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Wanna help RotE grow? Here are the various advertising codes! No worries, they all look the same, but the code has been altered slightly for each one to take into account different types of forum code. Copy the appropriate one, go to another site's advertising board (and make sure to follow the rules there), paste the code there, and you're set! Help is always appreciated...
Standard HTML code, for boards that allow HTML (like boards2go and livejournal/greatestjournal).

Invisionfree code, for forums hosted on Invisionfree.

Forum code, for forums hosted on any other forum software but Invisionfree (such as proboards, phpbb, etc.).

And EZboard code, for, well...EZboards!

And that looks like this:

Remnants of the Earth is an original sci-fi fantasy RPG. Venture into the dystopian nation of Aedolis, or carve a place for yourself on the frontier of newly-terraformed Edanith. Brave the lawless reaches of outer space or join the millions who live on massive space stations.

We've got no word counts, no activity requirements, and a quick and easy joining process to get you in the game immediately. The setting is really open, and storytelling and characters take center focus. We welcome players of all experience levels and original characters of all types!