Your mother, huh?"

She gave him a level look, staring at him for a moment to see if he was telling the truth. But he was so calm about it that she felt he probably was; and if he wasn't, he was good enough at lying he really didn't want her to know otherwise.

She wondered if having a mother was any different from having a father--it wasn't like she would know. Hell, she was getting mopey as fuck about everything today and she was sick of it already. She heard his question, and elected to ignore it for the time being in favor of taking her glass of poison and drinking the entire thing in one go. Her head tipped backwards farther and farther, back arching as she drained every drop and let out a sigh as she set the empty glass on the counter. The barkeep had paused a moment in his drying of a glass, staring at her with furrowed brows, coming when she stared him down and waved him over with a gesture of her fore and middle fingers.

She slid her gaze over to Theo, swiping a bead of drink from the corner of her mouth with the pad of her thumb as she let out a sigh.

"Lil' ol' me? I just like a change of scenery." And the frost that coated her words said more than enough about how she absolutely was not up for talking about it.

Once it was refilled, she picked up her glass by the rim, swirling it and watching the liquid sling and slosh around until she took another drink. "Well, fish also drink piss and shit in their water so you might wanna rephrase that a little." She smirked, looking up from her glass at him. "If you're here visiting mommy then how come she ain't at the bar with us? You holdin' out on her? What a rude kid you turned out to be."

Not like she knew jack shit about parenting. If he was her kid she'd have swatted him though for not offering to take her out drinking too. Very selfish and inconsiderate.

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
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Theo snickered over his own drink, snorting and putting down money on the fact that this was turning out to be a fantastic idea. Yes, she didn't wanna talk about whatever was on her mind and frankly he didn't really give a shit if she did or didn't. They were here to shoot the shit and have a drink and it seemed to make her ease up considerably all ready. Theo downed a long swig of his whiskey and let it scorch it's way down his throat. He was perfectly fine with taking it easy, even if the little nagging bulb in the back of his brain prodded him to combine the rum shot with it.

And it didn't take much longer for that too happen too.

"Pfffft," he snorted. "Lookitchu trying to be a judging ninny. You're very concerned for her well-being. She'll be so touched that Andromeda Messiere told me i was a shitlord son and couldn't be bothered to take mommy for a drink."  He was actually cackling into his glass and knocked the bar for another drink his way, even going about as to order a cheeseburger on the side.

"Nevermind the fact that she's a grown woman and has her own life to live. And since you're very concerned, yes we had lunch and hung out all afternoon. She had a date tonight. I hope she gets laid."  He shrugged and tilted his head at her.

"Man you've got quite a fixation on body fluids there, Handy Andy. Too bad you can't win a wrasslin' match for shit. That was fun. We should do that again some time."

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
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Andy rolled her eyes and scoffed at his idiotic remarks, particularly in concern to his mother and bodily fluids as she knocked back that second drink, holding off on another for now as she let those two settle in her gut. She should look into replacing her lungs with robitic ones here soon, she thought, because it seemed a worthy investment. She stared fixatedly at a small knick in the countertop, the dim lights barely bright enough to highlight its polished surface covered in hairline scratches.

How fitting.

"Oi oi, don't go putting words in my mouth and making me sound like I actually give a shit, bud. You're stretching way too far for those insults. I'd tell ya to try harder but then they'd just get worse."

She didn't look at him as she said it; her mind was running around a race track, and to her he was merely a bystander sitting in the bleachers she passed by on every lap. Only getting a portion of her thoughts and attention. The faces kept playing across her mind and the sting of realization and misjudgement kept plaguing her, making her chest clench. Her ribcage felt tight, and the shortness of breath didn't go away no matter how much or how little she exercised.

She just couldn't fucking win.

She glanced up at the wall on the other side of the bar, catching her reflection skulking back at her. Her shoulders were tense, hunched as she leaned heavily on her forearms on the counter. Her hair was drying, fluffy and far prettier than the look on her face. The way she was sitting made the light hit her starkly, highlighting her strong cheekbones, brows, nose and lips, while shadows consumed the rest of her. Her eyes had that glow in them like always, but it was faint. She looked like a villain in a children's movie where the princess gets the prince and her happy ending.

What'd the villain ever get? Usually death. Mostly death.

And the princess right now was that shithead bamboo-legged--no. Stop.

She put her head in her hands, rubbing at her temples as she shut her eyes tight, remembering vaguely a song in a musical tv series she'd caught one time on a day off at home spent flipping through channels.

I'm the villain in my own story
I'm the witch in my own tale
Though I insist I'm the protagonist
It's clear that my soul is up for sale



Only sparing a quick glance up through her fingertips she waved down the bartender again, the warm tingles starting to work there way up from her fingertips and toes to the rest of her and she knew that definitely was not enough fucking alcohol.

