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Author Topic: CODE BLUE! [Amristah Angels]  (Read 46 times)

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CODE BLUE! [Amristah Angels]
« on: March 26, 2018, 03:18:43 PM »
She sighed as she caught sight of herself in the mirror. It had been a while since she had had to slip into her flight suit with all the extra padding and protection. Blu had been thinner then. She still had yet to pull the zipper closed and all she could see was the gentle curve of her belly so full of unexpected life. The fluttering she felt there made her smile softly though. Was that nerves or just Petit doing what they were starting to do best, squirm and crush her bladder?

The Pilot shook her head and scooped up the newest addition to her uniform, a band of extra padding that she secured about her middle under the suit. It was made with the same tight-knit fabric as the rest of the suit with the extra layers of protection that were found over the heart or hearts of every Pilot uniform. Carrying a baby wasn't stopping her from running field drills but, she still had one more heartbeat to protect now.

Blu brushed her nerves aside, yanking the zipper up tight and rolling her eyes at the tiniest bit of pudge that still stuck out despite the compressing nature of the band underneath. She would only be able to squeeze into this a bit longer it seemed before she would dome-bound for several long months. It was now or never though if she was going to do this. Setting everything up had taken far longer than she would have liked. No one had done anything like it before. If it was successful, then the Angels would be integrating it into their drills as a regular exercise.

Up until this point all of them had been working hard to balance virtual simulations with rotations as trauma surgeons for Amristah's hospital. It had been going well but Blu knew that when the Angels were finally called to arms, it would not be enough. Hospitals were too clean, too neat and orderly. There were machines and extra hands always a call away. Battlefields were different. They were messy and chaotic. They were loud and poorly lit with little protection from elements and opposition. The same complications would arise and a doctor would lack the required tools that even the most basic of hospitals had.

It was time to put everything to the test though. Several of the squad members had been assembled and were suiting up just like her. They'd have their briefing and then mount up and out. A few would be left behind to maintain work within the hospital and in case anything happened while the rest of the squad was gone. Communication in the Wastes was touchy at best and there was no knowing if they would be able to be recalled back in time if there was a true emergency.

Helmet tucked under her arm, Blu came around the locker room corner and nodded at her fellow Angels. Her smile came easy as the first bubbles of adrenaline began to flow through her veins. The risk involved only made it more exciting. This was what she lived for. This is what the war had molded her into, a woman who felt the most calm while in the thick of things. Her Pilots had all been hand picked not only for their abilities and talents as doctors, but also their shared fervor for going the extra mile to save a life. She was proud of them, even those that she had initially felt personally uncomfortable around were becoming close to her heart. They weren't a family yet but she believed bit by bit they would become so.

"Alright Angels, time for final checks. Make sure you have only what you need but also enough for the unexpected. We're going to be out in the Wastes for three days if all goes well and not all of those we're going to have the dragons with us. Many of you have been out there before but, for those that haven't, you'll find that separations happen. There are sometimes places we can go that they cannot follow and it becomes our duty to get ourselves out and back to them. This drill'll be about more than just surviving the elements with limited resources and wounded, but also how you go about treating and protecting them.

"Now, we've practiced all the surgical techniques we should need and run countless simulations. I'm not saying this drill will be a walk in the park, but everything we've done should have given you a taste of what to expect. We're going to be flying out to one of the Waster hovels and treating some of their wounded. We've reached a bit of an accord but don't be getting comfy. Even if they ain't looking to start trouble doesn't mean others won't. They've been hit hard by raiders which is why we're going out there and packing for a fight.

"That don't even count the critters out there which you all should've read about in your briefing files. Since we're headed west instead of east we shouldn't run into too many mountain cats but we still got Ursas out there as well as them damn Cracklings Geese. You see them, you sing out. Bastards got teeth that'll tear your damn hand off and I'm not too keen on trying to sew us all back together on top of everything else going on."

Blu winked at them as her bright blues to take them all in. She was serious but there was no need to truly worry in her mind. They were brand new as a squadron, but that was not going to stop them from going far. Her blood was practically singing in excitement. They would not fail her as long as she did not fail them. It was time to prove their squad was more than just a pretty PR stint. They had purpose and it was their time to shine.

"Remember, this is what we were made for. Ain't nothing going to stop us as long as we keep our head in the game and stay focused. Now, any final questions, concerns, or snarky commentary before we head out? I have no doubts that this will go smoothly. You're all the best I could have asked for and more. Gotta say, I'm mighty proud to serve with all of you. Let's go have some fun and kick some ass!"

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Re: CODE BLUE! [Amristah Angels]
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2018, 07:08:35 PM »
Plague was a basket of mixed feelings, but honestly when wasn't he like that?

He'd always been a fairly cautious and hesitant individual. Even at a young age he'd found it important to consider all options, weigh every pro and con, and to analyze, and then re-analyze, and then over analyze every possible outcome prior to making a decision. He tried to come at life with utmost clarity and accuracy as best as he could given the situations he had to work with.

Drills were one thing.

