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Remnants of the Earth was created by Talyafera and Rhi-Rhi and was opened to the public on September 5, 2007. Talyafera came up with the idea, got down to the meat of it all, and really fleshed out Aedolis, Thanatos Inc., and the space stations (the site is all her fault). Rhi-Rhi designed and hosted the website, runs the site, and put it all together.

Everything featured on this site is Copyright 2007 - 2011 Remnants of the Earth and may not be reproduced, duplicated, redistributed or mirrored anywhere without permission. RotE's banner was a collaborative art piece drawn and colored by Talyafera and Rhi-Rhi.

All characters and their respective stories, ideas, and posts/writings/artworks featured within the site are Copyright their original creators. Locations created by players are also Copyright to their creators. All players maintain the rights to whatever elements they contribute/submit/etc.

Remember, plagiarism is illegal. And it's also just plain mean and lazy. The creators and their wonderful members work hard on this site. Please respect that.