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Space Station Cancer is a place to trade, do business, pick up crew members...and anything else one can imagine. It is highly diverse—one might even call it haphazard. It has been built over the years by tacking on new parts and renovations without much care for ease of use or appearance. The result is a labyrinth of markets (both black and legitimate), docking stations, residences, and bars. Cancer holds anything anyone could possibly need, so long as they have the right connections. Just don't get lost; in this den of thieves and pirates, it's all too easy for the clueless to "disappear".

The people of Cancer value adaptability, individualism, and cynicism.

Cancer Culture The Station
Government and Security
  • Cancer is fully capitalistic. There is little regulation.

  • Cancer brings together people of more races and species than any other nation or space station.

  • There is no "normal" on Cancer. It is a mishmash of different cultures that immigrants and travelers have brought in.

  • Cancers are jaded. They've seen a lot, and it's difficult to phase them.

  • Seasonal residents are common. Cancer is a major trading port for ships, and many crews will alternate living on Cancer with living on their ship, depending on their jobs.

  • Skepticism and independence are high values on Cancer.

  • Real food is expensive on Cancer. The mid and lower classes eat mostly condensed, synthetic nutritional bars.

  • Cancer is labyrinthine, disorganized, and chaotic. It is easy to get lost in.

  • New additions to the station are patched on with whatever is on hand, in whatever way works. It's a big messy jumble of features and technology that don't actually go together.

  • Cancer is the second-largest space station in existence. It is a huge trading hub.

  • Lot's of Cancer's tech and infrastructure is old and grungy.

  • Cancer boasts more hangars and docks than any other station. It has to accommodate the large number of ships constantly coming and going.

  • Anyone can carry weapons on Cancer. Just be careful about how and when you use them—the authorities crack down hard on anyone who threatens the station.

  • The Captain sits at the top of Cancer's power structure.

  • Immediately beneath the Captain are the marshals. They oversee Cancer's private security forces. There are Fleet Marshals, who command Cancer's space fleet, and Station Marshals who command the station guards.

  • Cancer's security officers are called Reds, because of their distinctive red uniforms. They patrol every corner of Cancer, and their main task is to protect the station and it's population from physical harm.
  • Cancer's government largely stays out of everyone's business.

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