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Author Topic: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)  (Read 2083 times)

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #140 on: September 14, 2017, 12:23:28 PM »
If Thade knew better - really stepped outside himself and examined just what the hell was going on - he probably would have seen just how well Reva was playing him. Probably. He was practically limp on the strings she had him wriggling on. And deep down, maybe he did know and gods' balls fuck it if he cared. Thade Olyphant, smuggler, businessman, all around idiot wanted to be on her strings, to be wrapped up all around her like a space parasite with separation anxiety.

Ok, maybe not that clingy, but the picture was enough to get him to secure the only arm he currently had around her neck and hook it against his shoulder. He parted his lips from hers only long enough to breathe, a sharp intake before he tilted his head the opposite way and slunk it in against her mouth.

The kisses were sloppy, no guile whatsoever, hungered and Thade moaned with want - no, need. "Damn you Reva," he hissed, voice a deep-throated timbre, a growl and rumble that erupted from deep inside his chest. "I want you. I care for you, dammit. Don't throw away something good."

Another low hiss, feeling the tension growing in his pants, releasing her from that hooked grasp long enough to assist her hand to releasing that tension, undoing his belt and zipper deftly and slipping her hand inside. Thade lunged back in for another hungered kiss, grinding against her hand and leaning against her, to sit her on her work table, has hand tugging at the buttons of her  shirt, pulling it down and dragging his mouth to her chest, lapping at her left breast, and feeling the heat that radiated off of her.

He was drawn to it like a lodestone, and moaned as he felt her heart beat against him, and murmured her name between laps, a soft needful lullaby.

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #141 on: September 26, 2017, 11:14:13 PM »
The passion and frustration he felt was translated so well between their lips; the sloppiness of their kisses and the huffs of his breath against her sent tingles racing along her spine down to her toes, and it was all perfectly predictable. She would havebeen perfectly content if they had said nothing but each other's names for the next hour or so while they got lost in each other, but Thade, it seemed, was determined to catch her off-guard, and even if it had been unintentional, it worked.

He said he cared about her and it was enough to make her pause, opening her eyes to look at him as if he'd grown a second head, unsure how to respond--thankfully, he didn't give her enough time to, catching her up in a kiss yet again while her heart fluttered and melted a little.

They hadn't known each other terribly long, and for all she knew he was just saying that to make extra sure he got into her pants this time, but something in her responded and wanted to believe it. She wanted to so much more than she'd have ever thought.

Her hand was slid into his pants and she grinned into their kiss, stroking his length with her fingertips before wrapping her hand around him and tugging, almost squeaking when she was suddenly lifted up and placed on the table, her shirt popped open so he could play with what lay beneath.

The green and blue lights that he'd been fascinated with before now bounced and reflected off of her, the colors highlighting her shapes, all her curves and edges, making her eyes shine as she pulled her hands away from him just long enough to take her shirt off completely before starting to work his off as well, eager to see what he'd do when he realized she was going to let him go that far this time. No tricks or games, he'd earned it well enough.

One hand moved to thread her fingers through his hair as he lapped away at her breast; the other hand reached down to undo the clasp and zipper of the shorts she'd been wearing--not pulling them down just yet, but moreso to tease him and invite him in for more.

"You've been good, so I'll reward you.~" She purred, her breath hitching as he toyed with her and made her bite her lip, the position too awkward for her to grope him again, so she brushed a leg up against him instead before spreading her thighs to hook her calf around him and draw him in closer so he could grind against her directly, the softest of moans escaping her as she did so.

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #142 on: October 19, 2017, 07:05:24 PM »
To say she'd got him all hot and bothered was really saying the least.  Thade was burning up and each kiss became more and more fevered. It was too bad he only had one arm, because he could do a whole lot more with two than one. But, that just meant he'd have to get more creative with what he did have. Thade whimpered and moaned softly between those hungered kisses.

Already his lips were sore with want, with need, his throat growing raw with the soft noises she inspired in him. She could know exactly what she was doing, play him like the fiddle he was. Heh, another thing to be put rather lightly. She was playing with something but it wasn't exactly a fiddle.

The moment her hand grasped around his length, his body shuddered. There was no use in suppressing that shiver. He couldn't and as much as he'd been waiting for this, he paused and pulled his mouth away from her chest, taking in a deep breath, the scent of her, the very energy she possessed and the blood inside that called to him.