He could keep an eye on her better, make sure she wasn't stressing out too much or pushing it too hard. Could be there for her for whatever she needed almost whenever she needed it; food, drink, snuggles. It didn't matter. All she had to do was send a thought his way and he was usually there in an instant, often with flowers and extra goodies like some of her favorite snacks. He liked to be reliable, liked to know all the variables, liked to be ahead of the curve by at least two steps.

In war, out in the wastes, that is next to impossible.

There is no routine to follow in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. There are no securities, no safe spaces, no reliable resources even.

Sure, he was a worry wort. He worried about his squad members, even though he knew they were all plenty capable. They were battle tested and ready, even young Viktor. They could handle themselves, he knew that.

But he still found his heart hammering a bit too hard in his chest as he shut his locker door, pulled the zipper of his flightsuit up to his neck and stepped out of the locker room after a quick glance and a confident slight smile at his teammates.

When Blu stepped out he couldn't help the bundle of anxiety and nerves that tightened in his throat.

She looked as radiant as she always did, and not gonna lie, seeing her in her flight suit always sent a few jolts running right to the pit of his belly. Seeing her from the front nobody would even notice that she was expecting. The very concept still made his stomach twist and his heart flutter in all the best ways, but right now the biggest emotion he felt was pure anxiety, to the point he almost felt queasy.

The wastes were unpredictable, volatile and dangerous, and sure as hell no place for a woman with child to be. And that was what scared him the most.

He knew his priorities were compromised; in a dangerous situation he would jump to defend his Commander first if the choice had to be made--not that he wouldn't jump in front of a bullet for his other team mates. But when it came to instincts sometimes there was only so much clear distinction to be made, and that also concerned him. His natural bias and inability to make those clear distinctions at times might prove to be troublesome. He had a need to protect her, even though he couldn't really call her his, or even the child he helped make. But the need was still there and when it was that prevalent fighting it would do absolutely fuck all nothing.

He did his best to listen attentively to her briefing instead, leaning against a wall behind everyone else with his arms crossed over his chest, looming in the shadows like an ever-present watchdog more than a squad member. His eyes roamed over ever teammate, watching their reactions, trying to gauge their level of preparedness. He constantly reminded himself throughout her words that he needed to be there equally for every single person on this squad. He needed to be consistent, reliable, and trustworthy. That was his job--a job he'd always been good at, certainly, but tooting his own horn wouldn't do anybody any favors and inspired laziness in its stead, something he was uninterested in.

His gaze finally rested on Blu's sweet face as she finished and he couldn't help the smirk that played on his lips, the glow in his orangey eyes. "Gee Commander, you sound like you're expecting to lose one of us out there. I mean I know I can be a pain but you don't have to be so blunt about it, you're hurting my little feelings.~"

He couldn't help but tease her a little, as a way of trying to ease up his own nerves as well as keep the mood light, even if her closing words had seemed a little final and formal. Minus the ass-kicking part. That was fine by him, and a mental image he certainly adored quite a lot when it came to her.

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Re: CODE BLUE! [Amristah Angels]
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2018, 05:25:00 PM »
Slipping into a flight suit was almost like sliding into a second skin. They had to be very snug for functionality. Mercy wasn’t particularly fond of her flight suit, or of flying for that matter. If she had her own way she would have been one of the ones left behind to serve at the hospital, but to be honest that wasn’t her favorite place either.

Three years in R&D had been the best three years of her life so far, if she was to be honest. Mercy enjoyed the mental challenge of R&D, the security of her laboratory, and best of all the science behind it all.

Things she never would have known without becoming a Pilot.

That was why she pulled the zipper of her suit up, adjusting until everything was meticulously settled in its proper place. It was why she had voiced not a single complaint when her dragon had decided to accept the offer to join this squad as it formed and the only reason why she did not ask to be left behind on this training drill.

Mercy wasn’t bitter about being chosen to go, not at all. This was simply part of her job and she would do it as obligated by duty and then she would go back to her work on rotation at the hospital and keeping up with her required simulations. It was all just part of the price she paid to have a better life than the one she’d been resigned to before they had dragged her out of the seedy underbelly of Aurora’s gang culture. She was grateful, most of the time.

She grabbed her helmet and assembled with the rest of the squad as everyone seemed to finish up with their preparations. Brown eyes didn’t actually look at the people around them. Mercy barely spoke to any of her fellow squad mates. They were just people she worked with, people that she cooperated with, that looked after her back while she watched theirs.

Mercy did not know them and did not really care that much. As long as they did their job and she did hers - that was all that really mattered. At least this wasn’t one of those horrendously awkward mandatory dinners they all had to have together.

The commander went to the front to speak, it wasn’t overly long or wordy, for which Mercy was very grateful. She just hoped there wouldn’t be much response. The longer it took them to leave the longer this whole thing would feel. It was impossible to make three days actually go by faster, but she could make it feel faster by remaining busy. Standing in the locker room was not at all engaging. It was boring, and she might not think much of the idea of having fun on this excursion, but being out there getting things done was better than doing nothing in here.