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Welcome to the future, where magic combines with technology and possibilities are endless; where pop stars are the new gods and media the religion; where dragons and their riders dominate the Earth, cowboys roam the frontier, and pirates rule the skies...

Remnants of the Earth is an original sci-fi fantasy RPG with a broad, unique setting based around the damaged planet Earth (not to be confused with our Earth), the newly terraformed planet Edanith, and the broad, dangerous depths of outer space and its resident space stations.

You don't need any sci-fi knowledge to play here. We follow the Rule of Cool and take the "it works because it does" approach, and the technology isn't too far removed from our own--we've just got space ships and magic. If you're comfortable with a modern setting, you'd be comfortable here, too!

The game is free-form, meaning you're in charge of your character and its destiny. While humans may be the dominant species on Earth, they're certainly not alone out there, sharing space with elves, dragons, djinn, fae, and anything else you can imagine! This is a very open setting and creativity is fully encouraged, so don't be afraid to branch out, take chances, and help develop the universe your characters live in. This is a game where story-telling, character development, and fun is the focus, where players of all skill levels are welcome and original characters of all shapes and sizes are loved.

So go ahead; read up and join us! You know you want to, and we'd love to have you!