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Author Topic: How did I end Up Here  (Read 347 times)

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How did I end Up Here
« on: April 29, 2017, 02:12:04 AM »
The man that had been newly designated as Patient 53427 woke up with a gasp, his eyes adjusted to the brightness surrounding him and he felt cold.  He slowly sat up from the bunk he was laid on to discover he had no clothes which was why he felt so very cold. This place was strange to him, he did not recognise it, it was not the last place he had a vague recollection of being in.  The room was white, there were no windows, an empty bunk sat across the room.  There was a door off to the left that had a small glass view port. There was a small area with some sort of facilities to relieve yourself if needed and that was it.

"Where in the Underworld am I?" He said slowly out loud, mainly so he could shatter the silence with some sort of sound.

Everything in his head was fuzzy....and that meant everything, he could not recall his name, where he had come from, how long he had been here.

He was distract by a short beep and click at the door and a tall man walked in accompanied by two large men in uniform.

"Ah...good...you are awake Patient 53427." He said in an officious clipped tone.

He gestured to some clothing that one of the men dropped on the opposite bunk.

"You can clothe yourself in those...and then we can get you something to eat...once you are a little more orientated we can begin."

53427 never took his dark brown eyes ringed with blue off of the talking man.

"Where am I?" He asked tersely.

"Who are you?"

The talking man gave a thin smile.

"This is the TRIM and I am merely the Registrar....its best you do what I have asked you because then I can go put out a call and see if there is a Doctor free....you have yet to be assigned, but I think from the preliminary results there might be some interest in you."

The two heavies stepped forward and one gestured to the clothes.

"Get dressed.....not gonna ask again pretty boy!"

Patient 53427 rose and reached for the clothes and pulled on the coverall with a faint smile of his own.

"One more question.....how did I end up here?"

The Registrar looked at his datapad and tapped a few buttons.

"Therein lays a puzzle in itself 53427, people said you appeared unconscious in the street on Libra. We were called immediately to deal with you!"

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Re: How did I end Up Here
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2017, 10:31:47 PM »
53427 was bought some food on a compartmentalised tray and it was set on the bed. He picked up the plastic utensil and slowly stirred what looked like some sort of mashed potatoes and set the fork down again. The stuff look gross and smelled the same, even the weird fruit in sauce wasn’t particularly palatable to him.  He picked up the tray and set it down close to the door and went to lie back on the bunk to contemplate his situation.  The one calling himself ‘The Registrar’ said he had been found in a street at a place called Libra.  He had never heard of it.  Why he couldn’t remember his name or if he had a family was a puzzle to him too….everyone had a name, everyone had some sort of family.

He closed his eyes; trying to recollect something…anything….perhaps if he remembered then he would be let out.  After all there was no reason for him to be in this place or see a doctor.

Nothing….nothing concrete anyway….though for some reason he had images of a large dog in his head….large dog…..no….it walked on two legs…..dogs did not walk on two legs. It was odd…..very odd….two legged walking dog thing….how could he remember that vaguely and not his own name? He opened his eyes again and took a breath and then another, the room felt chilled, his breath was steaming. He sat up and looked about; ice crystals were forming about him on the bed…..what was this?

There was the soft beep and click and the door opened, in walked a new man, formally dressed.  He looked about the room, noting the untouched tray by the door, and tilting his head at the cold which prickled his skin.

“You need to calm yourself 53427.” He said smoothly.

“What do you mean?”

The man gestured to the small ice deposits and pulled out a syringe.

“This is you…we were able to ascertain a few things about you before you became conscious….now settle down or I will quieten you myself!” He waved the syringe lightly in front of the patient.

53427 backed up against the wall, huddled in the corner of the bed.

“I don’t understand….how can this be me?  Your environmental controls must be frazzled!”

The man chuckled.

“Oh 53427….you really don’t remember much do you, we were able to ascertain you have certain abilities of a magical nature, quite off the chart really….and our residence Psionic attempted to access you whilst you were unconscious.”

