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New to RotE? Then this guide is for you! It'll walk you through the joining process and help you familiarize yourself with the game.

First thing's first: you do not have to read everything in one go to play the game. So don't let that scare you off! This quick joining guide will outline what you need to read now to get you into the game quick!

This here's the stuff you absolutely need to read in order to play the game.
  • The Rules
    The guidelines and expectations for playing on RotE.
  • Plot and Setting
    Basic information about RotE's expansive world. You'll find an overview of RotE's setting there and information about each of RotE's main nations. You don't have to read about every nation in one go! Just read about the ones that you'll be playing in. You should, eventually, read about all the nations, but you can save the others for when it's convenient!

PRO-TIP! If all the information is still overwhelming to you, make a character that is a wanderer! :3 They can be from a distant planet/colony/etc. of your own design, and that means that as they explore, absorb, and adjust to the setting, you can also take your time adjusting, too, while still RPing in it!
Read through everything? Now you're ready to join! Joining is super quick and easy!
  • First, register an account on our forums. We're a one account per player game so please be sure to use a name that you want to be called.
  • Once you have a character in mind, head on over to the Character Directory. There you'll find the joining form. Just post your character profile on its appropriate board and you're ready to play!
  • Introduce yourself! We recommend exchanging IM screen names as a lot of plotting and socializing and general zaniness goes on over them.
So you've registered, introduced yourself, and joined your character. Now—how to get involved:

  • Head on over to the Plotting Center! Read other players' plot requests and see if any interest you! If none catch your fancy, then post your own plotting request and see who bites!
  • Seek out open threads! Look around the board for any threads marked as "open", and check our Open Threads list. If none are available, then start your own! Advertise it in the Plotting Center and add it to the Open Threads list so other players have a higher chance of noticing it!
  • Create a Character Catalogue to keep track of your characters and advertise open ones. Check out other players' catalogues and reply to them to set up RP!
  • Talk to people! Chat in the cbox and make friends! Check out peoples' profile information and see if they have any AIM or MSN contact info listed. If they do, grab them on IM. Chat it up and get some plots going!
  • Be persistent and throw yourself out there! Instead of waiting for people to come to you, approach them yourself. No one bites. In fact, people tend to be flattered when you show an interest in their threads and characters!
Information that you can browse and absorb at your leisure. You should read through it at some point, though, because it gives a way more detailed look at the world, as well as loads of useful information.
  • Playing A Leader
    Interested in playing an official leader, such as the Imperial of Aedolis or the Captain of a space station? Read this, then!
  • RotE Wiki
    There's a lot of fun, extra stuff here! Everything from extra information about the settings to character information to RP-related articles.
  • Group Threads
    How group threads work on RotE!
  • Instant Messenger RP
    We love and welcome instant messenger RP! This explains how it works here, and how many players choose to blend IM RP with their forum RP.