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To request affiliation, ask questions, report bugs, or submit ideas, please either e-mail or PM Rhi-Rhi (myself), your friendly neighborhood administrator.

eternalwonder@gmail.com | Private Message

I can also be contacted through instant messenger, either on AIM as Viscount Rhi Rhi or through Skype as Wolfwonderess. Don't be afraid to contact me for whatever reason, even if just to chat it up! ;3

Remnants of the Earth's staff consists of myself, the administrator and creator (known on the site as Rhi-Rhi), and a group of co-admins and moderators who serve as an extension of myself. While the moderators and other administrators are here to help serve and protect the role-playing experience of everyone by enforcing the site's rules, they are also here to answer any questions and concerns you might have, and they can always be approached for any assistance you might need. If you are confused about anything, or if anything at all ever makes you feel uncomfortable, alienated, or just generally inhibits your enjoyment of the site, the admins/moderators and myself are here for you. The primary means of contacting the staff is through the forums' Private Message (PM) service.

With that said, if a moderator ever contacts you for any reason, it is with the authority of the administration.

If you have any questions or concerns or need assistance with anything else at all and the admin is not available, you may also contact any member of the staff who may be contacted via a private message by clicking their names below.