"What do you do when you have a song stuck in your head that's really fucking annoying and you want it to go away?" She asked, looking over at Theo and his burger and wondering if that was a good enough idea for her to copy.

Court decision ruled no.

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
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Theo snorted and almost choked on a fry. She didn't think he was serious about that, did she? He hoped not because that was going to make this little meeting a bit short and that would just be disappointing on all fronts. He loved her company so far, but that could easily go south the moment both of them thought the other was about to go on a tirade on semantics of the ages. He'd saved conversations like that with his mother.

He just shook his head vehemently and ate a few move bites of his burger. "No insults intended," he shrugged, snorting enough to clearly show his glee in the moment at hand. "I just think it's funny is all."  A few more bites and he scarfed the rest of it down. Much like after sex, Theo turned into a hungry bastard. He usually ate before going diving down into the ponds to look after the filters and the fish.

It wouldn't help his job or his reputation to accidentally eat a koi because he couldn't be bothered to get out of the water in time. That would be unfortunate. At least now, he had something that resembled beef inside of him and took another swig on his drink, feeling it warm him up and make his head feel a little lighter on his shoulders.

He didn't need to get shitfaced, although that felt like fucking heaven right now. Nothing would make him feel better really.

Cept drowning but that couldn't happen.  Even now, staring back at Andy, as she seemed lost in thought, preoccupied with stuff, he felt as if he were still in water, deaf to everything, deprived of his senses and the room around them was slowly spinning. He would have fallen over were it not for the fact that he was still sitting, and braced over the bar like he was.  Theo gripped his drink and downed the rest, motioning the bartender for another.

Yeah, he wanted to get wasted.

"An ear worm? Usually that requires a surgeon, but in a pinch of I've got rusty tweezers i can pluck it out with," he joked.  "What song you got on your brain? It's probably some shitstorm show tune isn't it?"  He snorted again. "I ain't serious. How about a different song.  Hmm.  OH, I know."  The look on his face changed, eyes widening and he looked her dead in the eyes.

"We're not gonna take it/
No, we ain't gonna take it/
We're not gonna take it!/
he murmured in a sing-songy voice, melodic and deep and he grinned widely at her. "You know who sings that?"

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
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Just thought it was funny, huh?

She couldn't help but raise a skeptical eyebrow at him, not exactly believing or disbelieving him--she really didn't care. But she wondered what it must feel like to be that carefree to find amusement in such little things. Normally she could do the same but the past week or so had been a neverending torrential downpour as she fell down from her high horse and remembered the harsh impact of the ground and real life again.

Nobody cares about assholes, but that's all she knew how to be.

She took another drink and glanced over at him again, brows knitting slightly when he also waved down a drink and she realized both of them weren't taking this the smart way. Was he doing it to compete or because he actually had some heavy shit on his mind too?

Fuck it, what did it matter if it was either or? She didn't care.

She really didn't fucking care.

"Yeah, yeah somethin' like that I guess." She grumbled, drawing her finger around the rim of the glass and snorting as he started to mumble song lyrics.

She lazily bobbed her head in rhythm with it, rolling her eyes when he asked who sang it. "Yeah yeah, duh of course I fucking know who that is." She grumbled, the alcohol swimming right to her head and making her feel like her brain was floating in a hot tub. "Twisted Brother or something. It's a classic. S'good though. Ain't workin yet though, clearly means you gotta sing more. And louder."

She gestured to him with another snort, nodding her head to the imaginary beat she remembered (though her movements were slightly off by a second or two, and perhaps a bit accidentally exaggerated,) taking another drink before she also started to sing. She didn't have the absolute best singing voice in the world, but it was unique and surprisingly nice for a girl like her.

"We've got the right to choose it
There ain't no way we'll lose it
This is our life, this is our song
We'll fight the powers that be just
Don't pick our destiny 'cause
You don't know us, you don't belong,"

Well at least of all the songs he could've picked, at least he picked a fitting, yet good one.

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
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They had a general consensus at least, and that was good. Neither of them gave a shit about what the other thought. Except where it seemed that Andromeda was wound up about something, Theo tried to let himself chill out. And the good food settling into his belly, much needed calories where that cookie had been nothing more than empty sugar, and the whiskey making him all warm and fuzzy, he was actually settling down. Enjoying himself.

Whether she knew it or not, she was a decent distraction, just as he was certain he was for her. Whatever had gotten on her mind previously, seemed a short distance away. And the second he started murmuring the lyrics to that terrible rock ballad, he knew he had her attention. At least insofar as getting her to sing it back was concerned. He couldn’t help himself. He was grinning ear to ear and the fact that she continued without being prompted had him turning to her with skeptically raised eyebrows.

