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Remnants of the Earth is a relaxed, inclusive community with a focus on interesting characters, engaging plots, respect for all players, and fun without micromanagement. In order to make sure everyone is on the same page, please be sure to read the following rules. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

RotE's staff reserves the right to address any issues that aren't expressly mentioned in the rules, but prove to be problematic, on a case by case basis.

Player Conduct Writing
Joining and Character Creation Mature Themes
Roleplaying Technical Details
  • Respect each other. RotE is a safe space, so please exercise understanding of race, religion, age, gender, and sexuality. While characters may be discriminatory, we do not tolerate that behavior in our members. If another member ever makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason or if anything ever affects your enjoyment of the game, please tell a staff member. We are always available to help and we work hard to maintain a friendly, safe, and fair community.

  • Common triggery subjects should be avoided in the cbox. Feel free to discuss them in-depth in the forums, but please use trigger warnings when you do.

  • Please refrain from graphic discussions of violence, drugs, sex, and any illegal activities in the OOC areas of the site. This should be a comfortable space for everyone.

  • You must be 18 or older to join.

  • We're a one account per player game.

  • You may play as many original characters as you like. Fandom characters and races will not be accepted.

  • All characters must be from RotE's universe. They may not come from our world, or fandom worlds.

  • Powerful characters, even god-like entities, are welcome! But we must ask for no omnipotent, all-powerful, capital-G Gods who are responsible for the creation and upkeep of time and space and life itself. Give your powerful characters an upper limit!

  • Feel free to create your own species and cultures and planets! You can always play them in Open Space. In order for it to become site canon, however, it will need approval and write-ups.

  • Don't break the world. Characters should not reference events, people, religions, and cultures from our world. They don't exist in RotE! Likewise, any setting-altering plots (such as blowing up a canon location) should be approved in advance.

  • This is a consent-based game. Players have the option of setting their own limits regarding their characters and what can happen to them. No one can kill, control, or alter another player's character without that player's permission.
  • Please write in third person, past tense.

  • We run on liquid time. Your characters can be in as many threads as you wish, but everything must happen in one timeline.

  • There are no posting orders in group threads by default. If players would like a posting order, they are welcome to establish that with their group.

  • We welcome instant messenger RP! Just remember to post the log to the forum.

  • Mature threads must be tagged [mature] or [M]. Private threads should be marked [private], [closed], or [player name(s)]. Open threads should be marked with the [open] tag. You may also request that players PM you before they join. Threads left untagged will be assumed open. Anyone is free to join open threads at any time. If you no longer want people to join your open thread, please be sure to change the tag!

  • Please use trigger warnings for common triggery subjects. This can be done by placing a [TW] tag in the subject line of the thread, along with a note at the beginning of the thread or post that specifies what kind of triggery content lies within. For example, TW: rape/abuse/self-harm/suicide/etc.

  • Mature themes involving graphic violence, drug use, sex, sexual abuse, and other such "mature" topics can and do appear in some threads and plots. You must make sure that any other players involved in the thread are comfortable with these subjects prior to writing them. Please be mature, tasteful, and responsible when dealing with these subjects.

  • By participating in threads containing mature content, you are agreeing that you and your partner are 18 years of age or older.

  • Please do not change the font colors or sizes for in character posts.

  • Read our art usage policy! It's quite important!

  • Avatars can be no larger than 150 x 200 pixels. Signature graphics can be no larger than 600 x 200 pixels. It's recommended that you keep a list of all the characters you play in your signature.

  • User-submitted lore becomes site-canon upon approval. Once that content is site-canon, it is part of the game and thus belongs to all present and future players for the purpose of RPing. Bear that in mind when/if you decide to submit your ideas.