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Author Topic: Absolute Territory [Lion!]  (Read 255 times)

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Re: Absolute Territory [Lion!]
« Reply #20 on: April 14, 2018, 05:19:09 PM »
No weapons. No clothes. No nothing.

All that Morrigan had was her own two fists, and sweet Darlin' standing between her and this other nasty wolf who'd decided to come out of nowhere, likely of his own decision rather than the Alpha's, to try his hand at being a piece of shit today.

A soft growl bubbled up in her throat at his words; she immediately doubted every syllable, and as the hairs raised on the back of her neck, she noticed Darlin's muscles tensing in a similar reaction. This guy wanted a fight, and it looked like he was about to get it.

A chill went up her spine as he lunged at Darlin' in the water; instinctively she took a step back to get out of the way, yelping as the two of them collided, precious droplets flying in the air and making her flinch. In that moment, Daiv's hand swiped out and caught her by the neck. In the flurry of panic she followed the motion to lessen impact, moving forward and out of the way as she shifted to a true werewolf; the texture of her fur made his hand slip, and she was allowed her escape.

Though running was the last thing she did.

A twist of white hot anger burned through her core and she retaliated against his attack by stepping around Darlin' to punch Daiv in the face before she threw the entirety of her weight into him with a snarling roar to get him off of Darlin'. Her sharp canines found their way into his shoulder and sank in, the salty iron taste of blood hitting her hard as the other wolf snarled back and punched her in the stomach.

With a shake of her head she twisted away, ripping out chunks of flesh and backing off a few steps, lips pulled back in a snarl with bright red staining her teal and brown muzzle as she bared her teeth threateningly, tail lashing behind her as her fur stood right up on end.

She was not his. She was not the Alpha's. She didn't belong to anybody, and she sure as hell wasn't afraid of a fight if it meant proving her damn point. Could she last against the whole pack? No, but thinking of the future was something she was incapable of right now.

This motherfucker decided he could just waltz in here and try his hand at stickin' his dick in her like he thought it'd be a waltz in the fucking park, and decided to pick a fight with poor Darlin' while he was at it. That, that made her blood fucking boil. There was a valid reason why she was still alive here in the Wastes after years spent traveling alone. It was what she'd been trained for since she was small, and fighting was something she knew well enough. She preferred long range, but hand to hand could have its merits, and she wasted no time in charging the wolf to slam into him again, snagging her claws on his hands as she held onto them tightly, pushing his arms to the sides from where he'd raised them to his chest in defense, and lunged for his throat with her teeth.