It was terrible, like someone was beating a cat. Not that his was nothing more than a bit of a gurgling drunken rumble.

He snorted and shifted so that he was partly facing her, repeating the chorus once more and trying not to ruin his ability to actually belt out the song now, full force with laughter.

”Oh you're so condescending
Your gall is never ending
We don't want nothin', not a thing from you
Your life is trite and jaded
Boring and confiscated
If that's your best, your best won't do”

And followed that with a high pitched howl, as he banged his hand on the counter and looked at her expectantly to join in along the next round of the chorus and ordered more rum shots for both of them. That burger could only absorbs so much alcohol. Right now he wanted to get as trashed as possible and he wanted no one else to share a moment like this with than Andromeda Messiere.

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
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Once he turned to face her, something in her lit up with a bit of glee and a tiny joyous jump as she slowly forgot the too-many thoughts plaguing her and gave him her full attention. He was a unique case--she didn't do that often with just anyone. But right now was only happening because she was drunk.

As he started to sing back to her she quickly joined in, their timing off by a half a second as she forgot some of the words, mumbled the ones she didn't know and the two of them both kept the drinks coming, much to the chagrin of the barkeep and the patrons surrounding them. But they were Pilots, Andromeda a well known one at that, and so they didn't argue or bother to confront.

Before Andy knew it they'd wasted several hours away and she had fallen over once when she tried to get up to go to the bathroom, then laid there on the bar floor cackling so hard she was laughing in silence with tears in her eyes before she pulled herself together enough to sway her way there.

On her way back she tried to toss her hair back with her signature move and the motion almost threw her entirely off balance again, bumping loudly into a (luckily) unoccupied table and nearly taking that out with her.

"FFffffFFFFfuck. Shit. Shit," She was laughing again as she stumbled over and leaned right up against Theo's backside where he sat on the stool, her chin resting on his shoulder as her hands found their way onto his hips. "Dude, dude. We should... We should uh. We should fuckin... Go?" She was still snickering in between her words, at one point just burying her face in the back of his neck as she tried to pull it together, almost losing her balance again.

Floor was definitely uneven, totally.

"Hotel, motel. Whatever. IIIIII ain't goin home. Like this. Nuh-uh. Noooo way. S'go. Come on. I forgot your name."

She slapped his back hard enough that had he been drinking he might choke or spit it out, and paid it no mind as she paid for the last of her drinks and took a step or two away from the bar, watching Theo carefully as she gauged whether or not he was ready to follow. She didn't care where they ended up--all she knew was that she felt almost as if she were high; her head was warm and fuzzy, foggy and thick with the buzz. What had she been so upset about? She'd struggled to remember while she was sitting on the can but couldn't figure it out for the life of her, but something told her she was better off that way.

Also, Theo was kinda cute. She tilted her head, eyebrows furrowing as she comically squinted at him for a moment, finally taking a moment to give him the most obvious drunken elevator eyes ever before she kinda brushed it off. Any tingles she'd felt earlier had been drowned out by her tenth shot so you know what sounded good right now? Snuggles. A pajama party. A pillow fight. Maybe some ice cream. Ice cream definitely, fuck the maybe.

"Dude let's get ice cream."

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
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The room was spinning. Yes. The room was spinning and he was on a spinny chair and he was spinning right with it and if he tilted backwards just enough he'd fall right off, cracking his head open on the floor. That'd be unfortunate. Bob the barkeep didn't need that kind of mess to clean up and if his head cracked that easily, he'd be sad. He was rather fond of his head. It was a good head. Nicely shaped with useful gills just at the base of his ears.  It would suck if he couldn't swim anymore.

Theo could only hear himself cackling and Andy guffawing with full force as she fell on her way to the bathroom. He only laughed harder, holding his stomach and practically wheezing at how dumpy she looked on the ground. "Oh shit, you good?" he said somewhere between feeling like he was about to cramp up along his stomach.

But she was good, and she got up and when she got up she practically barreling into him, throwing him forward into the bar. Theo was warm and fuzzy, grinning ear to ear and letting the din settle and tilting his head when she rested hers against his shoulder, then something pinched his hips and his stomach did a little flip and his eyes flicked to hers once. Naaaahh, she was just drunk.

Drunk people sometimes got handsy. It happened. Besides, that face was too pretty for him to want her to eat pavement.

"'S a good idea, Andy. A good one. I like it," he nodded to her, swiveling out of his spinny chair managing somehow to stay on his feet. Whoa yeah the earth was spinning.  "Y'got good ideas." He stepped out behind her clinging to the door after paying for his drinks and food. Yeah that burger wasn't enough, and he was having fun and fuck if he wanted that to end any time soon.