The man paused briefly to let it sink in.

“That was most interesting…two distinct personalities in there…you….and one that was not so happy to be read, we’ll get to the bottom of that in due course.  I am your doctor for now, an interim until we find the right sort of specialist.  My name is Dr Vertu.”


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Re: How did I end Up Here
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2017, 05:09:00 AM »
53427 moved as far up the bed as he could and regarded the Doctor with wide eyes.

"Dr Crazy more like......what is this place?"

Dr Vertu lowered the sedative and put it slowly back in his pocket and smiled patronisingly at his patient.

"Now now....53427...you are here because you are important, I know it all seems very odd right now what I am telling you but it is all true, you just don't remember becuase of some trauma you suffered."

53427 yanked up the blanket from the bed and wrapped it around himself protectively.

"I don't belong here....I belong somewhere else." He hissed.

The Doctor sat on the furthest corner of the bed.

"You do belong with us 53427....you should have come here a long time ago hmmm....you are a fragmented shattered thing inside.....let me help you.....let me help you." He said softly.

The Patient closed his eyes, hoping he might open them and this was a horrible dream, all he could hear was the Doctor's softly crooned words.

"Come on Son......let me help you!"


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Re: How did I end Up Here
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2017, 11:29:49 PM »
The Mess Hall

Eventually the Doctor left and 53427 was allowed out into the main Mess Hall, he headed to a corner and sat in a chair close to the wall watching the others about him warily.  One  person though was watching him with equal scrutiny and curiosity.  He rose languidly and came to lean against the wall looking dow at the Newbie.  Coran did not often reach out to strangers but for some reason this one struck a chord.

"So what you here for?" He asked after a moment, brushing his hair our of his boyishly handsome face.

53427 looked up and then away again.

"Don't know...I don't like this place it is wrong....I should not be here!"

Coran had to grin at that.

"Yep...I know what you mean and they haven't even started with you yet and you feel it."

He slid into a chair opposite the man.

"My name's Coran despite popular belief that it is 24513...you?"

Those brown eyes ringed with blue met this chatty inmate's with confusion.

"I don't remember....they keep calling me 53427...I don't like it!"

Coran nodded.

"Yeah that's your designation all the staff will call you that....I have forgotten the amount of times I have been punished for not answering to it, my mom did not call me 24513...the letter did say I was called Coran."

53427 shook his head.

"Why are you here?" He asked.

Coran smiled conspiratorally.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours!"

With that he nodded towards a bin in the corner which started to smoke and then catch fire.  It set off all sorts of alarms and orderlies came in and extinguished it and one very large chap came over and grabbed Coran by the neck of his shirt.

"Yer for it this time you bastard!" He growled.

"I know the drugs don't work on you but I am sure the Doc will find something to sort you out!"

With that he was dragged across the room and towards the door.

"Catch you later New Boy!" He grinned as he disappeared from sight.

53427 watch in shock but something seemed familiar...he could not put his finger on it.

"Catch you later." He whispered softly as everyone was ushered back to their rooms.


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Re: How did I end Up Here
« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2017, 05:07:51 AM »
Coran found himself strapped to a table in the cold White Room as he liked to call it, the place he got taken too by the orderlies here when they felt his behaviour was inappropriate or downright wrong.  He knew what was coming next too, after all he had quite a few years practice at this.  The door opened and he heard the click of heels across the white tiled floor. The person stopped just out of his eyeline and gave a annoyed tut.

"You are incorrigible!" Came the tart female voice, clipped with its displeasure.

"No fire I told you....no anything except in the experimental environment...but no...you flash it about...show it off...25413 I am starting to believe you are a lost cause...perhaps I should have you put down!"

Coran took a breath.

"C'mon Doc....I was just showing the newbie...you ain't going to have me terminated just for that huh...."

