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Edanith is a planet in the process of being terraformed. Its people value a natural aesthetic, eco-friendly technology, and subsist on magitech. Much of the population resides in overcrowded megacities, but many are moving out onto the frontier and into a Wild West atmosphere.

Planet Edanith The Cities Spirituality
Edani People The Frontier and Its Settlements Technology
Culture and Society Mages and Mordecai Government
Edanith is a red planet that is 50% larger than Earth and located just close enough to the sun so as to potentially be inhabitable--though the technology was not always available. It was named Edanith by its colonists in honor of their nation of the same name that was displaced on Earth.

The Edani began terraforming the planet when they arrived three-hundred years ago. Most of the planet is barren and desert-like, and it's significantly cooler than Earth with slightly thinner air, but with a little help and a nudge here and there, the planet is perfectly capable of supporting life. In fact, there are a number of creatures native to Edanith that have adapted to the conditions, some predatory, as well as a smattering of native Edani plants.

Because of the melting polar icecaps in response to the terraforming, Edanith now has a small ocean and a few large rivers snaking across the planet. There is some volcanic activity on the planet, as well, especially from the enormous Mount Yuet. Here, the temperatures are warmer.

There is more plant life on Edanith now as the Edani have brought native Earth plants (and animals) with them to the planet, and the planet is looking rather green and healthy now around and in the major cities. It's a different story once one leaves the cities and heads out onto the frontier, however, where the soil is still red and barren.

Though the planet still has a long way to go before it's anything like Earth once was, compared to how the Earth is now it's a gorgeous place with plants and animals thriving about the cities and with plenty of fresh, unpolluted air to breathe. And when night falls (only half an hour later than it would on Earth) the sight of Edanith's triple moons (one of which is an artificial one, made of space debris that got caught in the planet's orbit) is surely a sight to see.

It's always best not to stray too close to the ocean, though, as the effect their gravitational pull has on the tides is extreme.

  • Edani (as an ethnicity) are light-skinned but often develop a healthy golden tan in the sun. They are light-eyed (generally greens, blues, and grays) with light hair that comes in shades of red, blond, and light browns. Darker coloration is generally the result of a mixed ethnic background. Average heights for Edani women are 5'2" - 5'4", while average heights for Edani men are 5'7" - 5'9".
  • Modest, flowing clothing designs with simple, subtle patterns done in earth tones are in style. Despite the free and flowing designs, on a closer inspection their typical clothing also has a very controlled look to it. Simplicity is currently in, while busy, overly-colorful designs and lots of accessories are considered gaudy. Tanned skin is also in, a sign of their privilege as a people for being able to safely spend time outdoors. Facial hair and beards are fashionable for men.
  • Edani value the "natural"; body modifications, such as piercings and tattoos, are considered ugly. Many people still get them, but it carries a low-class connotation and is generally associated with criminals.
  • Red is an unlucky color, associated with the red, dead soil of unterraformed land. It's considered in bad taste to wear it at weddings or other special events, though it is worn at funerals. Red is the color of mourning in Edanith. Blue is considered to be a lucky color.

  • Edani culture tends toward conservatism and moderation, with an emphasis placed on family values. Citizens are encouraged to get married, settle down, and raise a large family to further populate the planet. Childless couples (such as barren and homosexual couples who do not adopt or have a surrogate) are also given marriage rights but are viewed with pity by many of the population.
  • Edanith is a republic, and the society is largely egalitarian. Men and women of all humanoid races are considered equal, and are considered capable of performing the same jobs. However, outside the cities and further out into the frontier, where there is less education and where the government cannot reach, there have been known cases of exploitation.
  • Prostitution and drug use (excepting pharmaceuticals, tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol) is illegal. However, out on the frontier they are having problems with drug and human trafficking. There is plenty of space to conduct shady business.
  • Psychics are regarded with suspicion. They will often find themselves questioned extensively and their lives disrupted by government officials.
  • Edanith uses paper-and-coin currency though they also use paperless methods such as credit and debit cards.