Oh...wait.  What!? Theo feigned a gasp, then he snarled at her, scooping her under his arm and hugging her close to him, uncaring whether she cared for it or not. "Forgot my name. Pffft, well ain't no fuckin' surprise, that. Theo. That's my name. Theeeooooooo. Theo Kray."

He snorted a little and have her hooded eyes, grinning goofily. "Just Theo s'good. Good. Good good. Like you're ideas. Ice creeaaaam...  FUCK. Fuck. Andy...donuts. I want donuts now."  He gave her saucer eyes. "Let's get all kinds o' food and we can sit in my hotel. S'a good hotel. Better'n your average rathole apartment ya prolly got here in Travica," he snorted and pulled his arm from around her, instead taking her by the hand, dragging her along behind him to catch another tram back up to where Dazzenhogg's Ice Cream and Dewey Donuts were just in the sector above them.

Somehow they managed to make it there without eating too much pavement. And Theo laid his face against the cold glass guard over the ice cream, letting  his breath fog the glass.  "Mint...Mint n chip. Gimme.  Andy, what kind you want?" he hissed, looking up at the employee behind the counter who just looked irritated.  "Gimme the ice cream man, please. Please."

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Re: The Lovely, the Dark, and the Deep [Cheesi]
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Perhaps his reflexes were just that impressive, or perhaps Andy was just that drunk. When his arm reached out to snag around her and pull her in she was caught off guard, too much so to prevent it from happening.

Had she been sober, had she had her wits about her, she might've karate chopped his arm off. Or, alternatively, let him do it, and then their eyes would've met and in a moment of weakness lips might've been crashing down onto lips, hands tangled in hair--or maybe she'd have just punched him in the face.

But no, what drunk Andy did was snicker and giggle, brows furrowed in confusion because she didn't know anymore what emotions she was feeling. The butterflies in her chest from their faces being inches apart was interesting, not an uncommon reaction probably, but it more or less just got brushed off in favor of laughing at him because dude his breath staaaaaank.

"Yeah man my ideas are th'fuckin' best." She nodded sagely, frowning super seriously as he told her his name was Theo and she knew damn well she wasn't gonna remember that in the morning either. Or five minutes from now, even.

"Ttttthhhhhheeeeeeoo ooo." She said it along with him, nodding again as it was obviously very important she remember this even though she couldn't fuckin remember why she needed to remember it in the first place. "Theo Kray, more like...... Theo Crazy." And then erupted into another fit of giggles.

Because she was so clever.

"Dude I told you already I think, I have great ideas. Great ideas." She scrunched her nose at donuts though, well, no, maybe donuts--and then he took her by the hand and he was pulling her along as she slowly realized he just called her apartment a rathole.

"H-Hey..! Rathole?! What the fuck man you ain't even seen my apartment it's dope A-F. So cool. I have a pool. On a balcony. You got that? Probs fuckin not, dude."

And yet despite her mock offense she was still grinning like an idiot as she said it, following him and stumbling her way out of that bar with this guy she barely knew in this city that felt more and more like a prison every single passing day.

She was amazed he made it to the ice cream shop, cause she sure as shit didn't remember where it was, and she rolled her eyes as he pressed his face to the glass case like the idiot he truly was.

"Yeah, yeah dude, yes. Mint. Kay. Got it. Get this bitch a scoop of mint, anddddd............ . I want.......... Some nnnnuts." She grinned as she leaned on the counter and pointed to the ice cream guy who seemed to be confused if he should be irritated or amused that Andromeda Messiere of the Titans had walked into his workplace, tonight of all nights, totally plastered.

"Yer nuts, specifically. Bet they're extra salty dude because you look salty as heeeeeeeeeell right now. I'm just fuckin with you though, I want a scoop of dark chocolate cherry. Put it on my tab."

"You don't have a tab with us."

"Then fucking make me one or just scan my wrist dude, fucking hell don't take a joke or anything nah nah life is too fun, gotta be a sourpuss and fuckin' ruin everything. Hell, man."

The poor kid was happy to hand them their ice cream so they could leave, and Andy got turned around once they stepped outside, thinking the donut shop was one way when it was the other, realizing halfway there and then taking Theo by the hand again to drag him the proper way while she grumbled under her breath that her sense of direction was fantastic and if he said anything she'd totally punch him later.

As if she'd remember later.

They entered the donut shop and she made a face again, biting a huge piece out of her cone and not realizing for a solid forty-five seconds that she had ice cream on her nose while she let Theo harass the poor workers for some damn donuts.

See that was way too sweet, even for her.

She wanted something salty in her mouth now, maybe they shoulda picked up some chips.

Nahhhhh. Too much effort.