Heat and fire. That was what he responded to. A desire that stemmed above and beyond mere physical need. Thade looked her in the eyes and although he was hanging out of his pants, he paused and looked up at her, bending his knees and kissing down along her body. He focused on a trial of heat, where it radiated most and although she was still wearing her shorts, he dipped his hand into it, feeling for that heat.

"I've earned it huh? A good boy? I can be real good, even better," he purred against her stomach and gently coaxed her hips to lift form the table so that he could pull those shorts down. "Because I don't think you've been a very good girl. But it's the ripened fruit that tastes the sweetest." He pushed them low enough and...when it just wasn't, he tugged them down harshly, yanking them from her legs and falling back into the cage of her thighs. He was forceful enough to yank her hips forward on that table so that she was resting either on her elbows or her back and he dipped his head down to suck at the skin on the inside of her thigh.

"Unless you have something to say to plead your case, I'm afraid I'll need to hear you scream."

Thade moaned hungrily and traced lips along her belly, finding her clit and lapping it generously. The movements were slow and calculated, curious and he wanted to feel her every quiver.

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #143 on: March 14, 2018, 10:12:31 PM »
The fire he kindled in her really was undeniable, though she'd tried to deny it to herself for weeks now. There was no way that she could get feelings, especially for a guy like him, and yet here they were with her heart fluttering when they made eye contact.

She blinked as she saw the look in his gaze and it sent a shiver running down her spine; obediently she lifted her hips, thinking he'd take the opportunity for what it was and screw her right there into the table--but he had other plans.

Every press of his lips down her body made her shiver and mewl, her form trembling slightly with need as the blood rushing in her veins made her feel that much hotter, that much more on fire.

"Oh I bet you can," She moaned at his touches, watching him with wide eyes as she realized where he was going with this, and then suddenly she was yanked further down and her back hit the table and his tongue was on her clit, a loud moan of surprise mixed with pleasure escaping her as her back instantly arched, her hips twitching at the sudden warm, wet pressure applied to her most sensitive spot.

Her breath caught in her throat, one of her hands flying up to her mouth to muffle the loud moan as she practically melted into him. It was rare that she ever got this kind of thing, let alone this kind of treatment, so she was sensitive--perhaps not as much so as she might be when in heat, but it still counted. Still sent jolts running right south as he lapped at her and she twitched and shuddered under his tongue, resisting the urge to roll her hips into his mouth.

Her other hand snuck down to tangle her fingers in his thick hair, keeping it out of his face as a bit of frustration flared up inside of her, realizing she was really entirely under his control here. There was little she could do to return the favor, she had nothing at her disposal to fight back with to keep things fair other than digging her fingernails into his scalp, which she didn't want to do. Instead she fisted her hand in his hair, tugging at it gently as her hips started to roll into his tongue, her fingertips smoothing over his scalp, petting and massaging him as she coaxed him to keep going.

Even though it wasn't what she wanted it felt so damn good, and with the care and effort he put into working her into puddy in his hands, of course her heart beat its way right into her throat, making her briefly wonder if this was what they were talking about when they said looking at someone through rose-tinted glasses. Because she sure as hell felt warm, fuzzy and tingly as much as she did nervous, excited, and so, so eager to please him.

"F-Fuck, Thade, please--" She choked out, her free hand clutching at her sternum, digging her fingertips into her own milky skin. "I want you, please..."

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #144 on: March 27, 2018, 11:14:51 PM »
Thade hadn't burned this hotly for someone since his last lover. Lost love, lost days of waiting for them to love you back when all they did was take what you had to give and nothing more. Although his heart was pounding deep in his throat, Thade kept going, swiping his tongue so hotly against Reva's heat that he started to feel lightheaded. Maybe those days were the lost ones - and perhaps they should stay that way. For damn good reason too because he didn't need to look behind him to find what he was looking for. Nope, instead he had it right in front of him.

Thade moaned in between her legs, into her languid heat that him shivering with want, with need, and and he couldn't stop himself from reaching for his own length to squeeze and stroke at it. His fingers wrapped around it and stroked it, squeezing and tugging at the turgid appendage that ached to be inside her. He didn't know how much more he could take no being connected with her. Even after being denied for so long, he just couldn't help himself, and that want only stirred the fire in his loins.

He moaned louder still, kissing and latching on to the inside of her thigh, giving it a gentle bite until he couldn't take her pleas anymore. His blood was burning, and when he pulled away, his eyes glowed brightly, boring into hers and as he pulled away he crawled back over her on the table, kneeling just at the edge of it and coaxing her legs to wrap tightly around him.