  • Edanith consists of four megacities, Tynova among them. The megacities are large, perfectly capable of rivaling any city on Earth. Regular cities tend to be small, few, densely populated, and spread out, each with a terraforming tower at their center. Each tower is strategically placed in order to take advantage of natural formations in the land, such as where water is most likely to form, and the cities are built around them. As a result, the next neighboring city could be several days' travel away.
  • Edani style tends toward the natural more than the artificial. Gardens, fountains, and parks are common and popular within the cities, which are renowned for their beauty. However, the Edani aesthetic values controlled and tamed nature--neatly trimmed shrubs, bonsai trees, pristine sand and rock gardens--rather than allowing it to grow wild. Tynova, the first founded city, is the largest of the cities and also the center of government.
  • Edanith's cities are technologically advanced, clean, often magically powered, and eco-friendly. Technologically speaking, Edanith is on par with the other nations.
  • Because Edanith's major cities are overpopulated, and because Edanith needs people out on the fringes to control the rest of the planet, people are encouraged to move and explore the frontier. The government gives incentives for people to go out and expand.
  • Most city folk drive vehicles, ride bikes, or take public transportation. Megacities have great public transportation; smaller cities may have fewer options in that regard.

  • Tiny towns and settlements make up the majority of civilized Edanith and they tend to be spread out, with many brave Edani setting out to explore and populate the rest of the planet. The land out there is more barren, rugged, and sparsely populated, and Edani law does not always extend that far; often there are no officials out there to enforce it. Beyond the cities, the world is very much a dog-eat-dog one, and the further away from the cities one goes, the worse it gets.
  • There are many opportunities to grab power on the frontier. Develop a settlement into a megacity, and you could become a government representative.
  • Many of the smaller settlements currently lack electricity or much technology, but there are patches of rich soil and vegetation that adequately support cattle and horses. With the help of mages with earth and plant-based magicks, enough terraforming can be accomplished to sustain a small town until a tower can be built.
  • Smaller terraforming generators are sometimes constructed between major cities, and many small settlements are built around them. The terrain between towns and towers is dangerous and feral, often patrolled by outlaws. The worst criminals (murderers and sex offenders as opposed to petty thieves and folks that cheat on their taxes) are often deported to remote areas of the frontier when the city prisons get too full.
  • Horseback riding is both a popular diversion as well as a way of life and mode of transportation. Cowboys (and cowgirls), as well as farmers of all types, are very important on the frontier, responsible for overseeing a large portion of Edanith's food supply. Similarly, there are simply some places a horse can go that a truck can't, especially in areas that lack a good power source.