The woman stepped into view, her bobbed auburn hair tickled Coran's face as she leaned down to look into his eyes.

"I should....you are defiant...wilful... .but you are valuable which is why I stay my hand, but this cannot go unpunished unfortunately not even the conventional means such as the drugs work on you!" She snapped.

Coran gave a slow smile, he knew that she liked him under all that snapping and bitching.

"Well you managed to punish me last time Doc." He said in a low whisper.

The woman's green eyes flashed and her breathing quickened perceptibly.

"I did....and I think the same might work 25413!"  She turned sharply to the guard at the door.

"Leave us....I will deal with him myself!"

She strode across the room and picked up her black bag where she had dropped it and came back to the table. She opened it and pulled out a leather belt, turning back to her patient she ripped his t-shirt down the middle to bare his chest.

"You are bad 25413....and bad boys get punished....especia lly ones like you with pretty faces and that run their mouth off." Her face flushed at the sight of his muscular chest.

Coran grinned.

"Anything you say Doc.....but please don't mention terminating me again!"

It was a neat trick, turning how people felt against them or manipulating them, sure this session with the Doc would smart like hell and she would use him until he was exhausted but it sure beat getting put in the Termination Chamber!


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Re: How did I end Up Here
« Reply #5 on: May 25, 2017, 01:04:18 AM »
53427 sat back in his spartan room and he was thinking about the one he met in the Mess Hall....Coran.  There was something that triggered a memory...a memory of green eyes flecked with gold, Coran's were blue, but for some reason green eyes flecked with gold was strong.

He closed his eyes and concentrated on those green eyes. In his mind he saw himself in a room with a young man, younger than Coran.  The boy was sad, he wanted to be somewhere else and that was when he saw himself, cold, cruel....and he backhanded the boy across the face.

53427's eyes sprang open not wanting to see any more.....why would he hurt that boy who was just really a child...younger than Coran.  Had he been a bad person? Was he some sort of tyrant that would hurt someone? Just who the hell was he?

"I am not a bad person." He mumbled to himself.

He heard a slow sibilant hiss somewhere close to him...or was it inside his head?

"You were one of the worst!" It growled.

"Murderer....liar... .torturer!"

53427 slammed his hands over his ears.

"No...go away...!" He cried.

"Go away!"

"I will never leave you.....you and I are one and the same.....this is your punishment and even this is not enough!" The voice chuckled lowly.

"I hope you suffer!"


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Re: How did I end Up Here
« Reply #6 on: May 30, 2017, 04:50:56 AM »
Coran was released from the White Room about an hour after he was put in it, the Orderlies smirked as they let him out and allowed him to go unaccompanied to his room.  His t-shirt was gone and he sported thick red marks across his stomach and back.  They smarted liked Hell but at least he wasn't dead....he smirked as he thought back on the hour, the Doc was becoming easier to manipulate.

She had taken her fill of him and haughtily pulled her skirt down and reached for her undergarments and pulled them on.  Coran did his best to look contrite but it never quite came off in the way he wanted it to...at best he looked like a cat who had gotten the cream.  She gave him a hissed warning to behave and then left, the orderlies came in moments later and released him, allowing him a moment to gather himself and make himself decent.

He ambled along the corridor and tilted his head in the newbie's room, boy was he looking distressed.

"Hey Newbie.....settle down or they'll dose you!" He said softly pushing the door so it was just ajar.

53427 looked up cautiously to see the one from the Mess Hall....well striped, but it did not seem to be bothering him too much.

"I can't help it!" He hissed softly.

"The voice in my head.....it says things...horrible things!"

Coran shrugged.

"Tell it to get lost....it's only a voice....you remembered your name yet?"

The man shook his head.

"I did remember the boy with green eyes.....like yours with gold flecks....but green." He said quietly.

Coran smiled.

"That's a start I guess....why don't you tell me about him!" He made his self comfortable on the end of the bed and listened while the newbie talked.