"No more games," he hissed. "Tonight you're mine."  And his lips came crashing into hers, his hips rolling into her entrance, slipping inside with such little resistance and in one fell swoop, he was inside her, inching his way until he was completely hilted and her very walls clung to his cock.  A loud groan escaped him and seeped into her mouth as he rolled his hips and rocked her against him, taking her hard into the desk.

As awkward enough as it was only having one arm, he positioned himself on his elbow to give him added leverage, thrusting as hard into her as he could, already panting and his heart just about rattling in his chest for want of being free of it's confines. "Goddammit Reva, I-I've wanted you so bad....for so fucking long..."

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #145 on: April 04, 2018, 09:51:13 PM »
The longer he kept going, the more he swiped his hot, wet tongue against her the louder her moans grew. It felt sooo good, so fucking good. When was the last time she'd gotten any? She genuinely couldn't remember. Roy maybe, months ago, many months ago, long before she'd met Thade, during her last heat, because usually that was the only time she could be bothered.

And yet here she was, pinned against her own work table, being made into a whimpering, mewling mess by Thade Olyphant. She never would've allowed this with anyone else. Not in her workroom, of all places for fuck's sake. This was where she came to get things done! Be professional! When she was in here, she was on the clock, and the company didn't pay her to be bent over her desk when she had projects to get done. Similarly, the thought of coming in here the next day and just smelling it with those heightened senses of hers usually brought on her gag reflex.


But right now, with Thade's tongue inside her heat, the only thing she could focus on or be bothered to care about was how wonderful he felt and how much she wanted his throbbing length inside of her. She didn't care how big a mess they made. And the idea of coming in to work tomorrow to smell the aftermath of their sex made her ache even more, made more jolts run south as the muscles in her lower abdomen felt warm and clenched.

She gasped as he pulled away from her and bit her thigh, her body jolting and twitching, back arching slightly as she panted and throbbed desperately to feel every inch of him. And as she saw him crawl over her, heard the tone of his voice as he hissed and kissed her her heart skipped beats and melted all in one. She was obedient, wrapping her legs around his waist and hips while her arms came up to loop around the back of his neck, holding on tight as he kissed her like he might never get the chance ever again. She kissed back with every bit of passion, tasting him and reveling in it as their tongues slid against each other and danced, and she felt every hot puff of breath, felt the vibration of every one of his low moans that sent chills racing up and down her spine.

The moment he slid inside of her she gasped and squealed, her fingertips digging into his back as her own arched at the immense pleasure that radiated through her body from the first few inches of her entrance upward. It danced and sang throughout her nervous system, making her tingle as she pressed her lips against the crook of his neck to stifle a loud groan of satisfaction. It was akin to the blissful feeling of finally scratching the most bothersome itch; it felt nothing short of absolutely wonderful, and she loved every moment, every second of it.

He'd been wanting her for so long, had he?

She couldn't deny herself the huge grin that spread across her face at the notion. It was pleasing to know that he'd wanted her just as bad as she him, and that she'd done such a fantastic job of teasing the poor man. She wasn't exactly the most friendly person, but that didn't mean she didn't know how to get something when she wanted it. And she'd wanted him riled up, and that's exactly what she got. She was nothing but a woman of determination and calculated results.

Every thrust made her moan nice and loud for him, panting hard already against his skin as she rocked her hips back against his, her tight heat starting to squeeze around his every inch, her own wetness making friction nearly non-existent. It was the slap of skin against skin, the feeling of his hips hitting hers that sent additional waves of pleasure up through her core, making her eyes roll back as she squeezed her eyes shut tight.

"Yours--" She managed to choke out, her voice strained with the intent of trying to keep as quiet as possible in case somebody overheard. "A-All yours, Thade, y-you feel so g-good..."

The notion that a coworker could come down at any second and find them like this... Was honestly kind of erotic. That they could see her of all people, the stuck up second in command getting completely destroyed on this hologram projector table by one of her own customers, it was such a ludicrous and raunchy thought. She couldn't help but glance down, see his hips and watch his thick cock hit her nice and deep with every thrust, the very sight of it being so lewd it just sent more jolts running down, made those muscles of hers clench even tighter, as she held onto him tightly and rocked back against him with every bit of want and fervor.

"A-As much as you want, please, p-please come in me as much as you want, I-I want it, Thade, please, I w-want all of... All of you..."