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Genre: Sci-fi fantasy.

Location: A galaxy far, far away. Takes place primarily on a planet called Earth (not to be confused with our Earth), another planet called Edanith, and various space stations.

Time Period: 5000 years after Spirits of the Earth. You don't have to be familiar with SotE to play on RotE.

Technology Level: Similar to our current one, but on steroids. That is to say while there is space travel, fancy holographic technology, advanced weaponry, magic, mechas, and nifty gadgets that can do things we can only dream of, there are also still all the old comforts we know and love, like TV, video games, cell phones, motorcycles, and the internet. If you're comfortable with a modern setting, you'll be fine playing here.

We do not deal with technobabble. When it comes to the sci-fi elements of the game, we take the it works because it does approach. None of us are scientists and it's easier to suspend disbelief that way.

Plot? What plot?

There is no plot! Remnants of the Earth is a game with no fixed plot. Rather, it is up to the players to create their stories. This is a game where the characters drive the stories, and there are many, many stories to be told here.

The staff of RotE do not drive the plot, though they can be just as involved as any other character and player in the game. Every now and then the staff will introduce a large event (anything ranging from a party to a siege) to bring characters together, but we're not the only ones capable of doing that. In fact, we fully encourage players to create their own large events!

So cut loose, go out there, and create some epic adventures! This is a huge, detailed world so go out there and do something with it!

Remnants of the Earth takes place in a very diverse, broad setting in a galaxy not unlike our own--but also far different. For one, magic exists, as does psionics. Non-human creatures like elves, djinn, fae, shifters, dragons, and countless other sentient beings also walk alongside humankind.

Part of the game takes place on the planet Earth (not to be confused with our Earth) and the human-dominated continent of Le'raana, the last inhabitable place on Earth. Earth itself is a mess: barren, polluted, the air too toxic on most days to breathe without a mask, the oceans and rivers a mess of sludge and waste. Even the sea level has risen as the icecaps have melted, flooding the coasts and wiping islands off the map. Only two nations remain: Aedolis, a powerful military dictatorship who with the help of their Pilot and dragon teams is intent on salvaging what is left of the Earth and extending their empire into space, and the underground city of Teinar, a mishmash of people just trying to survive the harsh elements.

But others have long abandoned the Earth in search of greener planets, and one group even succeeded in colonizing the planet Edanith, a planet still in the long process of being terraformed. There magitech reigns and there is a sharp divide between the civilized cities and the rough and rugged frontier towns and borderlands.

Space itself is alive and diverse with several space stations occupying the black, including the shady Thanatos Inc., where products are indeed not tested on animals, but on humans. Pirate activity is also at an all-time high and travel between stations can be risky, because space is lawless and there are many who would take advantage of that.

As far as magic and psionics goes, it exists--and depending on where you're at, it's also risky. Aedolis has a monopoly on psychics that they don't want to give up (and with the help of the Axis Point, they can keep tabs on psychics even outside their nation) and other nations are wary of people who can read their mind and potentially be spies. Indeed, it's dangerous to be a psychic. Magic is more common than psionics and mages are less hunted, but Edanith also needs mages to power its magitech. Indeed, there is money to be made in bounty-hunting.


The game is set a galaxy far beyond our own galaxy. The planets Kiiven, Earth, Edanith, and Orias comprise the inner solar system. Of these, only Earth and Edanith are presently habitable and colonized, Kiiven being too close to the sun and Orias being too far away to support humanoid life. The outer planets are comprised of Ametheia, Ulia, and Lorophon, and all three are hotly contested by both Edanith and Aedolis.

Like our own galaxy, the planets orbit a sun. Earth has a single moon and is roughly the same size as our Earth, whereas Edanith is 50% larger and has three moons.

Currently, the inhabitants of this galaxy do not have the technology to venture beyond their solar system, but that doesn't mean they don't get visitors from beyond. Alien life is out there, and some have visited the solar system. Thus far, they have shown no interest in conquering any of the galaxy's civilizations and have simply been curious. Many have even assimilated into the various Earth and Edanith cultures or joined up with various space crews and stations.

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The resident superpower of the Earth, Aedolis is also directly responsible for its degredation. Ruled by the dragons and their Pilots, Aedolis is famed both for its culture and its brutality.
An underground free city hidden out in the wastelands, Teinar is a mishmash of people just trying to survive the harsh elements.
A space station located on a major trade route above the plane of the solar system, Cancer is a port for trade vessels, travelers, and pirates alike.
The Libra is a large, militaristic space station located far beyond Edanith's orbit.
Edanith is a planet in the process of being terraformed. Its people value a natural aesthetic, eco-friendly technology, and subsist on magitech. Much of the population resides in overcrowded megacities, but many are moving out onto the frontier and into a Wild West atmosphere.
Thanatos Inc.
Household name, booming corporation, shady research facility.
RotE Wiki
Wanna know more in-depth information about the countries and cultures of RotE's world not covered in the above summaries? Check out our wiki and feel free to contribute to it, too!

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