  • Mordecai are people who have the unique psychic ability to nullify the magic that other people possess. However, mages and Mordecai are equipped with a chip that lets the Mordecai access the mage's magic, and the mage use magic within the Mordecai's sphere of influence. Mordecai cannot link with mages who are not chipped--but their ability will nullify their magic. Likewise, chipped mages cannot access their magic without linking to a Mordecai.
  • People born with the Mordecai ability are in high demand in Edanith. Any and all people found with the ability are drafted into the government for civil service. Mordecai will never have other psychic abilities.
  • Though Mordecai may link to multiple mages, they often work closely with the same ones, forging deep bonds with them. The number of mages they may control depends on their rank.
  • Mordecai link up with their mages using a "key" that they wear on their dog tags. This "key" plugs one of two ports that all mages have installed in their temples, and it allows the Mordecai to link up to a mage and control their magic. Without this link, the mage cannot use their magic.
  • Mages wear a headband that connects to their temple ports. It is worn when the mage is not on duty, as it send out a constant signal that powers the cities' magitech by draining the mage's magical energy. Mages also have a ceremonial headband that is worn at special functions.
  • Mages in Edanith are revered as martyrs and treated as though almost sacred or even just as nobility. While magic is viewed as a powerful, dangerous, corrupting force that a mage needs help controlling (via a Mordecai), the mage himself is treated with the highest respect. They can't help it that they were born with this dangerous force inside them, and yet with the assistance of a Mordecai, they can use their power to help their country. For while magic is viewed as dangerous, something that needs to be controlled, it is also viewed as a force of creation and beauty.
  • All mage citizens are chipped, excepting visiting mages. Most are accepting of their life, because it is all they know, and because they are treated very well--almost as royalty.
  • Non-native mages are allowed to visit Edanith, but must have a Mordecai escort and may suffer penalties if they use magic without permission. Non-native mages are not kidnapped officially, but may want to avoid the less regulated frontier where illegal exploitation and human trafficking does occur. Kidnapped mages are used for a variety of things, such as batteries to power the terraforming towers or other types of labor. Again, though this happens, this is illegal, and instances of human trafficking are investigated and punished when discovered by law. However, the lawless nature of the frontier means that many slaves go unnoticed and unfreed.
  • Mages are allowed to freely wander the cities in which they live, but there are barriers around the city that interact with their chip and prevent them from leaving without clearance and a chaperon (usually a Mordecai). Frontier towns may not have these barriers.
  • Mages and Mordecai are provided housing throughout the cities, close to their jobs. They are all provided a small condominium-style home, though larger ones are provided for families. There the mages are doted upon and protected, all their needs met, while the Mordecai are kept close by.
  • Relationships among mages are encouraged, to hopefully bring more mage children into the world. Relationships between mages and Mordecai are also not uncommon and are also encouraged, both because more children is always a positive thing and because there is a greater chance of getting either a mage or a Mordecai out of the union.
  • Mages all have different jobs based on their abilities. Some are battlemages used in combat, others (like water and plant mages) work in agriculture and terraforming.

  • Edani are free to practice whatever religion they please, and do not have an official national religion.
  • Most Edani, however, believe in a personal spirituality with a focus on meditation, organization, control, and calm in order to achieve self-realization. Most do not worship a deity, as the focus is on the self, but some may. Belief in reincarnation is prevalent.
  • The rock and sand gardens, bonsai, and controlled nature within the cities and surrounding landscape is reflective of this sort of Edani spirituality and philosophy.

  • Edanith is a highly advanced, on par with the other developed nations of the solar system. However, Edanith's technology (magitech) is powered more by magic than by science. Gaps in their technological and scientific knowledge is bridged by magic.
  • Edanith's magitech is clean, sleek, and eco-friendly, and owning pretty and elaborate magitech devices is viewed as a status symbol. Edanith also possesses many mundane technological devices (such as cell phones, televisions, computers, and other modern appliances), but more advanced ones tend to be magically fueled.
  • Frontier technology tends to be less advanced and more grungy. It tends to not work as well as the newer models found in the cities and it is generally less eco-friendly.
  • Edanith is in possession of many hi-tech, magically fueled weapons, and their space vessels are some of the most advanced and formidable in the solar system. However, their space fleet is relatively small, as most of their efforts go into terraforming.
  • Large, tower-like power plants located within the cities power the terraforming, keeping the cities and the land around them green and developed. The towers are powered by enchantments, which need regular maintenance and updating by mages.
  • Edanith's terraforming technology is unlike any seen in any other nation. Aedolis desperately wants to get its hands on it.

Every citizen of Edanith is protected under the constitution. This allows basic freedoms like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of expression. All citizens over 17 years of age are required to vote, excepting mages.

The Edani government is separated into three main parts: the Consul, the Council, and the City Commisioners. The are all elected by popular vote.

The Consul serves for five years, and can serve a maximum of two terms. They have veto power over laws the Council proposes and in times of national emergency they assume emergency powers over the military.

The Council consists of the Military Delegate, Agricultural Delegate, Aerospace Delegate, Transportation Delegate, Education Delegate, Terraforming Delegate, Commerce Delegate, Magitech Delegate, and the Diplomacy Delegate. They develop and propose laws for Edanith.

Every city and town has a Commissioner, who directs policy in their city. They are also elected by popular vote, though the farther away one gets from the large cities the greater corruption and exploitation becomes. On the edges of the frontier the system may disintegrate completely, leaving the power open for those willing and able to grab it, sometimes through violence and intimidation.