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Author Topic: Not so legal {Open}  (Read 106 times)

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Not so legal {Open}
« on: November 02, 2017, 11:40:16 AM »
AD 285 lift the box mechanically, it's movements smooth despite being made of metal. AD 285 finished the last of the load. There was a clutter and a round man staggered out from behind the truck. He waddled up to Ad 285 and grunted at the job it had done.

The blue metalic boxes were stacked neatly, each one giving off a pulse of energy. AD 285 knew that what this man was hulling was not exactly... legal. But, AD 285 wasn't going to contact any authorities. It had a few things on its own record, plus the best well paying jobs were the illegal ones.

"Good to go!" The man said, tapping to truck with his robotic arm. The engine started up and he started to walk to the passenger side. AD 285 reached out and tapped him in the shoulder.

"Excuse me, sir." It said. It's voice didn't sound robotic. It sounded more like a man's voice without any emotion. Very monotone. "I do believe that I have not been paid."

The man had froze when AD 285 placed it's hand on his shoulder, but he relaxed after it spoke. He grunted and reached into his pocket, pulling out a clear plastic card.

"Here, you bucket of bolts." He grumbbled. AD 285 calculated that this man had hoped that it forgot about it's payment and make way with it's money. AD 285 accepted the card, it's chest opened up, the man's face light up in the pink glow. There were wires and other blinking lights. In the center was a card slot. The android placed the card inside, closing it's chest, and letting the man go.

"Good day to you, sir." It said, bowing it's head and walked away. It turned a corner and was instantly greeted with busy streets, variety of species, and the illuminating light of the fake sun above.
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